2 Reasons You Aren’t Succeeding Online


"fact: your business will never reach maximum profit on a..."


It's easy enough to create a product or offer a service and be in business online and from home. There are even Done-for-You Products you can rebrand and sell as your own, so you don't even have to create one yourself.

It really couldn't get much easier...

(So what's the problem?)


The problem most people have is making sales (ie conversions).

Traffic is the easy part. There are people everywhere online, and they're spending money every single day. The key is to simply put the right offer in front of the right people - in the most compelling way.

Unfortunately, that's where most offers fall short: they aren't compelling enough. They don't hit the mark. They don't grab attention and CLOSE the lead or sale. That doesn't mean the product or offer itself isn't great, or that the buyer doesn't really need it wouldn't really enjoy it - it just means they weren't convinced of that.

Affiliates and Joint Venture partners could bring you a ton of leads & sales, but they have to be convinced the offer is great too - because they put their reputation on the line with every product they recommend. Partners also like to promote products they feel confident will convert. Otherwise, why waste their time, right?


It doesn't matter if your offer is amazingly awesome.

Truth be said, it doesn't even matter if it's not...

People make a decision to click, subscribe or buy in very short time - based on the copy alone. Period. They are convinced or they aren't, and it happens super fast. That's why copywriters make the big bucks. 😉

Here's another fact: your business will never reach maximum profit potential on a single product or service alone - or a single sale per buyer. You can chug along pretty good that way, but that model means more work for less money.

Which doesn't make a lot of sense, right?


Ready to scale your business UP, and maximize your sales & leads?

I haven't said anything yet that you don't already know, so I imagine you're nodding along in agreement so far. Except maybe the "traffic is easy" part, lol. I know some people might think that's crazy, but it's actually true.

I'm sharing all of this with you because I want to encourage you to get Script Engage 2.0 for your business, so you can actually see some REAL SUCCESS online this year. I got it myself, because it doesn't make any sense NOT to.

It's what you need to build out your top-converting sales funnel.


"All you have to do is go through and insert information about your product and market, then just click ‘OK’ – the software will generate a series of high-converting, unique types of copy and scripts just for you!"

Click Here To Watch How It Works...


Scroll down far enough to see the "Niches" and "Specific Sales Copy" sections on that page. The different types of high-converting sales copy it creates is nothing short of amazing! That really got MY attention, so check that part out for sure...

It is NOT a wordpress plugin or an app... Since it's a web-based software you'll be able to use it anywhere in the world, from any computer. Since I'm cross compatible (Mac and PC both) and very mobile, I love that feature!

The sales copy that Script Engage 2.0 creates is geared to convert and help your pages and videos become more engaging, without having to spend hours of time or money creating it OR outsourcing it. But it's not just "generic copy," it's highly customized and unique to YOUR niche and YOUR product and audience.


This software allows you to create unique, interactive, and customized high-converting sales copy for all your promotional needs... in minutes.

Imagine always having ready-to-use copy for:

  • Sales Pages & Lead Magnet Pages
  • Complete Top-Converting Email Sequences (templates included)
  • Upsell Pages
  • Order form, Thank You & Download Pages
  • Video Sales Letter (VSL) Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts (that close sales!)
  • Phone Scripts
  • Advertising Copy - turn FB ads, tweets and pay-per-click ads into conversion machines with professional copy customized to your products.
  • Giveaway Emails
  • Customer Welcome Product Purchase Email Series
  • OTO Video Scripts, Downsells & Sales Letters
  • Flash Sale Email Series


Software updates are automatically included, and there's NO LIMIT to the number of sales copy scripts you can create or the projects/niches you can use it for.

Watch the video on this page for a demo of the software. They are using the actual software there.


There are three options to get this software and start putting it to work for your business. You can pay monthly, yearly, or just order the software and never pay for anything else (even lifetime updates are included).

* There is also a coupon code today that works on all three options: "5offscript".

I didn't want recurring payments as those really add up over time, so I got the software for $42 ($5 off the $47 one-time price with the coupon code). If you want to just pay by the month, it's only $12 to get started TODAY (using the coupon).

You can't beat that. Especially considering just how HUGE an impact this could have on your business. It will pay for itself over and over and over - and you could literally make your money back on it TODAY by using it.

In fact, I challenge you to do that.

You know you want a highly profitable smooth-running internet business that allows you the freedom and flexibility - and the lifestyle - you really want. You see other people doing it. You know it's possible...

Today is the day to start making that happen for yourself. 😉


Get ScriptEngage 2.0 and Get Started Now

The software is super cheap (today). It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you could be earning online - and in fast time. I bought it myself because it passed the filter: "This is not costing me money, this is going to MAKE me money."

That's the difference between an expense and investment, and this is a very smart investment in my book. If you're serious about wanting the lifestyle, that is...


p.s. This may just be the ONE thing that increases your sales & list-building conversions dramatically this year, making your sales pages and landing pages convert at exciting rates (for a change).

Check it out and consider the possibilities. 😉

Take it for a test drive today. You have nothing to lose... and A LOT to gain.


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