Fast, Easy Landing Page Tips & Ideas

As promised, here are my notes & ideas from the LeadPages training session we had earlier this week...

It was a seriously enlightening webinar, and I walked away with TONS of notes and creative ideas that I can implement immediately. πŸ˜€

The webinar itself was super informative, with several eye-opening insights, but it also sparked specific ideas I can USE in my business - which I loved!

Click Here To Watch The Replay

My biggest take-away from the session was this:

LeadPages + Imagination = Unlimited Possibilities!

I have tips from the actual webinar, plus my own ideas for using LeadPages, so I'll just share them with you (unedited) and we can continue to discuss it from there. I look forward to hearing your thoughts & ideas too! ...


Why I Invested In LeadPages

What I love about it, as a tool, is that it is the absolute easiest and fastest way to create professional looking high-converting landing pages and sales pages. It's not the only tool I own for this - I just discovered it's the BEST once I tried it out.

I'm glad I did too, because I'm a lot like you - I'm cautious about where I invest my time and money. There are SO many options and offers out there all day every day.

In fact, I was just having a conversation with Chris in my WMC group about how I waffled over buying the Super Affiliate Handbook all those years ago. πŸ˜›

That's actually comical in hindsight, considering how it dramatically changed my business - and my LIFE! But at the time, and let me just say it was my very first "ebook purchase", 50 bucks seemed like A LOT of money for an "ebook" (lol). This was at least a decade ago, mind you. (And you can actually get it for $27 now.)

Anyway, what was interesting about that experience was this... I finally decided to order it, but with one condition - I had to make my money back, using what I learned from it, within 30 days - period. Consider that for a second, because it's the BIG difference between an expense... and a smart investment. πŸ˜‰

LeadPages has the potential to pay for itself over and again, WAY beyond the cost of the platform and templates. And the best part is that you can literally start building a profitable list and making sales / earning money with it the same day you sign up!

* This is my referral link if you want to check out the features...


Download My Raw Notes & Landing Page Tips

In my usual "live example form" I made my notes & tips into a printable download you can get immediately via email using (drumroll, please!)... LeadPages.

This will give you firsthand experience with their LeadBox feature so you can see for yourself exactly how it works - and how you can easily use this feature.


Give it a whirl:

Click Here To Download


(if you can't see the button above, just click here)

How cool was that? πŸ˜€ Now go check your inbox and you should have an email there from me, along with a link to the file. Nice, right?

Here's what's GREAT about the LeadBox feature: Even if you were already subscribed to ClickNewz, LeadPages STILL sent you the download! Using an Aweber opt-in box instead, you would have received a notification that you were already subscribed to the list - and you would have been left out.

But using the LeadPages LeadBox instead, you can send the file directly - regardless. This serves ALL of your readers, whether they're already subscribed or not. And of course it subscribes those that weren't already on your list. πŸ˜‰ Bingo!

I'll give you my notes & ideas here in this post too, but you can use the button above (or click here) to get the printable download version for quick reference. Go ahead and check out the download (it's pretty! lol) then keep reading...


Webinar Notes & Landing Page Tips

(Lynn's Notes)

1. Create a "Resource Guide" Landing Page
Free Report: 1 Page PDF
Give them "the tools the pros use" / simple tools
(this one page download outperforms ebooks & other offers!!)
Make it Easy/Quick/Simple - checklist, worksheet

* This makes list-building super easy! Don't over-think your opt-in incentive. Give them a ONE PAGE download, or quick actionable reference.

2. Always check the Mobile Version of your Landing Page
You can switch back and forth from mobile to web and preview both. Make sure your mobile version is appealing, given the majority of users in most niches are mobile or using tablets now.

3. Facebook Page Integration
Publish your landing page to Facebook - Easy & Awesome!
On your Facebook Page, go to Settings > Apps
> Edit button name & image

4. Use the LeadMagnet option to send a confirmation email with download link and/or attachment directly to your new subscriber, meaning: you don't have to go through the extra step to set it up as a follow-up in Aweber for them to receive it immediately.

5. Use the "Invite A Friend" thank you page template
Go to landing page you created, replace "default" link with the thank you page you create in LeadPages. This "Invite A Friend" template encourages your new subscribers to share your blog post or landing page link on Twitter and Facebook - increasing your reach, easily!

6. Use LeadBoxes (pop up opt-in links) for "Content Upgrades"
- specific leadbox for topical blog posts
- checklists
- printable version of page
- worksheets
- recipes
- resource guides

(This blog post serves as a "live example" of a "content upgrade"!)

