How To Earn $20,000 in 20 Days – Guaranteed!

Sounds like an outrageous claim, doesnt it? I thought so too, which is why I decided to check it out...

Michael Green is the man behind this offer, and he is best known for the How To Forum, and his suite of products under the How To Corp umbrella.

Tonight, Saturday September 29th, he is launching a 20/20 Challenge where he shows you exactly how to make (at least) $20k within 20 days - working only part time. The crazy part about this challenge is that Michael guarantees it will work for you or you'll get your money back!

If you're serious about getting in on this then you're going to want to hurry and check it out, so I'll keep this short & sweet...

At the time of this writing, you can get involved for only $247. This is a pre-launch price, and it will go up to $497 once Michael goes public with it. It's practically a no-brainer at that price. You are looking at a guaranteed return of almost 100x your investment, or you'll get the $247 back.

I dont know the exact date that Michael is going to pull this offer, or if there is a cap on the number of spots he'll offer at this price - but I do know that the official launch is just a few hours away so I'm planning to go ahead and sign up now. If you are serious about getting involved, you should get on board before the price doubles too.

Though I have to admit, it would be worth every bit of $500 to earn $20,000...

Like most people, I find a structured challenge to be incredibly motivating. There is an accountability factor involved - do it, or miss out on $20k. Or worst case scenario, lose my investment. Which do you think most people would do? DO IT, of course 😉

I've looked at the schedule, read through the details, and decided this is definitely for me. I would encourage you to do the same. You dont need a product to start, dont have to be a technical genius, and the only other investment on your part will be a domain name and hosting - maybe twenty bucks at the most. (Less if you take advantage of my HostGator coupon code)

I actually have several products in various stages of development, so I have a head start and I am interested in using Michael's strategies to earn at least $20,000.

The only real question I had to ask myself before clicking the order button was this: Am I ready to commit the next 3 weeks to this project? It took me all of 2 seconds to say YES! If anything will kill the usual distraction and procrastination, its the challenge of doing my absolute best to prove Michael wrong - or to pocket 20 grand trying.

What about you? Are you up for earning some serious money in October? Check out the 20/20 Challenge for yourself, and feel free to leave your thoughts & questions below.

Keep in mind that the half-price offer is very limited. You'll need to make a decision, make the commitment, and then follow-through. If you're ready to do that in trade for $20,000 in less than 3 weeks... click here.


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  1. What is "sure betting"? I've heard the term before ...

    Stock investments are just that -- investments. They require serious money up front, and the investments need to be significant if you're going to make anything.

    Forex even more so. I've had a strong interest in currencies for a long time, but I couldn't touch it with just a couple hundred dollars here and there. I've seen the courses they sell that purportedly make it easy, and attended a seminar once. It seemed like it was incredibly easy -- if I'd had the $4,000 the course cost.

    I considered adding e-Bay as an income stream, but I'll be running my business from abroad and selling physical products is not appropriate for someone mobile. I'll be keeping an eye out for opportunities to sell digital products, though -- without having to depend on snail mail.

  2. As for affiliate marketing, don't you still need a site or blog? How in the world do I become someone's affiliate without generating readers of my own?Who would I sell the product to, and through what medium?

    I'm not out to sell face to face. Don't have the personality. But I enjoy the 'Net and communicating through this medium, and I know I could learn to do it right.

    Honest questions.

  3. Let's move this discussion over to the SSWT Forum so as not to sidetrack the topic at hand 😉

  4. Teli Adlam says

    Actually, Ana, you can run an eBay business without needing to ship anything out yourself -- via dropshippers.

    Of course, it would take work to set up, market, and see a return on investment because the market is darn near flooded.

    If you could find a sweet spot, then managing an eBay business, even if you're mobile or overseas, could be lucrative and you wouldn't need a website. 🙂

    ~ Teli

  5. Lynn, I could have sworn I already bought that ... but I'll check for sure. If not, it sounds like a good one to pick up. thanks.

