Adsense Users: Save $20 on AdSpy Tracker Today!

AdSpy Tracker is the Deal of the Day at DealDotCom, and you can save $20 on this popular Adsense super-tracking program if you snag a copy today...

What can you expect from AdSpy Tracker?

  • The EXACT keyword search terms that are drawing your visitors to any of your webpages
  • The actual efficiency of every AdSense Ad on ANY of your webpages!
  • The exact pages that your AdSense Ads are being clicked on. Eliminates the hassle of creating dozens and dozens of channels in your AdSense account.
  • The actual Ad Formats that are bringing you the most clicks. You can quickly test and track which size and color formats, AdUnits, and AdLinks work best for you

... and much more!

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This deal is offered through DealDotCom and will be gone by the end of today (Saturday, November 10th 2007). If you want to take advantage of this exclusive special offer, get it now! If you are reading this post on any other day of the year, click here to see the current deal of the day.


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  1. Traffic Matters says

    Hi Lynn

    Is this something that you have tried personaly?

  2. Is this really working? I know I saw some similar scripts that didn't work properly with Google Adsense..

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