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I received an email from Jeff Behrendt regarding a new article they had published titled Become The Next Domain Name Multi-Millionaire. I want to share that link with you as well, because its an excellent compilation of advice from the top domaining players in the industry...

If you're not familiar with Domaining, it is defined by Wikipedia as:

Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names. Such domain name portfolios often include cleverly chosen and highly marketable generic domain names, or domains whose registrations had lapsed yet still retain reasonable traffic. There is sometimes no actual intent to use any of the domain names with the exception of generating advertising revenue through domain parking.

Domainers are individuals whose profession is the accumulation and dealing of generic internet domain names. Although controversially compared to cybersquatters and ticket scalpers, Domainers claim to differentiate and legitimize themselves by avoiding trademarked names and potentially contentious domain names, and refraining from typosquatting. They consider their conduct in buying, selling, and developing domain names to be in the same spirit as real estate investing. Domainers generate revenue via domain parking, through the resale of domain names and by developing domain names into fully functioning websites. Domainers are also sometimes referred to as domain investors and commercial registrants. [source]

The article, Become The Next Domain Name Multi-Millionaire, offers both advice and resources for someone interested in domaining. They list blogs and forums to check out, along with specific strategies.

According to USA Today, there were 5,851 known domain name sales in 2005 that generated $29 million... and that is estimated as only 5-10% of the actual sales made by domainers.

If this is something that interests you, check out the article and follow the links to the resources offered. Even if you just want to sell off your personal portfolio of domain names, you're sure to learn the best way to go about it!


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  1. Hi Lynn,

    thanks for the timely & useful article on domain names, as I've a few domain names which I'm planning to sell in fact, i've the intention of buying & selling domain names as 1 of my sources of online income as well for 2008 !

    BTW, I also sent you a PM as well, hope you'll be able to reply to it as soon as you can, thanks a million ! 🙂


  2. Thanks John - I'll check in at the forum shortly and I'll keep an eye out for that message 😉

  3. Lynn,
    Is this a business model you have used? If so, does it work for you? For that matter, has anyone had success with this model?

  4. Hi Wes - There are estimated to be about 10,000 domainers in the world. I don't know how many of them make a full-time living from this, but it's large enough to support several industry conferences each year. I think that many webmasters are getting into domaining, at least on a part-time basis, because their insights into what works on the internet helps them make intelligent decisions about what a good domain is.

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