New: PayPal.ME – The Pros and Cons, And What You Should Know Before You Use It! Review : Pros & ConsPayPal.ME is brand spanking new, and I just found out about it this week from Paul Myers of Talk Biz News.

I decided to check it out, and have to come to a few interesting conclusions through my tests. Some good, some bad.

Well, not necessarily "bad" - just that there are definitely better options.

To the left is what PayPal.ME looks like if you click on someone's link.

Here's my link if you want to see it live:

It's very personalized, and even includes your headshot or preferred photo/logo.

It automatically uses the name associated with your PayPal account (mine is "ClickNewz"), which you can NOT edit.

You do get to choose the photo shown on your page though, and you also get to create your own bio or description that will be displayed on your payment page.


Click here to set a PayPal.ME page. Whether you plan to use it or not, you should claim your name. The last thing you want is for someone else to claim your name or business name, and use a photo of you, to impersonate you to collect money.

There are some cool things about this new PayPal feature, but there are also some serious drawbacks. Let's look at both...

The one thing I like MOST about PayPal.ME is the fact that it's very simple, highly personalized and personable, and has a very social/mobile feel to it - which makes it a nice seamless transition from a mobile site or social media update.

At first glance, it seems like it would be ideal for something with a variable price like a Donation, Tip Jar or a Name Your Own Price promotion.

You can even add an amount to it by appending that to the end of your link, like this: ($5) or ($99).

Cool, right? πŸ™‚

So what do I NOT like about it? Keep reading...


3 BIG Drawbacks To Using PayPal.ME For Payments

After testing it out for a few days, I've come to some conclusions - and three very good reasons NOT to use, when there are much better options available.

  • You can't create separate pages for different uses, with personalized photos & descriptions. You just get ONE page per PayPal account, so it has to be generic enough for any way you might use this option for payments.
  • You can't personalize the checkout process in any way. That means you can't redirect people to a custom thank you page - which would be a great place to invite them to sign up for your list and/or offer them a surprise gift. Or just say THANK YOU! even. Basically they give you money, and the experience is... over.
  • You can't add a Tracking ID to payments. With a traditional PayPal payment link or button you can track the source or reason for the payment - which is great for your books. With PayPal.ME there is no way to know why they sent money, or what they sent money for. If you're using the link in multiple places, you simply have to guess where it came from (and why).

To see how it works and what it lacks, feel free to test it: You can try it for a few cents even, just to see how it "feels".

GRAB YOUR NAME FAST! Like I said, another potential drawback is that someone else could claim your name or business name, use a photo of you, and use this to impersonate you for the purpose of collecting money from people.

You can click here to set yours up:


There Are Better Options... To Achieve Better Results

As I was looking this over and testing it out, I really liked the simplicity of it - and the social/mobile feel of the PayPal.ME page. That part DOES appeal to me, so I started looking at ways to work around the drawbacks above, and incorporate the positives.

The obvious combination to achieve that same nice social/mobile look & feel is to use LeadPages with PayPal, using a regular PayPal Buy Button or Donation Button. This gives you the ability to set up customized landing pages, versus a single generic "pay me" page, and it also lets you personalize the experience with a custom Thank You page. PLUS you can add a unique Item ID to track the source of payments received.

Bingo! πŸ™‚

Here's a test page I created to give you a live example:

Using LeadPages for a Tip Jar

Click here to view it on LeadPages:

Click here to see the PayPal.ME page:

Using the two links above, you can compare the pages for yourself.

I would love for you to look at both, and let me know which one YOU like best! If you do happen to actually test each page, even with $1, I would love to hear what you think about the actual experience.

Using LeadPages, you can also add a Tip Jar (or ANY landing page) to Facebook with one click. Here's a live example of the page above on MY Facebook Page:

Example: See It On Facebook

You can't do that with PayPal.ME πŸ™‚

I love testing new features. I know it can be tempting to just "jump on board" with any new rollout, but it pays to really test things out, and use the products / services / features that make the most sense to achieve your objective.

Hopefully this overview will give you some ideas, and help you make a more informed decision about PayPal.ME - and similar options. *cheers*


p.s. All of these awesome LeadPages features ONLY WORK when you sign up through my referral link. I'm kidding. πŸ™‚ LOL LeadPages rocks, though - it's so versatile!!

I've used LeadPages for sales pages, an affiliate sign-up page, for social list building, and even a Giveaway page. You can read more about LeadPages here...

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the review of PayPal.ME. This is the first I have heard of it. I agree, I would not like the non-flexibility of it to use it for different pages, etc.

