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This weekend I'm working on my 2017 product creation & sales strategy and getting everything outlined for a super successful year - with this Product Launch Checklist.

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A big part of selling your products online is recruiting and working with joint venture (JV) partners and affiliates to really increase your reach and skyrocket your sales.

It's no secret that it's the fastest, easiest way to get a product-selling business off the ground and create a big list of buyers.

Affiliates are the absolute best leverage in your business. It's the ideal form of "advertising" where you only pay for results, in the form of commissions paid only for actual product sales. They'll promote your products, recommend you, help you build a list of buyers and make A LOT more sales than you ever could on your own.

The big challenge is recruiting the right affiliates, getting them on board, and getting them to actively make sales for you.

But once you do... you have a money-making machine on auto pilot! 🙂


Recruit Affiliates and JV Partners for a Successful Product Launch

Creating and launching a product alone can feel like a daunting task, much less the process of recruiting and working with GOOD affiliates.

But without affiliates and joint venture partners... your launch is only going to go so far - or worse, fall flat completely.

If you've ever released a product with zero results, or seriously disappointing results - or perhaps with a quick flash of sales then NOTHING after - you missed this one important step. Bringing the right partners on board makes ALL the difference.

If you've experienced that, don't be discouraged. You can always release any of your products again (the right away) and get much better results this time!


Here's the Product Launch / Affiliate Recruiting Checklist I'm using myself:

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I'm a BIG fan of templates, and done-for-you checklists and outlines that give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow when you're working on an ambitious project. 😉

Here's what's included in the package I'm working with:

  • Affiliate Recruiting Strategy Guide
  • Detailed Affiliate Recruitment Checklist
  • JV & Affiliate Launch Directories Spreadsheet
  • JV Recruitment Email Templates, Follow-up Templates & Examples
  • Affiliate Sign-Up Page Template and Example
  • JV Tools Page Template and Example
  • Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet
  • KPI Stats Worksheet & Calculation Instructions

You can see all the details of each tool here.

Whether you're launching your product yourself, or want to hire someone to do it for you, these tools will make it step-by-step simple!


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If you plan to create products this year, or relaunch some of your products with MUCH better results (smart!), this package is invaluable in getting your strategy organized, and making your product launch super-successful.


p.s. If you're planning to use webinars in your product launch, you should also check out the Webinar Selling Checklist. It has everything you need to successfully sell your product via webinars - to your own audience, or as a joint venture with your affiliates. It's a great addition to your product launch plan!

The code LYNNSDEAL will get you an additional 40% off this package as well.

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  1. Like a race, well marketing is really a race. A race that you cannot afford to lose. And these 14 elements that discussed above are the keys to open the door of success.

    We must be transparent to our customers.
    "Run a sales test of the new product." Is a good strategy, like giving samples or free trials in the market. While with 9 and 10, you must really accommodate and make them feel special on the launching day.

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