Is The “Internet Marketing Lifestyle”… Realistic?

I just returned from an out-of-country beach trip with girl friends, and while I was away someone shared the video above on my Facebook profile. Interesting timing for Gary Vaynerchuk to share this particular message. Interesting indeed.

I have something I want to share with you on this point - which was a GREAT point, by the way - but first, here's where I was sitting when I watched that video myself...

I actually DO "make money enjoying my life" just the way it was mentioned in the video above. It sounds like a scam, or like something you would read in an Internet Marketing sales letter. I realize that. But I do want you know it IS possible.

I can say that, because... I'm living it.

I was literally sitting in a beachfront apartment (above) enjoying the ocean view when I got the notification about that new video.

I even make money while I'm sleeping, just like the video said.

Sometimes I even make MORE money while I'm on the beach, or asleep, than I do when I'm awake or "at work". Passive income is a GREAT thing!

(You can relax. I don't have anything to sell you, lol...)

This CAN be your reality (too). But as Gary said in that video, it does take real work. Not some sleezy push-button product, or magic solution. Internet Marketing is not like a Vegas slot machine. Internet Marketing means marketing on the internet.

It means providing real solutions to real people, or even selling real products to real people. The internet is simply an amazing tool for running a highly rewarding and successful business... from anywhere.

We can blame scammers, sales letters or big red headlines for the misconceptions about Internet Marketing. But the fact is, they only work because there's a problem with the mass mindset. Because people believe they can buy happiness - or success.

Are people "tricked"... or do they trick themselves?

Any TRUE entrepreneur is well aware of and deeply familiar with personal responsibility, common sense, taking smart risks, and turning even the worst investments into a return.

Those smarmy sales letters and spammers don't target true entrepreneurs. They prey on the type of people that would never survive the business world anyway.

Gary mentioned "practical passive income" - but what does that mean exactly?

It means you're running a real business that serves a real purpose for real people.

As far as the passive income aspect of your business, it will only be a percentage of your business profit. There's another percentage of your revenue that will most certainly be "active income", or a percentage of your time spent maintaining and growing your business... AS you continue enjoying your lifestyle and your success.

THAT is reality.

It's even MY reality.

Gary talked about goals and ambitions too, and how "$60,000/year in passive income online" is "more practical than millions". Saying you want to be a millionaire or "make millions online" is a pie-in-the-sky intangible goal.

It's not even a goal...

It's just a fantasy daydream.

Fact: NOTHING is "100% automated".

Even if it were, it would take quite a bit of energy and effort to set it up... and it would only last a certain amount of time. Usually a short amount of time.

I say this to you from more than 18 years experience working online.

18+ years of running a real - successful - business, and "living the lifestyle"...


I love being able to work (and play) from anywhere in the world!

The evening view from my "Canadian home office" above White Rock Beach this week... 🙂

Posted by Lynn Terry on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


A change of scenery does wonders for creative inspiration.

So does brainstorming with friends and peers...

Find time this week for both.

A change of scenery does wonders for creative inspiration. As does brainstorming with friends and peers...Find time...

Posted by Lynn Terry on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Use Your Talents."

I liked Gary's point about putting in the work to get the outcome, and specifically when he said "use your talents." This is what it's all about. It's not just about money and lifestyle, but about a business that is so rewarding it actually ties into WHO YOU ARE - and your ideal lifestyle. That's the real WIN!

When you love what you do, and your work and your life are so ingrained that you're basically "a walking tax deduction", and you make money just BEING YOU, that... is success. And THAT is when you start reaching your income goals.

Is The “Internet Marketing Lifestyle”… Realistic?

The answer is YES.

It's realistic for me, at least. Like I said in the beginning, I do realize I'm in the minority. I'm out there traveling the world, living my life, enjoying life, and running a rewarding business I love at the same time.

It's not because I'm "lucky" though. It's certainly not because I pushed a magic button. It's not the result of a "promise of internet riches" product I ordered online either.

