Are You Killing Your Credibility or Discouraging Your Readers? Watch This…


This is a must-watch video, and I'll tell you why... or MY thoughts & take-aways at least, and I would love to hear YOURS - and whether you agree or disagree with his points (or if you do these things yourself). 😉

Around the 11:30 mark he makes a GREAT point about discouraging your audience - or how you're making people FEEL. Specifically when you might think you're motivating or ENcouraging people, and it has the opposite effect...

While he's talking about the Fitness industry and fitness coaches & products specifically, the same is true for practically any niche. I see strong correlations between this and the Internet Marketing space for example.

[Point #1] It's a very casual yet candid discussion, which won credibility with me. I immediately hit the "like" button and subscribed to his channel.

I love when people share a strong opinion, or make you THINK. (great point to consider in your own marketing!)

My BIGGEST take-away from the video though was this:

He said that he insists on seeing someone (on video) before he'll buy from them or hire them - or do business with them period.

He warns: "Exercise Caution!" (when choosing who to buy from or do business with online) and says that video is the ONLY way to know if someone is legit, or "walking the talk."

I think that's a GREAT point.

Agree or disagree?

Do you feel more comfortable doing business with someone you can SEE (or see in action, regarding what they're teaching/selling). Why or why not?

I know that personally I will "judge a book by it's cover" and research a person's work online and how they present themselves before I will consider hiring them or partnering with them. I'll hire a graphics person that has GREAT imagery in their own marketing for example, and NOT hire a coder or designer if their own website doesn't impress me.

Video is where you REALLY get to know a person, and see the candid unedited proof of their results, expertise, personality, knowledge, etc.

It creates Instant Credibility (or not).

This is the reason that Video Sales Letters (VSL's) convert so well online of course, but there are so many other ways you can use video to boost your credibility - and also educate your market. It's a GREAT way to make that personal connection too, and build trust & rapport with your target audience.

There are so many EASY ways to use video in your business now, with a low cost & technical barrier now compared to a few short years ago.

Are you using video in your own business, and in your marketing strategy? I would love to hear HOW you're using it, and the impact it's having on your business!

I am just getting into live streaming myself, as a means of making a REAL and meaningful connection with my audience, while delivering helpful information.

Tools like Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video make it super easy to do that - and it's fast, cheap, easy and EFFECTIVE. 😉


p.s. Here's a link to the video on YouTube:
Mike Thurston on Building Credibility Online



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