Stressed Out? 3 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed…

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed out... you're not alone. It happens to the best of us. In fact, everyone I have talked to lately is dealing with stress on one level or another.

For most of us, the main problem is simple:
Too much to do. Too little time.

As if the daily routine of life doesnt hold enough stress of it's own, it seems there is always something extra thrown in to the mix. Appliances break, unexpected company shows up, computers crash, illness and injury strike, etc.

All the while the clock keeps ticking and its easy to fall farther and farther behind. Stress builds, anxiety sets in, and you find yourself completely overwhelmed...

There are times that I wonder if I will ever catch up. I have to laugh at myself and say "Of course not!" because it's not even possible. The grass will grow again. The laundry will all be dirtied. The dishes will be used at the next meal. The sun will set and then rise again, and it all starts over - and over, and over.

There is always work to be done, there are always deadlines to meet, and there will always be tasks waiting for your attention. We ALL feel the crunch. I do. You do. Even the checkout girl at the grocery store does. It's LIFE in our high-tech, non-stop, fast-paced generation.

While you cant slow down the world, or put life on 'pause' so that you can get caught up, relieving the usual daily stress is truly as easy as 1-2-3...

3 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress:

1. Stop, Analyze, Identify

Yes, stop. I promise you the world wont come to a screeching halt and the sky wont fall. When you feel like you are spinning your wheels, or you're overwhelmed and stressed out, just stop everything you are doing and analyze the situation.

First, realize that you are not alone. As I said, we are all dealing with stress and time management issues of some kind. Take a moment to determine exactly what is causing your stress, and whether it truly warrants such a sense of anxiety.

Often, things are not quite as urgent as they seem. I usually stop and ask myself 10 years from now, will this have really mattered? The answer is usually no. In the grand scheme of things, what you accomplish tomorrow instead of today is not that big of a deal.

Take a moment to figure out why you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, how much it truly matters, and what you can do about it.

2. Take Action

Jot down the things that are stressing you most, and then prioritize the solutions. Get specific on what it would take to relieve your stress - whether getting it all done is realistic or not.

The first step is to get it out of your mind, and on the paper in front of you - where you can actually deal with it.

The next step is to take action on those points. Start by eliminating anything that is not ultimately important or urgent. Move it to a "later" list, for things you can always do later. Next, figure out what you can do now... and do it.

Once you list your tasks in front of you, and prioritize that list, it is much easier to delegate some of those tasks to others. Determine what you can outsource, what your children could do, how you can enlist friends and family for help, etc.

Worst case scenario, a checkbook and the Yellow Pages will usually relieve much of your stress (I know it does mine 😉 ).

Last but not least, learn to say NO.

3. Take A Break

Yes, I know its hard to imagine taking a break when you have so much to do. But the truth is that a break just may make you more productive - and may be just what you need to get back on track.

Stop everything and read one chapter in a good book. Take a 20-minute power nap. Step outside and have a cup of coffee by yourself. Take a brisk walk, or exercise for 15 minutes. A small break can work wonders on stress!

You will accomplish much less when you're feeling overwhelmed, than you will when you approach it again with a fresh perspective.

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  1. Sandy Naidu says

    Lynn, your question "will it matter ten years from now?", is perfect...Its amazing how most of the things we worry about tend to vanish when we ask ourselves that questions. Taking a break or even watching some tv really helps me.

  2. This time of year, the Christmas holidays right around the corner is suppose to be a happy time but for most it brings extra stress. More to do with little time to do it plus the stress of money. Here is a great resource to help your business reach the next level:

  3. Danielle Chonody says

    Great advice - I often find myself overwhelmed with tasks and when I get them out of my head and onto paper I feel much better and more in control.

    Where do you find the great graphics you use here at Clicknewz?

  4. I use iStockPhoto. This is my referral link:

    Great graphics, excellent prices 😉

  5. I should have knocked on wood when I wrote this post this morning... I ended up having an incredibly stressful day - 😆 - quite unexpected! I ended up having to take my own advice all day long haha...

  6. Han Boon Kiat says

    A bit like Steve Prentice's Slow Down meets Allen's GTD, 2 authors I really like.

    I guess the gist is do now or defer but make a plan to do later.

  7. Stress is very counterproductive, so yes - taking action and making definitive plans is key. Its not always easy to do, so a simple reminder (like this one) is very helpful when you're feeling the time crunch. I've been experiencing it myself lately, so it did me wonders to revisit my own system for dealing with stress when I sat down to write this post 😉

  8. Karen Chrisman says

    This was a timely post. I've been trying to figure out how to deal with the stress I am dealing with. I've even considered quitting. I don't want to, because I have gotten a lot done and don't want to waste it. I also hope the money will come in soon. I've been hard at this(those long days/7 days a week) for almost a year. Still no noticeable income. There are things I want to do but don't because of this business. What to do? I've been thinking to cut down to 2-3 hrs a day and just hope for the best.

  9. You made a lot of good points, and I agree slowing down is so important when you're stressed. One book that really helped me was "One Minute for Myself" by Spencer Johnson. It reminds me that a minute is longer than I think when I think I have no time.

  10. Its easy to get discouraged Karen - thats understandable. Personally I think your site has a lot of potential, and you are on a great roll with it all at the moment. I look forward to continuing to work with you on it.

  11. Karen Field says

    Great post Lynn, I think everyone I speak to feels like this too! Similar to your 'stop' suggestion, if I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I like to do a 'one minute meditation' - I always recommend this to my clients. I stop doing whatever it is I'm caught up in, then I close my eyes and just take a minute to focus on myself and my surroundings. I listen to the sounds around me and slow down my breathing. It's only a minute but it works every time!

  12. Great suggestion Karen - I'll try that myself. We really do have to make it a habit to be more kind to ourselves, and not let stress build up.

  13. Karen Chrisman says

    Lynn, Thanks! You saying that about my site means a whole lot more than from others. I find myself needing some encouragement to keep going. I have worked so hard for so little return. I've given up many things that I love to do to work on this. I'm not a quitter, but sometimes it gets tempting. The thing is I've learned so much the past 10 months and I have so much more to learn. But, thanks again for the good word, Lynn.

  14. You're welcome - I meant it with all sincerity. The first year is a tough one. But imagine the kind of investment you would make in an offline retail type business during the first few years. I did that - my first business was an electronics shop and even my web dev business started offline. Usually when you reach total frustration and near-burnout... is when you are on the edge of breakthrough 😉

  15. review - best internet training marketing online says

    Lynn, no doubt these 3 steps are simple. In fact, they are capable of making a whole lot of positive difference if one really follows them.

    However, i don't believe anyone can get the best from these tips without outsourcing some vital jobs once some level of growth comes in.

  16. Outsourcing is all but necessary at that point, yes. There is no way I could do everything required on my own - without freelancers and assistants to at least handle odd jobs and certain tasks.

  17. Karen Chrisman says

    I'm looking forward to outsourcing. It has to wait until the earnings make it worth while. Meanwhile, it's little ole me doing it all, with help from my friends. LOL!
    Thanks Lynn, for the help I'm getting on your forum, especially the private forum. I'm learning a lot.

  18. You're most welcome, Karen 😀

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