Easiest Way To Move Your Site To A New Host

Deciding to move your site to a new web host is much easier than actually doing it. The process can seem daunting, particularly if you have databases and scripts and such to deal with. Unless you're a tech geek, it can easily feel like an overwhelming task.

In fact, that's one of the reasons that several of my sites are still hosted on a particular server. It's been on my list for months now to move them over to a new host that is more economical and offers better features, but I have procrastinated on actually making the move due to the size of the job...

The web host that I'd like to move those sites to is HostGator. I have several sites hosted there already, and they have exceptional support and tons of features. The pricing is ideal too at less than $10/month for unlimited domains/sites per account. You can even get the first month free with this HostGator Coupon Code.

As I was contemplating the mind boggling task of moving each of my sites - and all of their 'accessories' - over to HostGator again today, I went over to their site to check on one of their features... and noticed this:

Yes, you read that right: free website transfer! HostGator will transfer your files, your databases, your scripts - you name it! - at no additional charge.

Geez, why didnt I catch that before? πŸ™„

Now that is the easiest way to switch web hosts! Looking for a new host yourself? Go with HostGator and let them do all the work πŸ˜‰


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  1. Jeff Jones says


    I think it's that old rag about having somebody tell you about how bad green cars can be and then having you notice all the green cars-HA!

    Selective attention the mucky-mucks would call it.


  2. Jeff Jones says

    Speaking of sites...I'm sure you know your SSWT stuff is down because of bandwidth problems?

  3. Yup Yup 😐 Working on that now...

  4. Robert Nelson says

    Had you checked the box for being notifed if it approached 80% of your bandwidth?

  5. Sure did.

    And I brought this up with them of course, but her response was "we did send you warning emails". Oddly I never got those, but I did get the final notification.

    Something screwy is going on with their mailservers anyway. As you recall I had major email issues from December 9th forward...

  6. Robert Nelson says

    Time to move to HostGator. See ya there, though if everything goes off the way it should I'll never know ideally .

  7. The Story Ideas Virtuoso says

    I've never had the nightmare you've just gone through, but site transfers being free from hostgator has me just about ready to make the transition. Thanks, Lynn!


    P.S. - Make sure you read today's post on my blog about the trojan nightmare I narrowly avoided today.

  8. Chris Jacobson says

    I switched to HostGator in December and they transferred all 14 of my sites from another host in about 24 hours (databases, cPanel stats, e-mail accounts and everything!) I was extremely impressed.

  9. ThirdSphere doesn't use cPanel if I remember correctly. I wonder if the HG transfer deal is for use with other cPanel hosts only. Then it's relatively simple if you're moving from one cPanel host to another.

    Rick Wilson 8)

  10. Hmm not sure, Rick - but I'll be finding out so I'll let you know πŸ˜‰

  11. Lynn,

    The only reason I brought that up is that I know a few people that were moving to other hosts with the same type of "free site transfer" deal only to find out that your present hosting needed to be cPanel based. That makes it simple for them to transfer your sites.

    Never tried that myself though people say it's relatively ez to do.

    Have Fun!


  12. Best affiliate marketing program - makingyouricher says

    Having read and responded to your post, "Kiss My Bandwidth!" I can guess you are referring to ThirdSphere ?

    Well maybe not. Anyway, I think Hostgator is one of the best companies, in terms of support, on the entire internet. And I hope they remain so.

    It is unbelievable how they make a daunting task so easy for their customers to accomplish without lifting a finger.

    Here is a lesson for every one to learn how to treat your customers - think about their problems and help them solve it.

  13. Exactly πŸ˜‰

    And for those considering making that switch, dont forget I have a coupon code here so you can get your first month free with HostGator:

  14. I just recently upgraded to a dedicated server and it was a nightmare. I did not realize that the dedicated server would not have the same support as a regular hosting account at Godaddy. Free site transfer sounds pretty good.

  15. morning sickness remedies says

    I don't believe that you should switch web hosting companies just because some offer to transfer your websites for free. There are many things that you should take into consideration such as the monthly traffic limit, storage space, up-time, etc. This isn't to say that HostGator don't have a great offer. I actually believe they do. I was just making a point that all aspects of a web hosting should be taken into consideration before actually making a decision.

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