Day ? of the 20/20 Challenge

It's late on Saturday night and I am up working on the $20k in 20 Days challenge... Officially this is Day 12 of the challenge for me (we all have different start dates), but when I sat down to work on it today I was actually (yes, still!) somewhere on Day 4.

Of course, I'm taking the weekend to do a little catch-up work, so I'm whizzing right through the steps at this point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Earlier this week I hosted a Mastermind Meeting for fellow challengers that are involved in the 20/20 Challenge. The purpose was for open discussion, brainstorming, and to answer any questions they had.

That online meeting actually went quite well, and while I cant share the contents of the 90 minute brainstorming session with you... I will tell you a couple of things we discussed that really impressed me.

First was the overall attitude and motivation from the group as a whole. Nobody at the meeting was exactly where they wanted to be day-wise. In fact, many of them were still on Day 3 and finding it quite a hurdle. I can relate - Day 3 & Day 6 are probably the only two real hurdles out of the entire 20-day plan...

That is the reason I named this entry "Day ?"... I'll have a better idea what day I am actually on by the first of the week, so I'll be sure to post then and give you the update.

The second thing that impressed me during our mastermind meeting was the overwhelmingly positive response to the 20/20 Challenge. There wasnt a single person in the room that intended to take Michael up on his guarantee. And they ALL felt fully confident they could earn at least $20,000 with this step-by-step strategy.

Way to go, Michael! ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, the recording and transcript are available to participants of the 20/20 Challenge. You'll find that download in the private support forum that comes with your toolkit.

In addition to hosting the weekly mastermind meetings, I also extended another free offer to fellow challengers (no details here, but you'll find it in Michael's private forum as well) so I have been busy with that behind the scenes. I'm also working one-on-one with several participants, and have made their emails & messages my top priority.

Thus endeth my excuses for still being on Day 4 ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

I'm actually not exactly on Day 4 but like I said, I'll give a more exact update at the beginning of the week. For now I am doing some catch-up work, feeling very motivated about this challenge and enjoying it a great deal!

By the way, I received a note from Michael Green earlier today about the half-price offer. He has extended it for 7 more days (probably 6 by the time you read this). If you arent already involved in the 20/20 Challenge, its a GREAT time to get in ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. I love following your Posts about your 20/20 Challenge, it reminds me of what I want to do and keeps me on my toes. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The top affiliate program internet marketing training pros says

    Me too, But for a different reason. At first this kind of challenge sound great to me. You know many people will at first dismiss it as 'lie and or scam' but coming from Michael you know you can't take it lightly.

    It is been nice and rewarding for me following this challenge on Lynn's blog.

    I believe I am more prepared next time to take this sort of challenge.


  3. Its not too late to get involved... and if you make that decision this week you can get in at half price and still make the mastermind meeting on Thursday, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I realize this is not for everyone, but for those that are on the fence about it... it really is a great time to get in on the Challenge.

    I have found these types of challenges to be very rewarding and profitable over the years. They serve as a GREAT motivator, and even as an "accountability group".

    The support itself really keeps you going, around roadblocks and over hurdles, that might normally sidetrack you for months on end...

  4. I am enjoying your posts regarding the progress of your challenge since I haven't joined myself.

  5. I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying the updates! I have to admit, its great fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Best program affiliate training says

    No, I am not really on the fence.

    I would have joined actully. But there is no cash for it now ... ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I understand!

  8. Love the Blog. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Thank you Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. hi guys how is every one?
    it is a nice offer here about the 20/20 challenge but i just wana ask is it for real and what do actually have to do?
    thanx guys iam new to this

  11. Its an awesome course - step by step - and a great strategy for making money online. The price is still low, so its a great deal!

    Several people in my group have completed the challenge, and some are still working on it. Its been fun to watch the process and be involved - and I am still working the challenge myself. Most of us decided to take our time with it (vs rushing through it in 20 days).

    It has a guarantee, so you cant lose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. thanx for the info but doest it get any thing to do with casino and go on,or its a straight forward marketing ?and what do u do to make this challenge do u have to sell any kind of products or what?plz inform me iam serious about that
    thank u

  13. No it doesnt have anything to do with casino or anything illegal or spammy. Its a straight forward internet marketing strategy for making money online. Read the sales letter top to bottom - that should shed some light.