7. Host Webinars To Increase Engagement & Sales
- Sort webinar landing page templates by conversion rate
(choose the template that converts best!)
- Include Facebook comments on the landing page
- Host a webinar every two weeks
- Simple Q&A webinars are EASY!


My Ideas - Ways To Use LeadPages In MY Business

As you know, I blog here at ClickNewz - but I also have a low carb blog and run a low carb challenge at So my ideas are for both niches, and hopefully these "raw notes" will give you some ideas on ways to serve YOUR market!

(Unedited) My Ideas:

Set up low carb challenge page on LeadPages
(I'm losing tons of potential subscribers on the current page!)
Share the before & after pages & results in a LeadPages Case Study

Host Q&A Webinars for both ClickNewz AND TLC
(alternate weeks & do one weekly)
* TLC =

TEST: Do LeadBox Links work on Facebook?? (ie pop up a box to subscribe) (If so, mention/show this awesome tip in SMR & Facebook Groups NSB module!) THIS would be AMAZING for social media list-building if leadbox links work on Twitter, FB, etc!!!!

** (tested) HOLY SMOKES 😯 OMG - IT WORKS! Do you have ANY idea what this means for SOCIAL LIST BUILDING?! ha πŸ˜€ Wow... the implications in my Facebook Group alone are blowing my mind... !!!

Set up a LeadPage for my Objectives Worksheet download
Create a follow-up series about how to use it, and use that to promote the SMR/NSB combo as a perk to my membership

Set up Landing Pages for single topical modules of NSB
(low cost offers to "preview" Niche Success Blueprint)

Set up a LeadPage & LeadBox for a printable version of my popular "blog post outline" and "product review outline". (easy freebies for list-building)

Set up a Landing Page for the checklists / task lists I created in the two NSB training modules. (low cost product, integrated into my JVzoo funnel so affiliates can promote it too!)

"Resource Guide" Brainstorming for TLC (freebies):

- Low Carb Food List
- Photo Food Journal (browse for visual meal/snack ideas!)
- Step by Step MFP setup (printable directions)
- The Top 5 SuperFoods You Should Be Eating Every Day
- Low Carb Picnic / Cookout Foods List
(seasonal hot topic, coming up soon!)
- Checklist to increase your weight loss on the low carb diet

Use LeadPages to promote affiliate programs. Ideas: download exclusive interview w/product creator, a resource guide for how to best implement the product/service, etc.

Brainstorming Affiliate Ideas:

- THESE NOTES to promote LeadPages (Done! -lol)
- My "product brainstorming ideas" to promote IPP & the training series
- WordTracker: Keyword Targeting Report & Webinar (free or low cost?)
- List of low carb products at Netrition (with links to recipes)
- Quest Bar Giveaway and/or Exclusive Interview with them
- Cookbook! A giveaway with Jimmy Moore for Keto Clarity?
- Q&A Webinar with Jimmy Moore, replay could be a good lead magnet!
(^ use this webinar to promote giveaway too)

More ideas...

Use LeadPages to do a $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway for Low Carb niche. Create a PDF list of products from Amazon & Netrition they can choose from (resource guide). They subscribe to get the free download and to be entered into the giveaway.

Create tons of free & low cost products on LeadPages
(repurpose everything I have!!)

Set up a FUNNEL on JVZoo for freebies to lead into paid products
(so affiliates can promote freebies & earn commission!)

Recruit Affiliates
(Finish my affiliate signup landing page)

Use LeadPages to do an NSB Giveaway

Use LeadPages to do an Elite Member giveaway (full year)

TOPICAL WEBINAR REPLAYS (in my archives) - Low cost or List Builders

As you can see, I'm brainstorming a VARIETY ways to use LeadPages:

  • Live Webinars
  • Free Downloads (Lead Magnets)
  • Low Cost Products
  • Creating Funnels w/Free & Low Cost Products
  • Giveaways
  • Recruiting Affiliates
  • Promoting Affiliate Programs/Products

I'm really excited about recreating using LeadPages. πŸ˜€

The giveaways and webinars are easiest, so I'm going to start there. Along with my affiliate signup page, which is mostly done (with some easy revisions to wrap it up). Next I'll work on repurposing content into freebies - which is also easy.

My plan is obvious: to start with the EASY tasks... to get the fastest return on my investment in this amazing platform. πŸ˜‰



What Others Had To Say...

It was a great webinar packed with lots of good information. My takeaways....