    I am going to take your advice and claim my name, so no one else takes it.

    Thank you, as always.

  2. Hi Lynn! Thanks for providing an update on I did grab my name when I got an email a few days ago directly from PayPal. I'm surprised that others didn't get an email from PayPal, and that many people don't know about it.
    Here is mine:
    When I saw your subject, above, I thought, Oh, I'll just go and cancel mine --- so I'm glad you pointed out that it IS important to own it, since someone else could (maybe) impersonate an individual.
    My account is not a business account, and I did have a choice of uploading a photo, but did not have the choice to "create your own bio or description that will be displayed on your payment page" ....
    I really appreciate the points you have outlined, and can see from your research and experience, that really there are better ways to do this, especially the point regarding you cannot track why the money was deposited, or where it came from!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I surprisingly had not heard about at all.

    I can relate to the concerns you expressed. However, I can see using it when you have spoken to someone and you know what they are paying for. That happens occasionally in my line of business (web design and seo).

    I would have to add them in my billing system and create an invoice then manually post it but I can definitely see how it would be easier for the client to pay, especially from their mobile device.

    And who wouldn't love sending a link that says πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the heads up.

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Development LLC

  4. Thanks for sharing your findings Lynn, I think it will be great for flash sales on sites like Periscope and Instagram, but the flaw in the diamond is the inability to track what the payment is for. Let's hope that more is done by PayPal to make this a tool we can all use πŸ™‚

  5. And you can't instantly split payments between you and someone else. But I guess that's being picky since they weren't thinking of that usage when they created it, surely.

  6. ... and on a totally unrelated note, LOOK at your pic at the top left of this page and then your PayPal image! You look younger! AND definitely thinner!
    Enjoy your holiday weekend! Hope you and Ricky have something fun planned!

  7. Another drawback is that people can change the amount after they click the link. ($99) can be changed to any amount. Of course, they could change the link, too, if they knew how to read source code.

    Not a hard drawback, perhaps. A person can always create a PayPal link that takes them directly to the regular PayPal interface. seems to be a nicely-designed relay. After clicking on the link, they have to click the button at, and then still log into PayPal and complete the purchase process.

    OK, I'm picky πŸ™‚


    • Will,
      Creating a PayPal link that takes them directly to the regular PayPal interface, sounds like a simple but effective solution. Have not yet checked out Lynn's 2 choices, but can the standard paypal payment url be implemented on


  8. Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard from PP about this new feature either. I did get my name secured. Appreciate the tip! Not sure if I will use it right away, but expect PP will make future adjustments based on feedback. Hope they read your review. πŸ˜‰

  9. Another issue with - it is not yet available in all countries!

  10. Brendan McNally says

    It is very cool and grabbed ours last week. We used to use PayPal as an alternative to EFTPOS Landline & mobile the biggest problem is the funds took 3- 7 days to arrive in our bank account (in Australia). In the last year the Banks here put out mobile Apps that's see our bank account credited instantly and no fixed fees. When your paying 2-3% on an average sale of $1,100 that's a big difference to our cashflow.

  11. Thanks Lynn. I had signed and got my name. I didn't see an option to edit the bio section- maybe that came out after I enrolled.

    I agree with the down sides, but I have had an opportunity to use it (Yay!) A person contacted me thru FB and needed some quick help, instead of invoicing or sending him to a page I have set up, I just sent him to my link and was paid immediately and it was super easy for him.

  12. Lynn, do you get the email address of someone paying? Seems like you could send them a quick survey with a goodie at the end, to deal with both of these issues. But thanks for pointing out these issues. I snagged my name last week but haven't used it yet.

    "You can't personalize the checkout process in any way. That means you can't redirect people to a custom thank you page - which would be a great place to invite them to sign up for your list and/or offer them a surprise gift. Or just say THANK YOU! even. Basically they give you money, and the experience is... over."

    You can't add a Tracking ID to payments. With a traditional PayPal payment link or button you can track the source or reason for the payment - which is great for your books. With PayPal.ME there is no way to know why they sent money, or what they sent money for. If you're using the link in multiple places, you simply have to guess where it came from (and why)."

    • I would say this was a perfect example of how to use it Kathy!

    • The thing is, you'd have to personally reply to every single person that pays you - where with a traditional payment link/button, you can redirect them to a download page. So it saves you tons of time (or money, if you outsource your customer service)...

