6 Fun, Creative Ways To Monetize Your Blog!

make money bloggingI've often said, “If you can build a readership, you can monetize it. Period.”

All you need is an audience. There are endless ways to monetize your blog, and if you plan to make money blogging long-term then you need a good variety of revenue sources!

Today we'll look at 6 creative ways to come up with neat ideas and interesting products to help you increase revenue...

Want To Make Money Blogging? Put Your Thinking Cap On!

This is SUCH a fun exercise, and it can be so enlightening. It's also fast & easy. 😉

You’re going to enjoy it!

For this quick brainstorming exercise, put the thought of “making money” to the side for now. Don’t think about profit potential, market depth, keywords, whether or not there's even an affiliate program, commission rates, your financial goals - none of that. Simply start with wide open, unbiased brainstorming. (It's all that thinking that holds you back, and gets in your way of getting things done!)

Get your favorite brainstorming stuff handy, whether that’s pen & paper or Evernote (my pick!) - or take your laptop/tablet to your favorite “thinking spot” where you can let the creative ideas flow freely.

With all the usual distractions turned off, and a blank screen or page in front of you, think about the products and services you use yourself that are related to your target market. No matter where or how you buy them, consider anything you use/consume yourself...

Here are some idea starters:

1. Make a list of all the products you’ve purchased yourself, related to your niche. It may be a recurring item you consume and replace, or a one-time purchase.

Make a list of your favorite merchants & brands, too. ALL of them.

2. Do you read any magazines or books on your topic? Make a list of those.

3. Have you purchased or subscribed to any services relevant to your niche?

4. Consider any other products, services, brands, books, magazines, etc that you would recommend to your target market - and why.

5. Now that you have several good lists going, pay close attention to anything you use or consume yourself over the next few weeks, and add those things to your lists.

Also add things that interest you, things you’d like to try or buy, things you run across online, etc. Consider what you read, what gets your attention, products you’re using, etc, and keep adding to the list.

This will give you a great list of “commercial topics” to work with for content ideas that are very easy to monetize!

💡 Some may be ideal for quick social updates too. See an Example

6. Type your main keyword phrase(s) into Google and Amazon...

For more on this tip, including examples, click here. 😉

(Be sure to read that ^ !!)

Negative Reviews Make Great Content Too...

While doing the Monetization Exercises above, be sure to make a list of all the things you DON’T recommend. Negative reviews let your market know that you’re objective, and that you’ll tell them the truth - or give your honest opinion.

You can even monetize your negative reviews! Here's an example.

(We were just discussing that book on Facebook recently, too).

It’s smart to point out any “negatives” in your positive product reviews as well. Maybe the product is great but the website or sales page is confusing. Explain that, and tell them how to easily place their order! If they're expecting that when they click through, they're more likely to go ahead and buy - increasing your conversion rate.

Maybe the product is awesome, but there’s a recurring charge or subscription that isn’t obvious. Tell them about it and let them know how to avoid those charges. Can they can order the product on Amazon or eBay (through your affiliate link!) instead of ordering from the infomercial or merchant site, and just get the item directly without enrolling in a subscription? That's a great way to serve your market, by telling them about smart(er) buying options!

Did You Come Up With Tons of Great Ideas? 😀

Don't just READ this post, DO the exercise! (You're so busted, lol)

Seriously, take a few minutes to start your lists and go ahead and write down any ideas you get off the top of your head. Keep these lists handy and continue adding to them over the next week or so.

You'll be amazed at all the creative ideas you come up with to monetize your blog!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Leave a comment below...


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  1. Nice exercise Lynn. I haven't thought of monetization in the longest time but it's something to consider. It's also a nice list for people to come up with ideas to write about.

  2. Great ideas Lynn. Making list help me to focus, so this is something that works for me too. I never thought to use Google's "shopping" link this way. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Great list of monetization ideas, Lynn. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Will put them into action, so ...

  4. Maurice Bernier says

    Thanks for the pointers Lynn. Once I'm done reading the other resources you link to, I guess I have more work cut out for myself. Off to share and thanks again! 🙂

  5. I really need this for my own blog. I never thought to use of this tips on this way. Thanks again

  6. Hey Lynn, Thanks for the input. I really love the point searching for keywords on Google and Amazon. I do regular searches on Google but doing the same on amazon is something I want to try out now.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mohanraj S

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