*the free tools/resource offer out performs free coaching sessions

*greater value does not equal a higher conversion rate

*Utilize your 'Thank You' page: use it as an opportunity to get a conversation going with your audience

*Have something that is relevant at the end of blog posts that people can get by opting in

Leadpages is a great tool but at this time it's not in my budget to make the purchase, but when I get some regular clients then I'll be able to do so.

If you're in the same boat ^ consider how you can get a FAST ROI (return on your investment) by USING LeadPages to get more clients or sales... FAST. πŸ˜‰

I attended the webinar for Leadpages today and was surprisingly blown away! There are so many things LP can do, and it looks so easy it's almost scarey... lol. My brain is on overload with ideas and applications for this thing. The conversion rates are amazing. Seems like that's due to the fact that this thing tracks and sorts your pages BY conversion rate so if you pay attention and tweak your pages accordingly, you can eventually work out the exact page that gets you the highest conversion rate for your site/opt-in/product/whatever. I love that...

Others called it highly motivating, extremely inspiring - and even "epic!"

I hope you enjoyed my notes, ideas and the live example. And even more than that, I hope it gave YOU some creative ideas for how to use Lead Pages (or any landing pages) in YOUR niche or business.

As you can see, I got A LOT out of the live training on Lead Pages, and aim to implement it straight away. So stay tuned for more fun live examples and case studies...

Download these notes & ideas to keep:

Click Here To Download


And... be sure to watch the replay!


p.s. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment & let's discuss...


* For reference, this is my referral link for anyone wanting to check out the features:


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  1. Hi Lynn!

    My annual Leadpages subscription expires in April and I was thinking to renew monthly.

    Are you saying if I renew right now (for annual subscription) thru your link, my subscription will extend another year (April - April) and I'll get bonuses?

    BTW, I have to brag on my EXIT Popup on that was created with Leadpages. πŸ™‚

    p.s. plz let me know so I don't miss deadline!

    • Hi Darlene! πŸ˜€

      If you already have an annual plan, you simply need to upgrade to a higher annual plan to qualify for the five bonuses (having a professional opt-in incentive created for you, personal landing page critiques, the bonus courses, etc). There are a few annual plan options, so he said if you're on one you can just move to one higher up to qualify.

      Hope that clears it up! *cheers*

  2. Ahhhh...okay, thx! I'll look into it ~ darlene

  3. Hey Lynn! This is an awesome post that's full of some of the best tips any LeadPages customer can take to quickly get their account paid for through better results and higher conversions. It's also a sharp working case-study of affiliate marketing at its best.

    One thing that you should add to your to-do list for any of your LeadPages and LeadBoxes: Split Testing! Seriously, with any one of your pages, a split test could easily yield an improvement of 10-50% on the same amount of traffic. That's secret sauce that you and all your ClickNewz community members can use (built into Pro and Enterprise levels of LP). And another way people can quickly get a profitable ROI within their first month.

    Bob Jenkins
    Marketing Educator, LeadPagesβ„’

    p.s. Can't wait to see you at an upcoming event in Toronto!

    • I look forward to seeing you in Toronto too, Bob! πŸ˜€

      "a sharp working case study of affiliate marketing at it's best" - Yes! A great live example of one of the points I mentioned IN the post... in action! πŸ˜‰

      I totally left out the topic of Split Testing. That was actually one of the MAIN selling points of LeadPages for me personally. I've struggled with other methods of doing split testing. LP makes it EASY, which I LOVE! I also love the quick stats for performance - it's addictive. πŸ˜€

  4. Great post! I just invested in lead pages myself. I had spent an entire weekend trying to build an optin page, it was just nuts! Finally bit the bullet and purchased!


    • Thank you, Chris! I bet you're glad you went ahead and got LeadPages after trying the other methods, lol. I know it's been a HUGE relief on me! πŸ˜› I am LOVING the simplicity of it all, and how quickly I can set up my LeadBoxes and LeadPages. πŸ˜€

      I have one leadbox now, without a freebie or lead magnet even, that's converting at 49%... Nice!


  5. I currently use Unbounce (and I'm satisfied for the most part). Have you used Unbounce before. I'm curious if LeadPages is easier to use.

    • I'm not familiar with Unbounce, Ryan...

      Anyone else?

      • Unbounce takes a very different approach than LeadPages.

        LeadPages provides a wide variety of FIXED templates, where you can basically only change styles (eg fonts, colors) and text.

        Unbounce provides a drag and drop designer. This provides more flexibility than LeaqPages - assuming you REALLY know what you are doing.

        Personally, I MUCH prefer the LeadPages approach. Better results, with less work.

  6. So True!

    I also just recently started my LeadPages subscription - it is an amazing tool and an amazing, supportive company!

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