Understanding Resale Rights: Master Resale Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Public Domain…

Resale Rights are a hot item right now, and for good reason. They make it very simple for you to get set up to sell products online, and you can easily earn passive income with these types of products. It basically means that you have the rights to re-sell the product yourself, accepting and keeping the payments for each sale.

Working with resale rights is similar to Affiliate Marketing, in that you promote a product that someone else developed. The main difference being that instead of earning a percentage of the sale as commission, you earn 100% of the sale on each product.

You also control the entire sales process, which means that you can: add backend sales, one-time offers, build a mailing list and/or a customer database, follow up with your buyers, etc. Having rights to a product puts you in a position to create an automated selling system that can continuously earn you money!

There are various types of product rights, and there seems to be much confusion on this - even down to the issue of whether they are called "resale rights" or "resell rights"...

Both versions are common use in the industry, so without digging up the many debates on the correct spelling across major forums (with did not result in a definitive answer), just know that Resale Rights and Resell Rights are one and the same. In fact, Dictionary.com gives practically the same definition for the words resale and resell: to sell again.

The main benefit to purchasing resale rights is that you dont have to create your own product, you dont have to create a website, and you dont have to write your own sales copy. You simply buy resale rights to a great product, and you are in the Info Product business that same day!

All Resale Rights are not the same...

There are 4 categories for resale rights, and you will want to familiarize yourself with these so that you can choose which types of products you might want to research and sell. Even within each main group, you may find that the actual rights to the product vary. So be sure to read the instructions or rights that come with each product, as there may be variations from seller to seller.

Resale Rights (RR)

Some products come with resale rights automatically, others give you the option to purchase the resale rights to that product separately - or for a slightly higher price. In both cases you have to purchase the product itself. Getting resale rights means that you will also generally receive the mini-site (order page and download page) so that you can set it up and resell the product on your own website or on a new domain name.

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

Master Resale Rights work just like Resale Rights, except that you also have the opportunity to sell the rights. So in addition to making direct product sales, you can also sell the resale rights package to other interested sellers.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

With both resale rights and master resale rights, you do not have authorization to edit the product in any way and there are often requirements on details such as pricing. Private label rights gives you much more flexibility, allowing you to customize the product or the content of the product and use it in a variety of ways.

You might purchase PLR (private label rights) to articles, reports, ebooks or any other type of content. You are given the "source code" or the raw product. You can add affiliate links, add to the content, edit the content, change the author's name to your own, sell it, publish it in a completely different format, etc.

Public Domain Content

Content that is in the Public Domain is very similar to Private Label Rights. With both of these types of rights you can basically re-work the content/source and use it to create an entirely new product - or simply publish it as your own.

Anything published from 1923-1963 (and not renewed) is considered public domain material, meaning the copyright has not been renewed. Since there is no longer a copyright on that material, you may copy it or republish it - even for commercial use. For more information see What is Public Domain?

Making Money With Resale Rights

If you are looking for an easy way to sell products online, finding or buying rights to products is a great option. You can start by doing a search on Google for the type of resale rights that interests you most. If you want a quick start, I would highly recommend this free course: Resell Rights for Newbies.

If you are looking for top quality products that come with Resale Rights, you'll want to check out this MRR sale. You can get over 50 high quality information products for less than $1 each. Dont pass that link around much - there are products listed on that site that I have personally earned thousands with already.

In fact, between the free tutorial and that source, you can be making sales online by the end of the day. But if you really want to dig in and get a serious Quick-Start to making money with Resale Rights and PLR products, then check out this Resale Rights Quick-Start Package that I have put together for you ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. Thanks for the detailed post on the different types of "rights" for reports, videos, etc. I always see these terms in the WSOs at the Warrior Forum, but hadn't really bothered much to look into them, since I'm usually more into creating my own stuff.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. I have always wanted to add this as a source of income but didn't know which direction to go. I have sold a few resale ebooks in the past, but years ago. I am going to check out the free course and have the MRR link bookmarked.

  3. There is quite a bit of money in it. Some of the products make for great bonuses or backends to your own. Some make for great lead-ins and qualifiers to your own - so there are lots of ways that you can use them!

  4. Excellent explanations. I learned a thing or two and I thought I was fairly familiar with this subject. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i think this is one of the highest growth biz at the moments. every body is putting up his membership site or just sell tons of ebooks for very small price. it's good one but do afraid it would lead to more low quality products on the market. i don't understand why people create so many ebooks they would never even read them twice. but we can do nothing about it just swim away although it is rough current.

  6. There are actually a lot of great products on the market in all of those categories. I am always reviewing new ones myself, and impressed with the quality. Any industry is going to have its 'junk', but thats just business - online or off.

  7. Perry Kennedy says

    This is an excelent post.I would like to invite everyone to post thier articles on http://www.bestresellproducts.com website.Drop by and get a free membership to download hundreds of PLR
    articles you can use as your own.

  8. Robert Kennedy says

    Public domain laws can be rather complicated. Products with resale rights are great. Not only can you get ebooks, but videos, graphics, and software too.

  9. I have a product that offers me masterresalerights, allows me to add to paid membership site but does not allow me to add it as a bonus. What does this mean really?

  10. Robert Kennedy says


    Simply put, a product with mrr allows you to sell the product, and sell the resale rights of that product.
    You will find that the licensing agreement will vary with different products. Thats why you should always read the license before you distribute it.
    In your case the product creator has allowed the product to be added to membership sites, however you are not allowed to bundle it with other products as a bonus.
    My guess is you can only sell it, probably for no less than a specified price, and include it in a paid membership site. usually the membership fee can be now lower than $17 per month.

