How To Optimize An Ecommerce Site

If you have an ecommerce site - where you sell your own products, sell products as a reseller, or an affiliate site that is set up as an online store - you might be scratching your head trying to find ways to properly optimize it.

Experts will tell you that Content Is King! but its not always easy coming up with content ideas for an online store. And unless you sell one-of-a-kind items, even your product descriptions are probably duplicated across the web on other ecommerce sites.

Here are 7 simple ways to optimize an online store or ecommerce site, even if you sell a common product. Use these easy steps to get better search engine rankings, more links and more traffic...


First, you want to make sure that each page of your online store is properly optimized. Consider creating a page for each individual product in your store so that you can take advantage of longtail keyword phrases.


Keep in mind that on-page optimization is only a small part of the equation. Quality inbound links to each page of your site will carry even more weight with the search engines.

The goal is to get links. Of course, its harder to get links to sales pages than it is to get links to quality content - so your job becomes adding something link-worthy to your ecommerce site...


For unique content, start with your product descriptions. Even if it is a common product, re-word the descriptions so that they are unique as possible. Add as much detail about the product as you can. Consider live chat software that allows you to interact with and respond to questions from your customers in real time.


Cross-reference related items between individual product pages. You might mention accessories, or even similar products. This adds relevant content to each page, and also creates healthy internal linking.


Product Reviews make for great content on an ecommerce site, and they also attract potential buyers. Use Social Q&A sites such as, Yahoo Answers and to request reviews. You can post a casual query and ask for user experience & feedback (noting that you may reprint their answers on

Another option is to post a classified ad on and offer a small fee for stories/reviews.


Go ’social’ with it! Create profiles on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Put feelers out on each of these sites to find people who use and love your products. Invite them to submit a photo & brief story/review to be featured at

You might also consider running a contest and letting them vote for best photo or best story submission. Make it fun!


Add quality content to your online store that will help your visitors make their buying decision. Ideas might include "how to choose your first __" or "how to use __ properly", just as examples. Get creative. If you sell camping gear, you can write a checklist for the products they will need for their camping trip. If you sell car parts you can publish how-to tips.

Of course, its always best to let your target market tell you exactly what they want to read. Use WordTracker to research longtail keyword phrases in your niche. Often these 4-5 word phrases that are being searched will generate great ideas for content that you can add to your website.


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  1. rupak npali says

    I am e-commerce programmer and have never thought about this tips, i am very grateful for your posts as this helps me in marketing as well 🙂
    Thanks a lot

  2. Its a great post Lynn. I am going to opening a Ecommerce site for my products. So, this tips are very helpful to optimize my site. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are very great tips. We always try to alter the product descriptions to make us a little more unique, but it is always tough to do. The biggest thing is to make sure that you know your products!

  4. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the great information. Do you have any ideas on how to get links to an ecoomerce (gift basket) site? I"m having a tough time with that. Trying to find blogs to guest blog on about gifts is not easy! And most the ones I find to leave comments on are "no follow."

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:-)

  5. I would add that patience is key. Lots of people will follow your optimization steps and then expect instant results, when in reality it can take weeks, or even months, for the traffic to really start rolling in. So, if things don't pick up straight away, please keep at it!

  6. Thanks for the tips Lynn. Do you find that CMS / ecommerce solutions such as Joomla actually create more problems for SEO than help? Non customizable title tags seem crazy to me, especially if you have may pages with many types of products. Why does the home page title have to have a spot on every page?

  7. I was researching how to improve the title tags on our gifts store and I came across this article from you Lynn which had even more information than I was expecting.So a big thankyou!

  8. Good tips - thank you. I forgot about the internal linking of pages - thanks for the reminder.

    I would also add to optimize the alt tags on the product images with your keywords. Gotta do all you can!

  9. Great article.This is such nice info, I got so much to learn from this post.Thanks for sharing such nice info.

  10. Fernanda Monge says

    Step #6 is my biggest problem so far. I can't get my head around all this social thing. Any advice on where to start?

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