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While in Atlanta last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Dan Thies who is on the StomperNet panel, and also the author of SEO Fast Start.

His personal connections include Jim Boykin and Rae Hoffman, two people in the SEO industry that I have great respect for. My brain's algorithm considered those connections and gave Dan immediate 'PeopleRank' in my book 😉

I've spent the week catching up on work, brainstorming business ideas sparked by the event, and following up with people that I met there. Dan being one of them - so I checked out his website. He offers a free download of SEO Fast Start and an interactive portal for continued learning, so I decided to sit down and review his guide...

Download SEO Fast Start

SEO Fast Start is a 100-page guide that gives you a step by step plan for getting results. If you're the type of person that prefers simple instructions and a complete blueprint, this is exactly what you need.

First, its FREE. Second, its not written by an Internet Marketer - it's written by a highly respected professional in the SEO industry. And third... I'm giving it the thumbs-up, so download it and plan to give it a read this weekend!

When you get to the download page (use either of the links above), you have the option of downloading the zip file directly - without registering for Dan's list. But I highly recommend that you go ahead and sign up for the list too, because you'll get a free 6-part advanced link building course when you do.

I cant recommend this highly enough. Getting this kind of information out of professional SEO usually means you're sleeping with them, getting them drunk at a conference, or paying them an arm and a leg. And even then you'd be hard-pressed to get what you're getting from Dan Thies with one quick click of the mouse, so -> Grab it. Read it. Do it.

And dont forget to sign up via email and review the link building clinic that Dan offers. You'll find it in both video and PDF formats, so you can choose your study preference. Much of SEO has to do with link building, so be sure to check that out. Here's the link again:


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  1. Thanks for this tip, It's the sort of thing that i have been looking for.

    Appreciate your time in reviewing this


  2. Mary T Gallagher says

    Wow, you are on it, Lynn! I downloaded this report yesterday, and started going through it. Your background info and review help me to see I'm on the right path in grappling to understand this SEO and linkbuilding from the best. Back to it!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Lynn. Very funny too.

    I'm pretty sure I was drunk at that conference a lot of the time, but I am equally certain that we did not sleep together.

  4. LOL - I didnt have a single drink, and you are correct in thinking that we did not 😳 Perhaps I went overboard in stressing that point, but I am very impressed with the quality of information you give away in the SEO Fast Start guide. Nice work!

  5. Hey Lynn,

    Thanks for the great link. It's going to prove very useful here in the near future.

    You Rock!

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