Kim Rowley: A Work-at-Home Mom I HAVE To Meet!

I finally got around to reading my Sept/Oct issue of Revenue Magazine this week. While there were several really good articles (as usual - I love this mag!) that I enjoyed... one in particular caught my attention and drew me in.

It was a feature on Kim Rowley, a 34 year old work at home mom that makes her living online as an Affiliate Marketer. The article is titled Affiliate Advantage: The Marketing Mama. I thought it might be fun to read a profile on someone else who does what I do, but boy was I ever in for a major shock ( 😯 )...

If you'd like to see the article, you can read it online at Revenue September/October 2007. Click the Contents button at the top and then choose Affiliate Advantage: Kim Rowley (page 82).

As I mentioned, Kim is 34 years old. So am I. But the similarities didnt stop there. By the 3rd paragraph I was feeling like I had met my TWIN. Kim is a single mother that lives in a small town (as am I), and her oldest child is 16. I started to do the math (is that common? lol), but then realized I didnt have to - my own son is 16 as well.

Her son is interested in designing computer games, mine is heavily involved in programming & game development. The desk in her home office sports dual widescreen monitors - so does mine. We both had an "office job" prior to our online business. We've both been divorced in the last 8 years. We both have special needs children. We both blog... and 2 of the 4 books she is currently reading are on my own bookshelf.

She does have a long-distance boyfriend in Denver, CO - Patrick, who is featured on her blog from time to time - and I do not. But I recently dated a local man who once said "I feel like I have a long distance relationship with a woman who only lives 5 minutes away" 😆

"Rowley says that even though she thinks she clocks in about 12 hours a day in front of her computer, the day is broken up with daily life..."

Quite literally, you could swap out the name and the photos and I dont believe anyone would know the difference! It was a bit strange, I have to admit. Even a tad unsettling. But as I got to the end of the article, I read that she is a regular at the Affiliate Summit conferences - which I'll be going to myself this February.

I'm definitely making it a point to meet Kim Rowley in person while I'm there 😉

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to engage Kim in a Cross Blog Conversation... Kim, if you're reading this I'd love to ask you a question! If you're game, you can simply reply to the question on your blog and close the entry with a question back to me.

Kim - The article in Revenue Magazine states that you have around 50 affiliate sites & blogs, and that your 2 aunts help you write content. Do you also outsource some of the work, or how do you manage the daily tasks involved with maintaining such a large number of sites?


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  1. Laurie Neumann says

    That is a little "eerie" isn't it?

    I am looking forward to Kim's response if you decides to participate.

    I don't think I've met my "twin" yet.

  2. Laurie Neumann says

    sorry - I meant if "she" decides to participate.

  3. Hopefully she'll catch this post and participate - I imagine it would be lots of fun to get her perspective and have a chance to get to know her at the same time.

    Strange yes. My daughter was curious why I was reading a magazine with such a shocked look on my face - so I handed it to her... she said that's WEIRD (I dont think they realized there were other people out there like their strange mother lol - much less someone with SO many similar details)

  4. Sandy Naidu says

    Thanks for posting this Lynn...I clicked on the link and read the full interview with Kim...You both do seem to share quite a few things in common...

  5. Hey, that's a tad Spookie! I came eyeball to eyeball with my twin double. He was the Double Bass player in the London Symphony Orchestra. It's kinda weird to see someone a mirror image of yourself. Thankfully, the only thing we had in common was the love of JD's doubles as chasers!

  6. LOL Ollie 🙂

  7. Quite interesting!

  8. Wow, you two do share similar lives. I also notice a similarity which you modestly left out, Lynn. You two seem to have a genuine giving spirit. The article pointed out that she developed an internet marketing site to help marketers. She also has a desire to do missionary work. As we all know, Lynn is the type of person that shares her knowledge without reservation. That’s an awesome quality to have. It’s a quality that is hard to teach, but great to posses. I have a collaboration idea. You two could mentor an internet marketing novice and have an ongoing case study on his/her progress. I even have a domain name idea (coined after Oprah’s concept “Paying it forward”). The domain name could be

  9. What a cool idea, Wes! That even sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps I can discuss that with Kim when I meet her in Vegas this February.

  10. - best internet marketing training program online says

    Hey what is this? Nice thing to read here. Very interesting - hmm women love this kind of things. It was tickling as I read along.

    The internet is sure good place that provides a great opportunity for many people to live very well.

    Lynn, you almost make me skipped a little when my name came up here, "She does have a long-distance boyfriend in Denver, CO - Patrick..." 🙂 🙂

  11. Yes, but you're not in Denver 😉 lol

    It is great to read success stories from various parts of the world. I always love these types of interviews. I'm looking forward to meeting Kim in person and having the opportunity to sit down and talk to her live.

  12. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Kim reads her comments... or if maybe she's just ignoring me intentionally 😉

  13. Hi Lynn,
    You'll be headed to aff summit west this coming feb?

    Great, I look forward to meeting up.
    There's generally a profusion of affiliate networks and merchants and the affiliates tend to get outnumbered....


    Kim is also on facebook, and you might have better luck getting her there, or buzzing her there and alerting her to your post here...

    I do like a good meme myself!

  14. Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew - I havent made an appearance on Facebook like I should, but I may just have to do that.

    Looking forward to the Summit in February!

  15. Hey Hey Lynn!

    Sorry I didn't comment sooner (been a bit stressed), but I LOVED your post about me/us!

    We so have to hook up in Vegas next month and talk as we have so much in common!

    I'll work on the cross-blog conversation soon!

  16. Awesome, Kim - I look forward to the CBC and especially to meeting up in a few weeks at the Summit 😉 Nice to meet you!

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