How To Make Money With PLR: Private Label Rights

I have taken a renewed interest in Private Label Rights (PLR for short) and am seeing some serious potential for using it to make money online...

Over the weekend I sat down and read PLR Voodoo, a detailed guide on how to make money with PLR products:

Title: PLR Voodoo
Author: Simon Hodgkinson
Format: PDF File, 47 pages
Price: $9.95 at this link
Price includes Master Resale Rights and Reseller Website ($47 value)

Note: this product is free to Elite Members

This PLR guide covers how to make money selling Private Label Rights to your content or products, as well as how to make money buying PLR rights to content and products.

As you may already know, Private Label Rights give the buyer the option to edit the actual content or product and also claim authorship (more info). And there is GOOD money to be made on both ends...

The author of PLR Voodoo offers some excellent ideas for how to customize PLR products (such as ebooks and reports) to make them completely unique - and highly valuable for resale. Some of the other ideas I picked up out of this guide include:

  • Various ways to make money with PLR products
  • How to use PLR for Viral Marketing campaigns
  • List-Building and Lead Generation uses (great ideas!)
  • Other sources for free content you can use in product development
  • When to consider selling Resale Rights or Private Label Rights to your own product.

This guide to PLR is a no-brainer for any online marketer at under ten bucks, especially considering it comes with Master Resale Rights...


I've had this guide on my hard drive for several months now and just read it over the weekend, as I mentioned - and I was really glad I did! PLR is really hot right now, so its a great time to get in on it and look at the different ways you can use it to make money online.

who just bought 10 products with private label rights...

Download PLR Voodoo Here:

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  1. Your site tells me that I have so much to do! There are a lot of things I should learned to be able to produce this type of site......impressive and congratulation!

  2. Thank you & welcome to ClickNewz 🙂

  3. I actually have this book on my hard drive, too. Thanks for reminding me to read it! I look at plr articles from the other side, since I am a writer and sell niche article packs!

  4. There is GOOD money to be made on *both* ends 😉

  5. mike's business loans says

    I agree PLR has good potential to make money on both ends, from selling products/services with PLR or using other people’s products to custom brand your own. A lot of over seas factories are more then happy if you pay to custom brand their products with your logos, is a good place to look for products to have manufactured and custom made.

  6. andys business sale says

    That was a good brief overview of PLR thanks. I never quite understood how to do it.. I'll defiantly pick up the book

  7. Nouveau Riche says

    Doing a study on viral market campaigns for Nouveau Riche University this is exactly the sort of information on options available to expand business online I was looking for. Using private label rights for gaining online interest seems a great idea, I plan on setting up my own business so might even use it one day.

  8. Private Label Rights says

    private label rights rule!

  9. Kelly Marion says

    Great Ideas Here! I Struggled To Get Anything Done In The IM World For Quite Some Time Before I Discovered That Extreme Value Of PLR. PLR VooDoo Is A Great Read And I Highly Recocommend It For Anyone Wishing To Make Money Online.

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