Mastermind Meeting for 20/20 Participants

I am hosting a Mastermind Meeting and brainstorming session for those that are participating in Michael Green's $20k Challenge challenge... today at Noon EST.

This is for 20/20 members only, is free to join in, and you can find login details at the The 20/20 Challenge Client Only Forum.

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  1. Update: Great group, 90 minutes of non-stop brainstorming and idea generation! I'll post more later today, so keep an eye out for it 😉

  2. Anthony DeNicola says:

    This was a wonderful meeting. I learned a lot from it and it definitely made me feel more positive about continuing forward knowing that I wasn't alone with the issues I was having. Thanks Lynn!

  3. You're welcome - glad you enjoyed it, and that you joined us. We'll be meeting again next Thursday, so I'll see you then!

  4. The top affiliate programs says:

    Thanks for the little update. Though not a member but just like seeing this sort of update. Quite inspiring.

    Expecting more from you and possibly from other members.

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