Free Product Review Checklist & Templates + Lynn’s Creative Product Promotion Ideas

free product review templatesThis morning I read this free guide on how to write a product review...

It's a quick read at only 11-pages, and includes templates to help you easily create reviews & product comparisons.

Keep reading too, because I also included some of my own tips (below) for writing exceptional product reviews... that attract readers and make sales. πŸ™‚

When it comes to making purchase decisions, the one place people turn to most for their research is the Internet.

They look for product reviews, comparisons and other information, so they can make the most informed decision possible.

This is a potential goldmine for online business owners, but how do you put together product reviews that inform your readers and inspire them to make the purchase as well?

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As a blogger or market leader in your field, it's your job to help your audience make smart buying decisions...

The guide (above) by Alice & Ron of Writer Help Wanted shows you what you need to do before you start writing, what critical elements need to be included in your reviews and how to gain an audience for your reviews. It also includes templates to make it easy to write your reviews, comparisons, case studies and other content.

First, download and read the guide. It's only 11 pages (including the templates) so it's a quick & easy read. After you go through it, come back and check out my notes below. They're my own tips, from my 11+ years of review-writing experience (and results!), that will go very well with what you learn in the guide...

These additional tips will come in handy as you set out to create high-converting product reviews. πŸ™‚

The section on writing with confidence and "knowing your product" (pages 2-3) is key. Your job is not to sell products. Your job is to help your readers make the best buying decision - for them. Again: your job is not to sell products.

It's the merchant's job to convert visitors into buyers on the sales page. You simply "presell" the right products to the right people, for the right reasons.

How To Review Products You Don't Own...

In most cases you will or should be reviewing products & services you're using, testing, or have already used for awhile yourself. But there may be cases where you won't have personal experience with the product you want to review.

That's okay! You can still serve your market by doing all the groundwork for them. Research the product as if you were going to make a purchase yourself.

Compare products, share comparison information, read reviews from a variety of sources, look at the most negative reviews and lowest ratings for potential drawbacks to point out, etc. By compiling all of the information for them in a single place (your blog post), you're doing a great service for your market.

* While you can request a "review copy", or access to the product or service for review purposes, there are no guarantees you'll even get a response. But if they do send you the product or give you access, you will need to include disclosure that you received it free in exchange for your review.

TIP: Be Conversational With Your Reviews

Writing product reviews is all about being of service your market and helping them make smart purchases online. But you can also make it interesting, personable, conversational, fun, or even entertaining. In fact, you should! There are enough boring reviews & "product descriptions" out there across the web already...

Consider creative angles you can use that will make your review more appealing, and encourage people to click through and read or watch them. Inject your personality! Use a little humor where you can, even. Dry is boring. Don't try to get your review perfect. Instead, shoot for: worth reading.

A good "hook" will make your reviews much more FUN. πŸ™‚

Tip: Include A REASON To Buy.

Adding a "because" is always great for helping a reader see a good reason to order the product or service. WHY should they get it? What will they gain/lose/improve when they take action? What results can they expect?

Keep the word "because" handy while you're writing product reviews.

Tip: Stop Marketing, Start Talking

Don't make the mistake of only discussing products or brands when you're actually promoting one. Keep discussions with your audience consistent. Mention services you use, add-on products you use, your favorite brands, etc.

Get your audience used to "product discussions", and seeing you mention resources or preferences in your conversations. That makes it more of a seamless transition when you DO promote a product or share one of your product reviews.

Be conversational with your readers about products you're considering, what's on your wishlist (and why), etc. Ask your readers for recommendations too, or for their thoughts & experiences when you're making a buying decision.

Product talk is good! Including your readers... even better. πŸ™‚

Product Review Promotion Tips

On page 5 in the free product review guide, there are some good ideas for promoting your product reviews. Don't make the mistake of just writing reviews, sharing the link, then forgetting about it...

Test a variety of social media update types over the course of a week or two. You can link to your review post of course, which is all most people ever do. You can also create an image update with link to your post, and an image update with a link to product itself. You might use an image of the product, or a photo of you using the product.