  6. Dave DiGennaro says

    Hi Lynn,

    New member here....I also just signed up for the 20k challenge based upon the excitement that has been generated on your site. Looking forward to getting started with the challenge!

  7. Congrats on taking the Challenge, Dave & Welcome to the group 🙂

  8. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you for your Encouragement about joining the 20/20 challenge, but his price is way out of my budget at this time, but I have joined another site you might want to check out which give their member's an even bigger challenge, and they teach every member all about how to build a business online they take you by the hand from A to Z nothing left out you learn every thing so here is my link to their site have a look and you will not be disappointed I know i'm sure not and for the small price i pay each month its greaat i was a newbie when i started about 4 months ago but getting better each day and making money already. here it is check it out http://www.

    Regards Samantha

  9. Samantha, your links are broken. Please provide the "wealthyaffiliate" links again.


  10. One more thing, Samantha -- I'm not sure wealthyaffiliate would be considered a greater challenge than the 20K, for the simple reason that the 20K program is guaranteeing 20K in 20 days for those who follow it. wealthyaffiliate doesn't have any guarantees.

    I'm still watching carefully.

  11. I've heard really good things about Wealthy Affiliate, and I'll be sharing more on that once I've completed my review of their offer. That said, I dont think its comparable to the 20/20 Challenge - they are two separate things altogether.

  12. Well folks, here we are just a few days from Halloween. Have any of you who took the challenge made your 20,000 dollars yet? If so then you can buy some cool costumes for all of the kids on your street!

  13. LOL Darrell 😉

  14. California Jerry says

    I'm just wondering how everyone is doing with this 20/20 program?

    It's coming up on Thanksgiving... Has anyone generated significant amounts of money as a result of their efforts with this program? If so, it may be worth looking at.

  15. Yes, I too would love to know what's happening with the 20/20 crowd. You guys should have been making 20K by now, according to the promise ... or at least be close? 😉

    I've been finishing a freelance project. As soon as it's sent (tomorrow, actually), I gotta get caught up on homework for an IM course I'm taking. Then I'm going to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    See ya,

  16. I am running WAY behind myself, due to my back injury last month. I'm still on track for completing the challenge though, and anticipate earning much more than $20k all said and done.

    I'll be posting an update here on ClickNewz soon with all the details. I'd love to hear updates from others too!

  17. California Jerry says

    Wow Lynn, that's really great!

    Have you heard from anyone else how they are doing?

    I remember doing the 30 Day Challenge with Ed Dale (which I heard about on your TIID forum), and out 100's of participants, there were only 40 that actually made the $10 required for a free ticket to the conference in San Diego. I went and it was a lot of fun and good information from people like Gary Halbert, Rich Schefren, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern, Jason Moffatt, and others.

    I think we'd really like to know, however, if any "normal" people have done well with the 20/20 program - cause we already know that you are "super" woman when it comes to marketing!

  18. LOL - I'll see what I can find out for you 😉

  19. I just have to say it. The FACTS are that this type of challenge is NOT for the masses. It is NOT typical nor realistic for the majority that we could make 20k in 20 days. It wouldn't matter how long of days one might put in. Sincere effort will not work here.

    What is true is Green is a master copywriter. What is true is that most of the statements are far exaggerated. The fact is as he and the statistics show, a very small percentage will claim the is true with any guarantee.

  20. I agree Phil. Its NOT for everyone, just as you said. I do think it can be done, and I dont think it takes someone "exclusively special" to accomplish the goal... but I do believe that most people are just not going to invest what it takes to succeed. Those that have, that I have been in contact with from the beginning of this Challenge, are incredibly pleased with their investment and with their progress.

    The few that I know of personally that took Michael up on his Guarantee admitted that they CHOSE not to complete the challenge. And the Guarantee stood up as promised - they received a refund on their investment right away.

    There is nothing to lose here. But it takes a serious commitment to complete the challenge successfully. But what else would you expect for $20k in a few short weeks?