I worked hard to build both a business and a lifestyle I wanted.

You have to set real goals. You have to take personal responsibility for your actions and decisions, for your business - and the success of your business. You have to make smart choices. You have to be realistic about what you want, and about what you're willing to sacrifice and DO to GET what you want.

YOU, and you alone, have to MAKE it happen.

Some things won't work out. Ditch them, and find things that do. Keep testing, keep working, keep building. Keep doing more of what does work, and less of what doesn't. The only way to "fail at it" is to stop. As long as you're DOING, you're moving toward success - or more success.

The Dream Lifestyle vs The Perfect Life

While I do have that "dream lifestyle" of making money in my sleep, or while I'm having margaritas on the beach, my life is not "perfect". Far from it, actually. In my next post I'll tell you WHY, and share more about... the flip side of it all.

Stay tuned! 🙂


p.s. It's not ALL "play" - even when it seems like it, or looks like it. I love my lifestyle, and I do play a lot, but you've probably heard me use the phrase "always working, always playing". Often, when I'm having the BEST time, I'm also "working" - or tying it into my work, and ultimately profiting from it...

Hanging out with Alice Seba is always a great time! We first met in person 11 years ago in Chicago and most recently got...

Posted by Lynn Terry on Thursday, August 27, 2015



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  1. Thanks for the report on your trip and the personal bennies from having an internet/home business -- as a writer, marketer, or whatever industry. We spent most of the summer visiting at least 14 states We had a ball visiting kids, relatives, and old friends. I was always within iPad, laptop, and/or cell phone reach of clients and prospects. It was nice to have money waiting for me when we arrived at home. You reminded me how those of us in this situation are blessed with a good life, great job, and flexibility that most will envy.

  2. What fun. Just watched another video from a few years back not too far off this message. Good timing. Thank you for sharing. Gary says it better as he cuts to the chase.

    In his earlier days Gary would talk about "building a business" via the Internet and how he was perpetually reaching out to people. Doesn't take much to realize his priority for connection and service.

    I bought a restaurant years back and for the first couple of years worked more hours than the average person does in five. Then swoosh... broke records, packed the house, grew the team and it appeared "easy" to outsiders. 🙂 Invest and reap the reward.

    I am unsure if there are too many sustainable businesses where it is as easy as add water, stir and microwave.

    Lynn, you remain an inspiration to others to show what is possible. Awesome. But then I don't know anyone with quite the skills and talents you have. 🙂

    Here is a quote I recently read that I like:

    "You have to set real goals. You have to take personal responsibility for your actions and decisions, for your business - and the success of your business. You have to make smart choices. You have to be realistic about what you want, and about what you're willing to sacrifice and DO to GET what you want. - YOU, and you alone, have to MAKE it happen." - Lynn Terry

    aka "I am responsible." - These just might be the three most powerful words for success.

    Appreciate the share and the continued inspiration.

  3. I was expecting Hal from the movie 2001 to appear. Yes all that hype about being an Internet millionaire is not true. You MUST do the hard work, mostly by yourself because it is your true self that shines through. It's not easy and it's feeling very alone sometimes; that's why I like BH and the FB groups to keep me situated.

    You CAN do any of it from anywhere, that's true! And from any device, it's become that incredible. Know what your goals are and keep plugging away.

  4. Great post Lynn, I can't wait to see what the next one has to say 🙂

    Years ago I got sold on 'those' Internet dreams - the ones telling us we can make millions. I think we've all been there. That's what initially led me to finding your great site Lynn.

    I now work 100% from home "on the Internet" - I could never have said that 3 years ago and I'm still not 100% where I want to be but I'm heading there and I've always believed it's possible. It takes a HELL OF A LOT of HARD work, action, and consistency.

    I get tons of things wrong and often feel like I should have 'cracked the jackpot' by now. But I'll just keep plugging away and know that over time it keeps accumulating to something much bigger, just like any 'real' business.

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