Day 3 & 4 of the 20k Challenge

The 20k ChallengeA few notes from Day 3 & 4 of the Earn $20k in 20 Days challenge...

I'm finally catching up just a bit. Instead of whizzing through the Manual I really wanted to take my time and review it carefully. I have to say, it's very well-written. I love the flow of it - its both easy to read and incredibly motivating.

The tasks for each of the 20 Days are laid out nicely. Michael takes a daunting task and breaks it down in bite-size steps - complete with checklists. There are no assumptions made. The first chapter covers all of the obvious questions: Is this goal attainable? What will it take? What is required? etc...

Day 3 is going to be a doozy for most challenge participants, I'm guessing. Its the first real definitive action that will set things in motion - so some careful consideration needs to be spent there.

While it is officially closing in on the end of Day 4 for me, that is exactly where I am sitting right now: on Day 3. Those of you that are involved in this challenge know the size of the decision I am making. I have some more thinking to do, and I'm off to the Challenge Forum to brainstorm some ideas...

Side note: I think access to the private 20/20 challenge forum alone was worth the price of entry into this program - Wow! 😉


P.S. I just checked the site again and you can still get in for half price. Dont just watch from the sidelines - join us while you can!

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  1. Strategies for online network marketing says

    Lynn your latest update is as inspring as others. One thing I can deduce from this is that you really mean to win this game 🙂

    But I am wondering why the 3rd is as your described it? Do you mean the real actions starts from day 3 ?

  2. Yeah, it's true. On day 3 we should give extra consideration. Because it's the main menu of this challenge.

  3. Yes - the primary decision has to be made on this day. I'm taking my time with the decision - and I noticed other participants are doing the same (in the Day 3 section of the Private Forum).

    I think that most people would stop here if they were left on their own, but the nature of this Challenge is incredibly helpful in "getting over that hump" and moving forward.

  4. Robert Nelson says

    The Price while not a insurmountable hurdle does present a challenge. I ask you Lynn( even though you paid it )if you personally had set it up would you have charged almost $250? If the 500 participants and the 250 price remain thats 125,000 in his coffers.

  5. I did pay the price for this challenge, just like everyone else - for the record. I walked through the front door just like everyone else (not always the case, as I often get complimentary products/access). Thought that was worth pointing out - as it tells you I was willing to invest prior to having inside info.

    I am VERY pleased with the value I am getting (already) for this investment, so I have no qualms at all about the entry fee.

    I could care less about how much Michael Green earns (honestly)... the only concern I have is the value of and the return on MY investment.

    I'm not sure what I would have charged, but I imagine much the same - the pricing seems very fair to me - if not an incredible deal.

  6. Nell Taliercio says

    So exciting being able to follow you through this journey. I'm wishing I joined now. lol

  7. The last time I checked the half price deal was extended 😉

  8. Is anyone else disgusted by how hard Lynn is selling this ridiculous program?

    Here's the secret people: It's a pyramid scheme. All the program does is teach you how to make a hammy website like he has, and then market your "Info" (ie. The 250 page booklet telling people to do what you just did), for 250 bucks.

    Sure, you'll make some cash. Probably not 20k, but some. And a lot of people will be disappointed. Others, will try to dupe their very own friends and family and loyal readers, like Lynn does.

    Want an industry secret? NEVER trust anyone, including Lynn, who says they have a "program" that you have to pay large sums of money for before you even know what it does.

    I'll repeat what this is:

    - You make a website telling people they can make 20k in 20 days.
    - You charge them 200 bucks for the "secret."
    - Once you have their money, you tell them to start a website telling people that they can make 20k in 20 days.

    THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT. Go do it now if you want to be a repugnant succubus like Lynn. You can even do it with a free blog (but most services will probably take your site down because it is a FRAUD.

    This started in newspapers as classified ads in the 90's, but editors got wise to it and won't even run the "WORK FROM HOME, MAKE $$$" ads.

    I doubt Lynn will even leave this comment up on her site because it will ruin her potential for "investors" at the end of her twenty days.

    Shame on you, your despicable woman.

  9. Hi Shaggy,

    You're actually pretty far off base here. It's obvious that you havent read the manual or participated in the Challenge personally, because it is not at all as you described.

    And I've never made a habit of censoring comments, unless they were pornographic or otherwise offensive to my readers.

    Lynn Terry

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