7 Important Elements of an Email Message

Whether you already have mailing lists set up for your websites and blogs, or you are ready to set up your first list, you'll want to listen in to these Email Marketing Tips.

In an exclusive one-hour interview, Mike Hill explains the importance of the 7 basic elements of an email message, and shares the correct way to set up your email marketing campaigns and niche mailing lists...

Listen In: Email Marketing Tips from Mike Hill

Most people struggle with the technical aspect of setting up a mailing list. And for good reason - there are a lot of details to consider: double optin process and confirmation messages, a follow-up welcome message, setting up redirect confirmation pages, etc.

Once you get all of that set up and it seems to be working just perfectly – you end up with a new set of details to consider: What to send, how often to send it, and basically how to become a successful email publisher. Which is very important – before you become an "email marketer".

Listen in to this exclusive interview with Mike Hill, a List-Building expert, and learn how to set up the 7 basic elements to any email message: the From field, the subject line, the greeting, the introductory paragraph, the body of the email (including formatting), the signature, and of course the famous P.S.

Listen In: Email Marketing Tips from Mike Hill

Mike goes into great detail, and also includes his #1 Tip for creating profitable email lists, which he calls "follow the guru"...

3 strikes but still in the game!

P.S. Get Mike's step-by-step video course on List-Building and start building successful mailing lists of your own!

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  1. The top internet program genuine marketing training says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Thanks this email marketing course. Even without listening yet I am sure I will learn something nice from it.

    Thanks - I am going to download it.

  2. Brian Hawkins says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great interview. I learned a lot and the timing couldn't have been better. I even pulled the paid advertising from my ezine. It's nice to hear so much honesty from two very respected marketers.

    Brian Hawkins

  3. Sandy Naidu says:

    Loved it Lynn...Please do more of it. Learn't a lot of new things.

    Thank You Lynn...


  4. Emma Hamilton says:

    Some great advice and a really informative interview. I'm sure I will get a lot out of it.

    Just to share and build on the advice offered here - I'm currently doing some work for these guys and I find their Email Marketing Manual a great source of advice for every aspect of email marketing. Hope you all find it useful too.


  5. I didn't realize this was going to be for list building for beginners. But I always enjoy beating the fundamentals into my brain.

    I'm about halfway into the interview. It's solid.

    Good work Mike and Lynn!

  6. Thank you Jason. There were some good points covered that I personally think are great for all skill levels. I see "experts" making some very basic mistakes on a weekly basis even!

    Hope you enjoy the interview & thanks for the comment 😉

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