Kiss My Bandwidth!

There's nothing like logging on to one of your own sites to see this message:

That's exactly what several of my sites are displaying today, and I'm NOT happy about it. I happened to be on one of my sites, so I know precisely when it happened - around 4:30pm EST - with the email notification following a few minutes later (at 4:34)...

I cant even log in to my control panel, mind you - but I know for a fact that I checked the little checkbox that said "please notify me if I begin to near my limits" - you know, so I could actually do something about it. Letting my websites go offline not being one of the things I would choose to do in that case, of course.

These sites are hosted with ThirdSphere. I thought to myself, Geez what could be the problem? I just paid my invoice plus a double bandwidth package on the 21st! I've been paying for the double bandwidth usage for well over a year, and now all of a sudden I use all of that within 7 days??

For the record, I am paying the ridiculous price of $49.90 for this particular hosting package (which hosts several of my sites), which includes the additional bandwidth usage cost.

I've had my account with ThirdSphere since June of 2004, and while I've had very few problems with the actual hosting - their support and customer service STINKS. Fortunately I havent had to use it that often.

The least they could have done was send me a notice in advance. But no - they take my sites offline first, and then notify me. And the real kicker? The notification email offered no resolution. Here are the contents of that message:

The domain has reached its bandwidth limit.

Please contact the system admin as soon as possible.

!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!

They have no telephone support whatsoever, so I submitted a ticket... almost 3 hours ago. I finally got a response just moments ago (while I was typing this actually) that tells me I need to purchase an additional bandwidth package. Fine - but they didnt include a link or instructions on how or where I should do that!


ThirdSphere can kiss my bandwidth - and my monthly billing - goodbye!


First things first. I have to pay whatever they want me to pay in order to access my control panel and get all of my files backed up. From there, I'm moving those sites to HostGator, the easy way. Its bad enough I'm overpaying for their service, but I really didnt need this hassle today.

Here's hoping they get my sites back up promptly - and certainly before tomorrow's Webinar! I'll keep you posted...

ADDED: This is finally resolved with ThirdSphere. And good grief - all it took was $25 to get my sites back online 🙄 . I dont know why they didnt just send an invoice or request the money several hours ago - but whatever. I'm relieved the sites are back online at the moment...

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  1. Robert Nelson says

    Was surprised that you where still with ThirdSphere. Hope this convinces you to leave. Keep us posted.

  2. But of course. Is the universe throwing me curve balls this month to force me to take action or what? lol

    At any rate, I'm still shocked that it took them 3+ hours to bill me 25 bucks... meanwhile costing me MUCH more than that every minute they had my sites offline during prime time on a Monday evening. Ridiculous!

  3. michael brown says


    I'll probably be leaving thirdsphere myself soon. I never realized that honestly their hosting package is a rip off.

    However that said, for now I am stuck as my free time is busy on a couple of large projects. When those are finished I am looking into places that have unlimited bandwidth and are much cheaper.

    I jumped into third sphere because it seemed like a great place to do "Everything" but anymore I don't use many of their services. The ones I wanted to use were to much of a pain in the butt and I outsource those else where..

    Not to mention that their email list & auto responder software is crap compared to aweber's.

  4. Ouch! That used to be an all two familiar experience having been through dozens of Hosts myself and on behalf of clients. Hostgator and Kiosk are my two favs, both on their superior level of service and of course the $$$ opportunity. 🙂 But for me KK pips HG on their service.

  5. Nell Taliercio says

    I'm love myself. I almost always hear back within minutes...even on the weekends. They are awesome!

  6. I use Hostgator, havent had problems.

  7. Geez Lynn ...

    Sorry to hear that.

    That "bites"! But you'll be so much better off getting away from TS. I didn't realize that you were still with them. I used them years ago and their customer service "stunk" back then. Lasted about 6 months with them.

    They've never had phone for customer service. I believe they're located "south of the border - maybe Mexico. Would be an Int'l toll call.

    Just make sure you get your files backed up and get your sides moved. So much fun. heh heh

    Good Luck!

    Rick Wilson 8)

  8. Dang Lynn, you have had a crappy few days! The $6 that ended costing you $500+ and now those geniuses taking your site down during prime time drive over $25. Glad to hear all is well for now and that you're packing up and leaving third sphere in the dust. 🙂

  9. Yes, frustrating no doubt - but it is forcing me to take action on things I've put on the back burner, which is probably a good thing. You know how it goes - as long as everything is running smoothly and you're not having technical issues... the seemingly huge job of switching hosts is easy to put off lol.

