BABB-22: Let Someone Guest Post On Your Blog

Today is Day 22 of the Be A Better Blogger series. We’re using the outline offered by Collis Ta’eed in an article titled 31 Days To Becoming A Better Blogger, and our topic for the day is:

Day 22. Ask someone to guest-post on your own blog. If you’re friendly with another blogger, invite them to write on your own blog. If your blog is more popular than theirs you’ll have a better chance of being accepted. A guest-poster can inject a bit of freshness into your blog and, most importantly, allow you to focus on tasks other than content creation for a day...

Today's task is opposite our task for Day 7, where we pitched a guest post to another blogger. Today we are seeking someone to write a guest post for our own blog.

If possible, invite one of your regular readers to write the blog post. This strengthens the community feel of your blog. But you might also consider a new blogger in your niche that you want to introduce your readers to. This is great for networking, and so you might even suggest that you cross-post on each other's blogs.

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  1. Jeff Jones says


    I'd love to guest-post for you! I just thought I'd say something because the comment section is quiet enough here to hear a pin drop.

    I think I just saw a tumbleweed...ehehehehehe


  2. LOL, Thank you Jeff 😀

    The quiet spell is my fault... but dont expect it to last. I am feeling much better, so I'll get things swinging again here in no time 😉

    I would certainly consider a guest post. We'll have to get together and discuss topic ideas. Looking forward to that!

  3. Jeff Jones says


    I look forward to it as well.


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