    Product creators create these rules to preserve the value of the product. Another thing you will often see in mrr licenses is that you cannot sell it on ebay. The sad fact is that people do break the rules, and these products can end up on ebay selling for a penny. This is very unfair, making it difficult for honest internet marketers to profit. Ebay is clamping down on information products. I imagine that eventually you will only be able to sell these digital products on ebay by offering them on c.d.'s that are mailed to the customer.

    While I am on the subject of resale rights another type of licensing is private label rights. If you get the chance always go for plr because you can use the product any way you want. You can give it away for free to attract subscribers to your list, use it as content online, change it in anyway you want, and even put your name on it as the author.

    Hope this clears up the confusion that comes with resale rights products.


  11. Robert,

    I have never heard of any rules for a minimum membership fee , so you might want to check that again, there a tons of membership sites the are much lower than 17 bucks.

  12. Hi there Lynn,

    Regarding your article about the differences regarding the PLRs, MRRs and RRs...

    I really appreciate you putting it into comprehensive terminology, as so many other people explain it, in a manner that is a little mumbo-jumbo, so for that, I sincerely thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    However, when I clicked on your Resell rights for newbies link and was brought to the site, i read the entire sales page, but I would like to know what's the 'catch'?

    I noticed that they say they will be giving away all the info, plus dvds for free (right then i knew something wasn't right), then i saw a button that tells the viewer to 'Join Now'

    So that makes me wonder if it's a membership site?...by seeing the word - 'join'.

    I could have easily continued on to further find out, but I just didn't want to give out my email and possibly be spammed later, hence my inquiry to you first.

    Please know Lynn, that I'm not suggesting these people are scam artists in any way, as I wouldn't think you would be referring people to them through your link if they were. I know you have too much integrity. I would just like to respectfully ask you what they are all about before i give them my email?

    I know they won't be givng away all those dvds and info for absoutely free - there must be something else?

    Thanks so much for listening Lynn and i really appreciate your time with replying to my inquiry.

    Have a great week ahead!


  13. Hi Mark,

    I understand your skepticism. You're referring to Resell Rights For Newbies at http://www.clicknewz.com/free-tutorial.htm . When you click the Join button, it simply takes you to the free registration pages where you sign up for the free tutorials & downloads.

    Anything else they offer you in the future in the way of resources or products is of course optional.

    There are actually quite a few free training sites out there using this model now: 30 Day Challenge, Black Ink Project, MiniSite Profits, etc. There is A LOT of great free material available to you at these sites - anything else being totally optional.

  14. Thank so much Lynn for your very prompt response and clearing that up for me. I really appreciate your time in doing so ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, I truly understand that there are lots of free sites and material that are really genuine in nature and have value. Sometimes we all have to weed weed out the surly ones, but i appreciate and respect the fact, that there are indeed people who really want to help and for that I'm grateful - you included!

    Thanks again Lynn,

  15. Tom Harvey says

    Some great info on clarifying different types of product rights which can be confusing for the newbie and novice product purchaser. I think a combination of products can be used to build a diverse portfolio and aid brand building.

  16. Lynne,
    That was a very informative post. I have one follow up question I've been searching for. That is can you have new graphics made for a MRR product? I know from your post that altering or editing the contents is a no no. But what does that include or exclude?

    Thanks for your reply.

  17. Hi Lynn, how about if we modified the product that's only have MRR license and we claim copyright of it. What's your opinion?

  18. Great explanations on PLR, MRR, public domain and the rest. There are lots and lots of goodies that can be had online for free or for a little money. I really like going to .gov sites and getting public domain info.

  19. Andy Havens sparechangeprofits.com says

    Hi Lynn,

    Nicely put. Your definitions are clear and concise. And your admonition to read the license was a good addition. I'd like to add a couple of things to this discussion.

    One point is WHY it is so important to read the license. The reason is that while you did an excellent job defining the common understanding of these terms - nobody producing a resale product has to abide by them - they can and do grant whatever rights they want to.

    What this means to those of us who buy and use and/or resell these products is we need to understand and comply with the rights granted in that product rather than assume that just because it says "Private Resale Rights" that we can do whatever we want with it.

    Recently, I've seen PLR titles with very restrictive rights attached. If I just treated them as though I could do what I want, I could've easily been in violation.

    I've seen some Master Resale Rights products with very liberal rights attached. You just don't know until you open the license agreement.

    In answer to Todd about having new graphics created for a mrr product, I personally, have never seen a license restricting this. However, unless you are granted the right to edit the product itself, you'll probably be stuck with the same title.

    As far as Rob's advice to always by PLR when possible, I won't argue with that but I will say that the more restrictive a product is, the more value it tends to carry. Like items in the public domain, most PLR products can be given away for free. How much value is there in something that is freely available for little or nothing?

    One "undisclosed" right that comes with most any resale product is the right to limit the rights YOU convey. This if you have "Master Resale Rights" you do NOT have to pass those rights along (usually).

    Sorry for rambling on for so long. Hope someone finds this useful.

    Andy Havens

  20. Thank you Lynn for explaining the different types of Resell Rights. Just found your side and do understand the differences now. I am a newbie in Affiliate Marketing and I am greatfull for all the info online, like your side. Great side, Thanks.
    Cheers, Martin

  21. Well Hello Lynn, thanks for clarifying this.

    I have just bought some MRR products with as you say come with a complete mini site however irritatingly it did not come with a terms of use agreement thus I had to determine what was implied by the term MRR.

    As many have pointed out PLR takes more effort but will most likely be more rewarding, as you can make your version unique.


  22. Hi
    May I ask, I can resale the PLR but can my customer too can resale it?

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