    I'm doing backups in the backgroun as we speak, and hope to get things organized to begin the move later today.

  10. Lynn,
    Sorry to hear about the hosting problem but at least you have found a great alternative host in HostGator. When you said, "ThirdSphere can kiss my bandwidth - and my monthly billing - goodbye! ", I Hope you Mooned Them too!
    They deserved it!

  11. LOL Tawnie 😆

  12. I have sites on 3 different hosts (so that if there is a problem with one, not all mi sites are effected), but none of them with HostGator.

    I have no real issues with any of my current hosts, but they are all more expensive and provide less than HostGator. With a free site swap, I am seriously considering a change.

    I am sure you will let us know how the site swap goes.

  13. Best affiliate marketing program - makingyouricher says

    Could this really have come from real human beings or something else: "!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!" ?

    Well I am confused why that kind of shoddy support and "I-don't-care-how-you-feel" attitude.

    Now, Lynn is an experience marketer, can you imagine if a newbie is treated this way?

    Can one imagine the number of unfortunate newbies that this host may had frustrated out of the internet business!!!

    It is scary.

    I am speaking out of experience you know...

    My first and only host was and still, HOSTGATOR. Those guys rocks!!!

    They took time to show me and explained every small question I asked and I'd remain with them ever since.

  14. I have the best host at Accomplish Hosting. He monitors bandwidth usage daily and will just upgrade me free usually if I am about to go over. LOVE that guy. 🙂

  15. It was obviously an automated response, Patrick. Unfortunately they didnt put any automated instructions in there with it lol. Pretty frustrating yes - particularly that it took them 3+ hours to respond and take action.

  16. Alan Petersen says


    I think it's so cool how you zero in on the positives. I'm sure your frustrated and pissed off at ThirdSphere, but you're looking forward and looking positive in all this. That's why your one of my faves in this business. 🙂

  17. Thank you Alan 😉

  18. Hi Lynn,
    My wife got me on to your site, she has corresponded with you in the past, Biljana Drake is her name. She pointed this post of yours out to me, as we have been going through hell with a forum she runs on iPower. I just did a massively long post with all the details from it on my blog that i occasionally rant on. My name here should link to it. How you enjoy and learn who not to go with for hosting "service".

  19. I'll check that out, Aaron. Nice to meet you!

  20. Case Stevens says

    It's weird to see some of these so called 'service providers' act to 'satisfy' life time customers.

    If they had sent a warning email, you wouldn't have left. Cost: one time setup warning system.

    Now their loss is much bigger and this will spread too.

  21. This problem usually happens, if you go over the amount of bandwidth allocated in your plan, your hosting company could charge you over usage fees, so if you think the traffic to your site will be significant, you should some calculations to estimate the amount of bandwidth required in a hosting plan.

  22. Hi Lynn, I want to build a website with about 10 pages. I look at GoDaddy's economy plan that has 10GB disk space and 300GB bandwidth. Is that going to be enough? Thanks.

    • Hi Snid!

      Obviously I'm not Lynn but in my opinion GoDaddy hosting is NOT very flexible and user friendly. I tried them just for the heck of it awhile back and it was a real pain. They're fine for domain registrations but I don't know of anyone that has used GoDaddy hosting for very long. Tech support wasn't all that good either.

      I know Lynn uses HostGator for many of her sites and they are what I'd recommend also. You should at least check them out. On the right column of her blog here, look for Lynn's HostGator banner. It has a coupon code for the first month free (or maybe it's a penny now). Midway up on THIS page.

      There's alot of people here in Lynn's community that use HG also and would be able to assist you with HG. And HostGator's customer service is very helpful.

      For what it's worth, anayway ...

      Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

  23. Joelle Prochera says

    Hi guys, I know this was awhile ago but I found this string while I was searching for alternatives to thirdsphere because they sent out a message that they are closing down and I need to find a new home for my site. I am pretty much sold on hostgator for hosting but Thirdsphere gave me an easy wysiwyg editor to publish all my content and I could upload my own audio etc.

    Does anyone know of what I can use to be able to do my own html editing as well as use a wysiwyg interface, upload audio etc?

    I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thank you,


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