  13. Its too bad that it is not available in Egypt.

  14. Bonnie Sandy says

    I do not think that Paypal Me was designed to act as a landing page utility as much as a #socialcommerce tool. While not perfect it will work well with the one off, custom market where verification email are s (or should be) standard. Also remember this is the first iteration meaning they are testing interest and use and will build based of feedback.

    Remember we have always been able to set up landing pages on your site with a Paypal button... What PaypalMe is addressing is a HUGE threat to it's business. Paypal is set to lose a HUGE chunk of it's revenue with the coming "Buy"features that will soon become prominent on Pinterest and Twitter, Fb or if heaven forbids Etsy decides to get their own payment system. I saw the button as a simple url to add to images and in video... and BTW it does resolve when posted on Fb... this far.

    Since I work with technology adopting for local makers and designers I do agree that a unique item Url is a problem and recommended a unique price per item.

    Allowing for size and color is a challenges . I recommended a /paypalme protocal (inspired by /purpose) in my post
    I am hoping they add that features would allow unique identifiers as they evolve...
    Remember with each new tool protocols evolve

  15. You actually CAN edit your name. I just did, for example.

  16. I enjoyed reading your article. I have had my custom Paypal link for quite a while now but never use it. Maybe your readers would like to know why.....

    In my line of business (internet marketing, web design and seo), we send payment links via Paypal Buttons all the time. This enables our clients to pay with credit/debit cards without having to have a Paypal account.

    We have to create a button in the Paypal billing system and then create an invoice manually and attach it in an email. We would love to be able to simply the process and send them a link such as but when the link is received, the recipient is asked to signup for Paypal. That simply will not work!! Our clients don't have the time or the desire to go through the steps to setup a Paypal account!

    For now, we will stick to the Paypal Button method of payment that allows our customers to pay via credit/debit card in one easy step.

    Thanks again!

    Lance O'Bleness
    The Woodlands Marketing Agency, LLC / Google Magic
    The Woodlands, Texas

  17. The wording in PayPal's description of it's "me" option seems geared toward personal gifts, tips or "paying someone back", which doesn't sound like it was created to be used for business income, but rather a glorified "send money to friends and family" option. It does eliminate the fee incurred by the receiver when using PayPal's "send money for goods or services" or "buy now" buttons, as well as providing a workaround to the "donate" button, which is based on having non-profit status to legitimately collect funds. But for the self-employed using the "me" option, they should be aware the PayPal has to file a 1099-K to the government if any type of PayPal account collected funds within a calendar year of $20,000 or higher, or received funds from 200 or more transactions within that year. If you think about the combined annual income across the country under those figures, that is a lot of money going untaxed, which threatens the future of Medicare and Social Security/Disability. There is simply not enough people contributing to them. The price of success includes giving back to society by being taxed to keep those services running, even if you are collecting funds strictly for the reasons stated under the description. For those who will receive a 1099-K from PayPal, there's a very interesting article here:

  18. My main concern & why I shut my down is that it requested my bank login & password in order to "verify" my bank account. Paypal assures they do not save the info. However, in further research, how do you know they really don't save it? And who in this day in age asks for your personal bank log in? I sent an inquiry to Paypal & received nothing back. They use this verification system in US but not other countries.

  19. cory weathered says

    How Can I Grow A Online Business Using paypal me besides the main selling website paypal is used with

  20. How can i cancel paypalme

  21. Rose Gatio says

    I have his app. How do you cancel an invoice you send out? I know if you receive one you can.

  22. I like the fact that it is simple. What I worry about is the fact that many of the Other Sites I use to earn some money via PayPal buy links...have had their accounts suspended or even Frozen. These sites were owned and administered by honest people I have known for many many years. They also always paid me the money I earned!
    I have not purchased anything or sold any of my crafts using PayPal...afraid that what little amount of money I account will be suspended or frozen as soon as I log into it.
    I am interested in the platform. Last time I checked my PayPal account. I might be willing to do TestSpends of $1.00 to 6 individuals, but am still not sure about

    • The report of accounts suspended or frozen is at least curious, given that every time would have an explanation, and the assuming they are "honest people", why wouldn't they have told you why their accounts were suspended/frozen? My experience with has spanned over ten years and it has been as good as a bank for transactions both inside EBay and externally.

  23. Thank you, Lynn, for the research and reassurance. I was unfamiliar and leery of using with a person from Mexico, who I do otherwise trust. I wasn't so worried about the funds ($75), but that the site was safe from Malware. But now I see it's an extension of My transaction as a buyer went flawlessly, let me log in to to use that funding and gave me the reassurance that "Eligible purchases are covered ..." so it felt just like a or EBay transaction.

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