  21. Lynn says: I do believe that most people are just not going to invest what it takes to succeed.

    Hi Lynn and everyone,

    I think what Lynn means by this is that most people don't have the MONEY to invest what is really needed to complete the challenge.

    If someone CHOSE not to complete the challenge, it was because they didn't have the (financial) investment needed or their idea just wasn't good enough and they saw it wasn't working. It wasn't really a "choice": They didn't have the money or they didn't have a good enough idea.

    As for how hard you need to work, that's entirely in our hands. Given the opportunity, ANYONE with the willingness to put in the time and do what they were taught should have been able to make it -- according to Green's promise.

    I would have done ANYTHING to make 20K.

    For example, right now in my course, I'm being required to find a product for affiliate sales. Yet, I'm having a hard time finding a good-selling one in my niche. You have to hit on the right thing. Maybe my idea isn't salable enough.

    See ya ...

  22. Thanks Ana. Actually, I wasnt referring to money at all. I was referring to an investment of time and energy - and a must-succeed attitude.

    Doubt is something you can get through if you refuse to fail - by asking questions, getting help, pushing forward until you hit a breakthrough.

    And even being willing to try and fail, and try again and fail again, and keep trying until you SUCCEED. But if you dont go all the way through with it, you dont fail - you just give up trying. Make sense?

    For your affiliate product, what is holding you back from the programs you have looked at so far? If you just pick one and test it thoroughly and it DOES fail, you will surely learn then exactly what you do and dont want or what does and doesnt work - dont you agree?

    If its something I can help you with let me know.

  23. California Jerry says

    I appreciate seeing these type of honest evaluations from those of you who are taking the course.

    I have not seen the course, so I don't know how it compares to others or why it would work whereas others would not.

    I would be interested to hear some of your comparisons to Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge. It's FREE and it shows you how to research a niche, put up a website, do interviews with experts, create an ebook, create audios and videos, do marketing, and all with mostly free or low cost materials and services.

    What I have found that works best is being on a mastermind team. I have people around me that are keeping me accountable and ask me what I've done to reach my goals for the day or the week.

    I have created a Skype room for just this reason, and it has helped me share ideas, ask questions, get tips about things I didn't see otherwise, and keep in contact with one another. It is partly a friendly social environment, but it's mostly intended to help us get done what needs to get done, get focused and stay focused.

    Feel free to come into the room and take a look around: (Sometimes the skype system hangs, so try a couple times, or send me a PM in Lynn's forum.)

  24. I look forward to someone's answer to Jerry's comparison to the free 30-Day Challenge.

    Lynn, thanks for asking. Actually, I was only able to find one product in Clickbank -- just one -- connected to my niche. So far, my Google niche research is taking me nowhere at all: no ads on the right side, so seemingly no real products being sold so no real money being made. It's all information-related, but the info is not being SOLD. So it's not something people are willing to pay money for.

    So I'm now looking up travel-related niches that are not specifically "living abroad." It's a tough one, because any sub-niche under travel has a lot of competition.

    But my passions lie in this area, so it's hard to go out of. My other passions either don't pay at all (pilgrimage, Harry Potter, Korean drama), or are horribly crowded (the IM niche itself).

    Big problems finding a niche!

    And I'm still learning how to research all of this.

  25. Work with Long Tail, Ana - there is a lot of money to be made by "going wide". See my recent issue on Long Tail Targeting.

    Whether you are blogging, using SEO or PPC, etc, this is an awesome strategy for niche targeting.

  26. Thanks, Lynn. I actually read this article before. It was the basis for what I already tried in both Google and free Wordtracker. I used both and did indeed include as many Long Tail relations as I could think of then, so far to no avail.

    Incredibly, two came back that Wordtracker put between the "good" and "excellent" categories. Both I would have considered horribly competitive. But then, because I knew a lot about both niches, I quickly realized why neither would work for me:

    One represents an activity legally open to only a select few (so not a lot of potential readers, let alone customers); the other someone else may make it with, but I'd have credibility problems because I can't do it at the moment.

    Frustrations! But I'm NOT giving up.