Do a video review covering the main points, linking to your detailed review in the YouTube description. Upload that same video directly to Facebook, and include a "hook" and link / call-to-action in the video description.

Remember to include relevant hashtags with your social media updates!

As you continue blogging, make sure you link to product reviews in your archives in your newer blog posts - especially where it's relevant as a reference or resource. Keep those archived reviews fresh! Bring products back up and talk about them again. All you have to do is come up with a creative angle your readers will enjoy.

Create a Reviews or Resources page on your site and link to all the reviews in your archives, as well as other products or resources you recommend.

Want to get REALLY creative? Start a case study or topical series that involves the product. Host a challenge based on the product you're reviewing, or the solution it provides. Host a contest or drawing that gives your readers the chance to win a related prize, that goes great with the product you're promoting (example: host an exercise mat giveaway, to go with a Yoga DVD you're promoting).

The more you interact with your audience about products, and the more you involve them in "product talk", the more engagement and response you'll see with ALL of your product reviews going forward.

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I hope you enjoyed these tips on writing great product reviews, and getting more response and engagement on your product discussions. But more than that, I hope you implement these tips & ideas... and put them to work for you right away, so you can start seeing great conversions and increased profits! *cheers*

Read the guide, consider the tips & creative ideas I've shared with you here, then stay tuned... because in the next post I'll show you a variety of live examples of these tips so you can see them in action!


Alice Seba and Lynn Terryp.s. I'm in Canada this week, just outside of Vancouver, and this is a picture of Alice Seba and I hanging out yesterday.

Alice is the co-author and owner of the Product Review Download and also of Writers Help Wanted, which is an excellent resource.

She finds it humorous that I wrote a product review of her guide on product reviews. πŸ™‚ I think you'll agree, though... this post is a great live example of the tips I've shared with you here.

I'm not just saying, "hey, get this free download through my link". I read it myself first, I'm telling you why you should download it, adding value to the discussion with my own tips & ideas, and even personalizing it with a photo! See how easy that is?? πŸ™‚

Did you read this review? What enticed you to click through and read it? Did you take ANY action on this review (click, download, comment, share)? Why / why not?

You can leave a comment, or keep your answer to yourself... but consider your own response, and what YOU respond to online, when writing your own content. And especially your product reviews & recommendations!

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  1. Stay tuned for my review of this review of Alice's guide to product reviews. I'll be scoring Lynn's review against the guidelines in Alice's product review guide. Will this be the Product Review of the Year? We'll have to wait and see... πŸ™‚

    • LOL Jack! πŸ™‚ Now *that* I must see - and share, haha.

      I love your sense of humor!

      For anyone that missed it, Jack and I had a GREAT discussion on content marketing, traffic, social media (and SO much more). If you missed it, click here to listen in.

      My next post (with the live examples) should be great for creative ideas - and just seeing exactly how I do what I do. Which anyone can easily emulate! *cheers*

  2. This was very helpful and I'm going to dig in more to the book. One of my biggest questions was should I rewrite or update my affiliate product review pages from time to time? But I see the answer is linking back to these pages in your blog. I've just seen a tremendous drop in my sales (traffic is fine) so I was wondering if you ever go back and revise your review pages.

    • Hi Jason,

      I do go back and edit/update my reviews as necessary. Then I put them in front of my subscribers and social followers again and point out the changes or what's new with the product.

  3. Hi Lyn,

    This, I found awesome.

    I'm an old (65) newbie, especially when it comes to writing reviews since I have "0" under my belt to date.

    To answer the questions you ask at the end of your review:

    - Yes...
    - The title - I really like FREE (65 & retired on a tight budget living in Japan)...
    - As soon as I submit this I *will* DL the guide - sorry read your review prior to doing so... -
    - Why? - Now that's a good one - I joined an IM affiliate program not long ago and have
    been working on setting up my website.

    They offer what I believe is good training on how to get things going and one of my tasks on a lesson encourages & teaches how to write reviews, and emphasizes its importance. I like to do my own research and being as this was portrayed as *very important* I took to the internet and came across your review.

    Hey, believe it or not, I said all this in one breath πŸ™‚


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