Add Professional Audio To Your Website

How would you like to add professional audio to your website or blog? What if you could set up instant streaming audio with a cool customizable player that will attract listeners... and get this, have it forward your listener to a specific URL at the end of the message?

And what if you could do all that - and more - for only $5 ?

Yeah, that's what I said 😉 Impact Web Audio is the "deal of the day" (literally) and it usually sells for $47. But today, you can get a copy for only five bucks...

Get this deal only at Deal Dot Com - and only if you get it today!

This deal is offered through DealDotCom and will be gone by the end of today (Tuesday, October 16th, 2007). If you want to take advantage of this exclusive special offer, get it now! If you are reading this post on any other day of the year, click here to see the current deal of the day.

Enjoy! ... and watch for cool audio on my websites in the very near future 😉

UPDATE: I ordered this product right after I published this blog post, and all I can say is WOW, That was EASY!! This is THE coolest audio product I have ever seen... Check out this quick example I whipped up in under 2 minutes:


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  1. Lane Lester says:

    Lynn, I've been needing to start adding some audio hither and yon, and this looks like a great deal.

    But what I want to know is how you added a live link back to your site in your comment at!

  2. A great deal indeed 😉 I snapped up a copy myself!

    The comment you see there is actually a 'trackback' and is common to show up on blogs when you link to individual posts.

    A little "social marketing" strategy at play 😉

    You'll hear more about that from me in the near future. I have a programmer that wrote a script for me that will explain it all...

  3. Laurie Neumann says:


    I tried to buy this but I get this:
    Sorry, please check the following errors:

    * Your browser does not currently permit cookies. To continue with your purchase, please change your browser settings.

    Do you know what I need to do? My technical person (my husband) is not here!

  4. Which browser are you using? Do you maybe have an alternate browser? For example, I have both IE and Firefox...

  5. Laurie Neumann says:

    Is that all it meant? I feel a little dumb (frown).

    I bought it. Thank you!

  6. However you fixed the problem... Congrats! 😀

    That's going to be the best five bucks you spend all week!

  7. Chris Jacobson says:

    I had to buy this too. What a great deal for $5! 🙂

  8. No doubt! So did you guys check out my example? What do you think of the background music & URL forwarding features?

    Sweet options - and SO easy!!

  9. Steve Johnson says:

    Thanks, Lynn - I had to snap that one up. For 5 bucks how could you go wrong? I spend more than that at Starbucks...

  10. I agree - that was a STEAL!

  11. Carrie Wigal says:

    Thank you so much Lynn. This was exactly what I was looking for. I've been wanting to add audio to my wallpaper sites, but this month I started a project for my church...promoting a new contemporary christian music CD. I set up the site but didn't know how to add an audio clip. This did the trick! Five bucks is definitely a steal.

  12. the top affiliate program internet training online says:

    Hey Lynn, another nice post here. I wouldn't have known about this deal without this post. Yes, no doubt one of the tools needed in today success is audio to boost credibility and sales.

    And at just $5 ? Hmm --that's a steal. Thanks.

  13. I didnt - but you can probably adjust your system audio settings using the icon in your taskbar or systray...

  14. Lynn..can you recommend a microphone for my PC so I can do an audio recording?
    I only realized I needed this after my purchase.

  15. This is the one that I use:

    Or you could get one locally at a store like WalMart or Office Depot.

  16. Thanks!

  17. Lane Lester says:

    I looked at the headset at, and it looked like the difference between it and the $15 Logitech was the earphones. The mics were described and looked the same, so I decided to go the cheaper route.

  18. Sounds like a good deal 😉

  19. Alvin Huang says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Actually products like Impact Web Audio has been around for so long that the value of it has dropped drastically. It has already reached the point whereby its bundled together with other resell rights products and sold for pennies on the dime.

    The lowest price for it goes for $1.29 (resell rights included) on eBay, available at

    Alvin Huang

  20. WOW - thanks for the link! I'll definitely grab a copy for my Elite Members 😉

  21. Steve Johnson says:

    Yeah, Alvin, thanks!

    I bought the $5 one -- but this guy has a LOT of PLR stuff in his store.

    I never even looked on ebay for PLR materials.

    I wonder, though--how does one tell if rights conferred are legit? Promote it and see if you get your hands slapped?

  22. Alvin Huang says:

    Glad that you found the eBay link useful. In fact whenever I find a product that I consider buying and i suspect it to be an older product (old does not mean useless, I use still Web Impact Audio regularly), I'll check it up on eBay first. Because of strong price competition there, you might be able to get it on the cheap there.

    As for whether its legit Steve, its rather hard to prove. But what I do in general is check eBay whether there are tons of sellers selling the same product on eBay with similar rights. At least that cancels out the possibility that its just 1 rouge seller gone bad. You can further check out by surfing google and checking whether the product is found in those mega resell rights packages found everywhere online. Of course it doesn't necessary mean that the seller you purchased from has those rights. But it does increase the probability that they do. And of course there's always the checking for the RR or MRR document after your purchase.

    Alvin Huang

  23. I think Alvins tip and link added to the download from earlier, made this all *well* worth 5 bucks 😉 LOL . Thanks again!

  24. I bought the software tonight too! I haven't got to try it out but had to grab it for $5.00!

  25. Alvin Huang says:

    No problem Lynn. Glad to add something of value since I have benefited from your blog too.

    Actually seeing Impact Web Audio on dealdotcom gave me an idea. I expected to see fresh and relatively newer products there. Not too sure with the TOS for getting a product approved to be listed there. But there's a possibility that you can buy MRR or RR to a decent IM product and do a quick flip at dealdotcom.

    Considering that there is lack of perfect knowledge (even though the internet is supposed to help with that) I suppose there will still be people who will buy those products. Rinse and Repeat. Might be able to reap a small pile over and over there leveraging off dealdotcom's network.

    Alvin Huang

  26. Interesting - I do think its a very wise move to post your own products at DDC for both exposure and sales, but now you have me wanting to go read over the TOS again very closely!

  27. Anyone else have examples they want to share where they used Impact Web Audio? 😀

  28. Lane Lester says:

    I'm not quite ready to share my experiment. 🙂 I'm still having volume troubles. My latest attempt had enough voice, but not enough music. I'll have to try another adjustment.

    And with all the controls on our own systems, the question arises, How do you know when the volume is right for the Web? I found another site with an audio and used it for comparison, but that seems unreliable. Any ideas?

  29. Hi Lynn,

    So I have a weird question.... I bought this web audio program through dealdotcom (thanks for the insight and referral link by the way) but I saved it waiting to play with it on a rainy day... and unfortunately I don't remember where I saved it. Now I am trying to find it, and I can't seem to find it. I vaguely remember it being an odd filename (of course I wasn't smart enough to rename it.) Do you happen to have the filename on the download?

    If you wouldn't mind emailing it to me if you have it??? Thanks a million if you can.

    reader since ... well at least a couple years now! haha

  30. Hmm - I dont have everything organized on my new computer yet, so I'm not sure if this is the right file or not:


    Let me know if that one works!

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