Can I really make $20,000 in 20 days?

Day 5 of the 20-day Challenge proved particulary exciting. There was nothing specific about the schedule or the tasks for Day 5 that struck me. It just happened to be the day that I took a second look at the idea of earning $20,000 in 20 short days...

Take a good hard look at the picture ^ above. The question most people are asking themselves is "Can I really make $20,000 in 20 days?" On Day 5, it all came together for me in a resounding YES.

I cant say that I had any real doubts prior to that exact moment... more that I was just very busy studying the manual and the concepts and wrapping my mind around the whole idea. And I'm referring specifically to earning $20k in 20 days with Michael Green's 20/20 Challenge, just to clarify.

About halfway through Day 5 it hit me: Okay, now I am really getting into this! The vision and motivation have officially set in 😉

The bonuses & benefits that come with this "course" are incredible. I finally got through the manual, downloaded all of the bonuses (Wow!) and got involved with the private Challenge Forum. My opinion? The overall value is MUCH higher than the price of entry!

This is by far one of the best investments I have made this year.

A couple of quick updates for you: If you are still considering whether to join this challenge, Michael Green has extended the half price offer. He is also now accepting credit cards in addition to PayPal (which was a direct result of my recommendation *smile*). AND... I'll be hosting a weekly Mastermind Meeting for challenge participants (with Michael's permission) beginning this week. You can get the details on that in the private 20/20 Challenge Forum.

In case you're confused (because honestly, I dont always know what day it is or what day it's supposed to be, myself!)... this challenge runs for 20 days. The goal is to earn $20,000 by Day 20. I officially started on October 2nd, so I am actually posting this "Day 5 Update" on what is actually Day 6 for me (Oct 7th). But in truth I am spending Day 6 on part 2 of Day 4. If that made any sense 😛

Each day of this challenge is laid out very strategically, complete with checklists to keep you on task. Day 3 and Day 6 are particularly challenging and equally exciting. A big part of my breakthrough on Day 5 was making some major decisions - and finally getting over my own "day 3 hurdle".

I had one of those AHA moments where it just all came together for me, and I ended up jotting down 3 pages of notes in my 20/20 journal. Since then I have been busily working through each of the notes, marking off several of them already as "accomplished!" and moving forward at much better speed now.

I have ideas running out my ears actually 😀 ... I'm finding this challenge to be just what I needed to kick-start some serious action on some very exciting goals.

I can tell you already that I will not be needing Michael's "guarantee" on this program, and that I fully intend to use this step-by-step plan over and over again. The strategy itself is both powerful and simple. You can add in variations and modifications of your own of course, and use it in a variety of ways. Which is exactly what I'll be doing in the months to come...


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  1. Dan Reinhold says

    I'll just have to check out your group, Lynny.

    If anyone can do this AND help others do it too, it's you!

    Take my word for it, folks.

  2. best affiliate program training says

    Hey Lynn, Thanks for the update. (Sorry did not know this was the update you promised)

    Lynn, I really like this statement, "Take a good hard look at the picture ^ above. The question most people are asking themselves is “Can I really make $20,000 in 20 days?” On Day 5, it all came together for me in a resounding YES."

    So now, you mean you are clear on your vision and possibility to truly make this work? It is nice to hear this and also see the end results.

  3. Yes, getting that vision - or getting your mind wrapped around the process, start to finish, and the end result you expect - is the key.

    If you cannot see clearly where you are going, you will stumble with every step to get ahead. So getting a clear vision on your goal is the all important element to achieving ANY goal.

    Once you have that vision, all of the 'details' come together like magic. Which was exactly what I experienced on Day 5 🙂

  4. top affiliate programs says

    Okay, thanks for the quick reply despite this fantastic new baby of yours ? 🙂

    Good to know you are very well on the right track on this challenge.

    I will always put my hear on the ground to hear the latest when you are ready to tips us (the fans) again.

  5. Great points, Lynn!

    I'm falling a bit behind. Day 3 was tough for me... I kept changing my mind on exactly which direction to take. I got a bit frustrated with myself. Then with a couple of virtual slaps upside my own head, I straightened myself out, got that "vision" you mention, and am moving forward again. 😉

    I'm sorry my job won't allow me to participate in your mastermind sessions. I know they'll be very helpful -- that's a very generous thing you're doing. (Who knows... if all goes well with this Challenge, maybe I'll be able to say farewell to that job sooner rather than later!)

    Thanks for all the encouragement to your fellow Challengers, Lynn!

  6. You're not alone, Bonnie. I went through much of the same - Day 3 is a tough one. BUT, that is where most people never move forward and take action, and being involved in this challenge really helps you to break through that barrier and keep moving forward.

    The frustration is normal. Getting past it and continuing to take action is what makes this challenge so incredibly valuable!

    I say that mainly in regards for those who have studied Internet Marketing or have been involved in online business long enough to know their options, but having a hard time really making things happen.

    Of course this challenge is also great for laying out the fundamental steps and teaching someone the basics for the very first time.

    I'm quite impressed with it - and VERY happy I got involved!

  7. Sounds like you got the right motivation for the challenge!

  8. We'll see which of you make the $20K in the time allotted. Sounds as if the people you were referring to who never do it are those who want to make it but just can't get a good enough idea that will sell.

    I learned that throughout my study of IM, but also this past weekend I attended a seminar, and kind of "failed" a test because I couldn't get a salable enough idea going.

    Good luck to you all

  9. Thats where resources like the "brainstorming forum" at SSWT (Quest for Success section) really come in handy.

    I'd be interested to hear more about your weekend though. Who judged that the idea wasnt "salable enough" and how much time and energy did you spend on this one idea? And last question: Did you learn from the experience and go on to improve the idea, or give up altogether?

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