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One of my forum members is offering a free resume to US residents, and I thought I'd spread the word about it. If you are job hunting or know someone that is this may come in real handy for you.

The offer is from Steven Boaze and the team of writers at CopyWritePlus. Here is a note I received from Steven earlier today:

We are currently running a free monthly drawing for all U.S. citizens only, who have lost their jobs, or those who wish to advance their career. So many people are out of work, especially in our City...

If you are interested, you can enter here:

Feel free to pass that link on too, if you know someone that is looking for a new career 😉


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  1. Melissa Ingold says

    Wow that is awesome. What a great idea and a wonderful gift for someone just starting out or needing to start over.

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