Out-Ranking THE Super Affiliate

Hey Rosalind,

Did you notice the affiliate rankings that went out by email this morning?
I've got you beat by almost double the sales 😉

I have to say, outranking you in any affiliate competition is quite a boost! Of course, its a testament to your work as the Super Affiliate Handbook was my introduction to becoming a super affiliate...

There was one tip in that guide that I will FOREVER thank you for!

I've followed your newsletter and your blog ever since, and really love your style. I have to give you credit for inspiring me to get so heavily involved in Affiliate Marketing and passive income models. And what an incredible turning point that was!

While I don't pretend to match your success as a Super Affiliate, I couldnt resist taking advantage of those bragging rights. And hey - we both have Allan Gardyne beat 😀

I'll tell you what... whoever comes out on top of this list, all said and done, can enjoy a dinner of choice at the treat of the other at Affiliate Summit. Deal?

The challenge is on, my friend... may the best affiliate win!

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  1. Attagirl Lynn!

    Congrats! That's sooooo kool.

    Battle Of The Affliates! May The BEST Affiliate Win. Watch out, Allan. heh heh

    BTW ... What's that affiliate "ranking" thing, anyway?

    Rick Wilson 8)

  2. Oh its just a particular affiliate program that we both happen to be affiliates for. I didnt want to name it publicly, but to be fair Rosalind would out-rank me easily if she were actively promoting it.

    All in good fun, of course 😉

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