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Getting Paid For ContentYou've likely heard of Alice Seba's Content Cash Flow program by now. If not, I'll give you the details. But what I really want to share with you in this post is the HOW TO - or some real examples of how you can make easy money with content. πŸ™‚

My coupon code and bonus (10 Ready-to-Sell PLR Products) are still valid. You have to use my link to get the bonus, and use coupon code ccf25off for a substantial discount on the step-by-step training & checklists.

Now let's dig in to some creative ideas and live examples...

The whole premise behind the Content Cash Flow program is how to turn Private Label Rights (PLR) content into fast cash. There are three sides to this: 1) cashing in on all the resale rights content you probably already have on your hard drive, 2) selling your own content with private label rights, and 3) paying writers once to create content you can sell - over and over.

You can find writers "on the cheap" all over the web! Fiverr is just one source. But you likely already have tons of content you can use for "quick cash" - this week!

Earlier this week I bought the 6 Instant Profit Stream Products super cheap. It's on a limited time dime sale, and includes six already-created products you can sell - complete with sales pages.

You can also piece these products up however you please. As a list builder for example. Just use one part to entice visitors to opt-in, use other pieces to create a HOT email followup series, use one of the related products as an OTO or upsell, etc etc yada yada. They also make GREAT bonuses to your own products, or products you promote as an affiliate.


Make Easy Money With Your Own Content

I got really inspired by Alice Seba's Video & Talk on how to "generate a burst of extra cash when you need it or even create a reliable steady full time income" using content you've already created. That's where the wheels really started turning!

I immediately thought of all the articles I published on years ago, and the tons of unfinished pieces of content/reports/etc on my hard drive. I also have some great content I wrote as webinar talking points over the years, talking points for podcast & radio interviews, and of course TONS of archived blog content. I even have content from "old blogs" I don't use anymore!

But then I thought of a BRILLIANT $$ idea...

As I was looking through the variety of content I've written (and it's A LOT!) I realized I have tons of social media articles on my blog and other places around the web. That's just one single topic out of the mountains of content, but it stood out to me.

I could package those up as a topical "PLR Pack" of social media articles, and include the affiliate signup for my Social Marketing Results course for an easy way to monetize those articles. πŸ™‚ Or I could repurpose them into a checklist & short report to sell or build a list, and use some of the other content to create an awesome email followup series. I would simply repurpose the content and create a package (or two, or three) and offer Private Label Rights to it. That would be a GREAT product to sell!

So not only would I make money selling the Private Label Rights to the content, but it would also recruit affiliates for my Social Marketing Results course & make more product sales. πŸ™‚ Sweet, right? Yes!

That's just ONE example, but it's a great idea if you have a product of your own and if you're looking to recruit more affiliates and make more sales.


Here's another idea that occurred to me while I was listening in to CCF:

I have interests & experience that have nothing to do with the two blogs I write. If you follow me on Facebook you already know I foster/rescue/love Great Danes for example - and that I shop online A LOT (lol). That's just two examples, but those are two topics I have a lot to say about - obviously. πŸ˜›

In the past I have written guest posts / reviews for fashion blogs based on the cool shoes I've purchased online. That doesn't really benefit me in any way since it doesn't reach MY target market, but I mostly just do it for fun - or to help out a fellow blogger I like. I've been asked to write for "dog blogs" too, based on my experience and passion for rescues. Again, even a link on those blogs wouldn't really benefit me.

But now I have an outlet for those "passion topics". A profitable outlet! πŸ™‚ All those conversations on Facebook? I can pull them all together, flesh them out into "articles", and sell them as content with private label rights!

$ BINGO $ - Smart! Brilliant really. Consider all the topics YOU could write about, or that you talk about anyway. Maybe you have things you share on Facebook that aren't related to your blog or business, or participate in groups & forums and you're constantly answering questions or participating in discussions there. There are bloggers in those niches that would definitely pay you for your content & reviews!!


That just gave me another idea...

I was saving up all of my Amazon receipts with good intentions to go in and write reviews on everything I've purchased this year. I've placed 124 orders on Amazon this year alone. You can log in to your Amazon account and go back for YEARS and see all the products you've ordered.

It's nice to go back and leave reviews there. And do that! But then copy that review, flesh it out more, and put those reviews together for an "Amazon Product Reviews" content pack with private label rights! You could group your reviews by topic or category (home decor, electronics, pet supplies, etc) to sell to niche bloggers.


How/Where Would You Sell Your Content?