  14. Hi Lynn,
    Just curious, I read the sales letter from top to bottom (20/20 challenge) and I noticed there wasn't one single testamony from anyone other than Micheal Green himself regarding any kind of success. Could you elaborate on that?

    I also notice that even in your own blog you mention how many people are implementing this system but give no details as to anyones success either...Why is that?

    On Feb 1oth you state that "Several people in my group have completed the challenge, and some are still working on it"...Why does it seem like such a big mystery as to whether or not anyone has actually succeeded (Made The Money) in this challenge or not, other than Micheal?

    I am interested Lynn in the product, and no I'm not a detective...More "Pro-tective" of my hard earned money being used to buy another over hyped fat cat Guru's product so he gets to sip Pina Coladas next to half naked babes in some tropical paradise why me and the average guys/gals go deeper into debt...You KNOW what I mean.

    I ultimately would just like some concrete proof!

    Is it working or is it NOT? No games, NO B.S. just straight up slam it home old fashioned HONESTY...I'll even buy it through your link after I clear my cookies that's how I roll...But you gotta be straight with me...with us!

    Everyone who would die to have this be Willie Wonkas golden ticket...$20,000.00 in 20 days Hmmm....I'm down if it's R-E-A-L! Just make me a believer...

    Sorry for the rant Lynn, but that's just me...

    Mark Battalini
    CEO -

  15. Hi Mark,

    I just now found your comment here, so I apologize for the delay in reply. You pose such a great question... and I'll give you what you asked for: a straight-up honest answer!

    The 20/20 program is awesome.

    Unfortunately, most people who start a challenge or a venture... never complete it. Follow through is the #1 problem in finding success with just about anything in life.

    I've talked to a number of people who used 20/20 and they ALL said they were very pleased with the investment, even those that didnt complete the challenge in 20 days, or earn the exact amount.

    Me personally, I earned just over half that, even though I got sidetracked before the challenge was over (I ended up closing on my house a lot earlier than expected). That said, I am still earning on the concept now, almost a year later. The program is solid, and its chock full of stuff you can use time and again.

    Michael stands behind the guarantee, so check it out if you like... and decide for yourself. Its a low price compared to other programs that dont even offer a tenth of the hands-on applicable guidance in this step-by-step program.

  16. hi, you said in the last post and i qoute

    "Unfortunately, most people who start a challenge or a ventureโ€ฆ never complete it. Follow through is the #1 problem in finding success with just about anything in life."

    which in other words means, we tested it, but most of us NEVER complete it! so if there is a problem with completing the challange then its not what it is! meanining its NOT SIMPLE, NOT EASY, NOT STEP BY STEP guided! becouse if it was, then most of the people who used it would have finished it! and you said it yourself, it even took you more than 20 days to do it...

    so why dont you stick to some facts! and cut the crap.

    ohh and by the way, if this does really work, how come there has been no post by you or anyone alese for that matter since October 24, 2008?

    for all i know, YOU could be Michael Green him self posing up to up-sell his product* (scam) better!

    Sam Hopps

  17. Sam,

    I believe you misundertood what Lynn meant when she said: "Unfortunately, most people who start a challenge or a ventureโ€ฆ never complete it"

    That statement is true and will always be but she wasn't applying it to the 2020 Challenge only.

    You can hand people the ultimate blueprint to success but the fact of the matter is that SOME if not MOST people will never follow through ALL the steps necessary to get them there.

    Some won't get past day 5 of the challange while some will stop at day 10.'s sad but you'll have some that'll buy and not even read the course.


    They either get distracted with the latest and greatest launch and say they'll come back to the project and never do. They probably already go into it with the mindset that it'll never work. Or they realize they have to do what's known as W-O-R-K when going through the steps!

    I'm reading the challange cover to cover at the moment before beginning and must say that what Micheal has created leaves no stone unturned. I honestly believe you can achieve what it claims (and more)if you apply what he teaches. You'll have many "lightbulb" moments when going through the course.

    No...I'm not Michael Green posing as someone else. Just an ordinary person who understands that the keys to being successful online is with ACTION and PRESERVERANCE.


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