  27. Hi Ana,

    I'm not sure what you're looking at when you say WordTracker "put them between good and excellent categories". I have a Market Research category at the SSWT Forum - feel free to join me there and I will help you personally 😉

  28. Hey All,

    Well, I am at Day 52 and did my launch! I did accumulate 200 on my Excel Spreedsheet and sent out emails for JV's.

    After promotion:

    I made $571.75

    Not $20,000 but I did learn alot and at least I
    made my investment back!

    Enjoy the ride!

  29. Congrats Cyndi! I assume you will continue to profit from this new product of yours. What are your plans from this point forward?

  30. Well, actually Lynn, I just used this process as a test to promote my main site:

    This is a training site for internet newbies and after 6 years online, I put everything I know into it.

    This is a new site which is my heart, so I will take the tips that I learned from 20/20 to bring IMD where I want it to be!

    May all of our internet dreams come true!


  31. Cool - I'd love to hear more about that. Sounds interesting! I'll check out the site too and see what I find there.

  32. Great Lynn.........and we have a great affiliate program also which you can make 50% of residual income, month after month.......hint...hint.........**smile**

  33. Lynn,

    How did you ultimately do with the $20K challenge? We never heard the results ...

    They're selling it again ...

  34. Jerry,

    I was wondering about Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge ... I'd love to hear more about it and I don't see a PM button here.


  35. California Jerry says

    I would be happy to talk to you, Ana, or anyone else, about the 30 Day Challenge. You can reach me by clicking on the text that says, California Jerry. That is a link to my website.

    Or you can find me by the same name in Lynn's Self Starters Weekly Tips forum (which is free to join).

    I also have a Skype room in which we mastermind in a very personal and informal way about Computer Technology and Internet Marketing.

  36. How did you ultimately do with the $20K challenge? We never heard the results …

    Hi Ana, great to hear from you!

    I quite unfortunately injured my back last Fall during that time, and was several weeks in recovery. I put the remainder of my project on hold for a bit, so I'll be giving a full update once I get back in the swing of things with the Challenge.

  37. The most lucrative affiliate program says

    Hi Lynn readers n posters I just yours truly ... very impressive Google'd Web Results 1 - 10 of about 25,100,000 for Michael Green.

    Only trouble is Ive to much on ... as every one else noticed how there is so many excellent opportunities floating in and around the web these days .... myself I think Ed Dales project takes a bit a beating ... Why? simply because it goes with any opportunity you might be trying to get noticed... is that right Lynn

    All my best to you and your promotion
    Phillip Skinner

  38. Hey Phillip,

    You lost me with the "bit a beating" part?

    I'm just now reviewing the 30 Day Challenge for the first time so I cant make any comparisons just yet... but I'll agree that there are a LOT of great opportunities and guides out right now. I think the main problem people have is choosing one and then sticking to it through the end. Step by step guides or group challenges seem to be very helpful from what I've seen over the years.

  39. Ed Dales 30 Day challenge is full of free and inexpensive tools you can use to market and create your own information products.

    Ed Dale is a well-intentioned and generous person, and he won't intentionally steer you wrong. You will meet a lively, energetic bunch of folks in the TDC forum, you will work with a team, and there is a convention in San Diego the next month to cap it all off. I attended in 2006 and did some valuable networking.

    The 30 Day challenge takes at least one hour per day to follow, and at least another hour per day to implement, but you will learn a lot and perhaps have your own website and product to promote by the end of it.

    Another excellent product to check out is John Reese's Traffic secrets 2.0. He guides you through the basics to the advanced steps to build a complete online business, it's not just for traffic. It's about $400 but well worth it if you work it a minimum of 3 to 5 hours per week. (Be sure to use someone's affiliate link if you decide to get it!)

    If you are serious about building an internet-based business, you will purchase ONE multi-topic home study course or coaching program and work it with a partner or mastermind team. Lynn's SSWT forum provides a great resource for finding others to work with on your projects. Be sure to take advantage of it.

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