Even if you just package up content to sell with Private Label Rights as a standalone product - for a quick buck - you're probably wondering how and where you would sell it. Especially if you don't have a "marketing list" or an audience of people looking to buy content. No problem!

There are places like the Warrior Forum that you can sell PLR packs to people who want & need niche content. You can also set it up on a platform like JVZoo or ClickBank so that you have an affiliate program - then simply let people with PLR lists promote it for you as an affiliate! That would be the fast & easy route, since they already have the market and list for niche content sales.

See? It's not complicated at all. The options are truly endless. It's all about getting creative, and considering how to best cash in on your content...


Do you need the Content Cash Flow training program?

I'll share some things with you to help you make your decision - if you haven't already. It's $179, but with the "ccf25off" coupon code it's only $134.25 - which is a great deal.

You can check it out here.

Listening in to the training, and going over the PDF version and the checklists & downloads is how I came up with my profitable ideas above. That alone is worth $134 ALL DAY LONG. Consider how much money I could earn on the ONE idea, in immediate content sales and then in product sales. Right - great investment. πŸ™‚

The more I go over the training, the more ideas I get - which means the more money I could churn out of it!

It's not just "training" though...

In addition to all of the "how to", which is behind-the-scenes training from Alice Seba's YEARS of experience selling content, you also get:

  • 20 Ready-Made PLR Products to Sell
  • Alice will promote your content to her PLR Customer Lists!
  • Product Release/Launch Checklist
  • Shadow Alice Seba for An Entire Month and Get Full Access to Her Planning, Creating and Marketing Diary
  • Detailed training in both Video & PDF format
  • Email Promotion Templates
  • Promotion Calendar, Content Creation Templates
  • PLR Product Sales Page Template

... and tons more. Click Here to see everything that's included.

Remember to use the coupon code: ccf25off

You get 10 ready-to-sell products from Alice as a bonus, and 10 more on your JVZoo download page when you use my link!

The bonus that Alice will promote your unique PLR content package to HER customer list of niche content buyers is HUGE. Consider my example above. It's a unique PLR product I'll create myself, out of my own content, and she's agreed to review & promote it for me - as a Content Cash Flow member. Nice!

That's a BIG incentive for me to put that content together, lol...

She also has a list of affiliates, and said that if your offer converts well to her list, she'll recommend her affiliates sign up to promote for you as well. (Did you just hear "$$$$" in your head?! You should!!)

So YES, this is an amazingly awesome investment because you simply cannot get that kind of exposure anywhere else - or as easily. Seriously.

Here's the link: Content Cash Flow
Here's the coupon code: ccf25off

Mark your calendar for the Live Q&A on Tuesday. If you've already signed up for Content Cash Flow, I hope some of my ideas here proved useful for you.

I encourage you to not just learn from all the great training she's offering, but to USE it - implement it - and make some serious cash!!

I'm going to get to work on my social media PLR content product, and my Niche Amazon Reviews packages. Those were brilliant ideas, if I do say so myself (lol).

You can sit back and watch me make all the money, or you can follow my lead and use this awesome resource to cash in on your own content WITH me.

I'm not sharing these ideas with you just for fun. I want you to get out there and make some great money!! πŸ™‚ *cheers*


p.s. You have to sign up this weekend to get to shadow Alice Seba for a full month while she runs her own PLR business, and to get on the live call this Tuesday.

Use this link to get my bonus + use the ccf25off coupon code!

p.p.s. Did you know you can sell private label rights to your photos too? Yes! That just one more way you can easily make some quick cash. That makes "Easy Idea #4" you can use immediately. Just grab the tools & training and get started!


Disclosure: I use affiliate links. That's what I do. πŸ™‚
See this note on my personal Facebook profile...


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  1. okwudiri okpokiri says

    some of this system u mentioned cannot work in here Gambia,show me the system that will work here.

  2. Wow. That's a lot of stuff to digest. Good stuff. The bit on Amazon reviews gives me an idea on how to get more folks sign up for my list. Thanks Lynn.

  3. Interesting! I will try and see if this maybe works in my own country: Holland.

    • Hi Sandra,

      You can write and sell content, or run practically any type of online business, from anywhere in the world. Is there a reason you think it may NOT work in your country?

  4. Joseph Hansen says

    There's always money in content, as long as it is a good content and effective. When we say effective, it dwells on the idea of story telling and not just in selling. It should be equipped with fresh ideas that people will get interest with. I want to try what you have written all here and learn how effective it was for the business.

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