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In my last few posts & videos I've shared my results and shared in detail WHY Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live video is so HOT right now.

They are all competitively and aggressively pushing their users to see, watch and engage with live video so you'll automatically see good reach -for free.

This is a trend you REALLY want to cash in on... while it's HOT - or WHILE it's hot, I should say. Because this will NOT last forever, so now is definitely the time to ride this wave. You can use it to your advantage to build out your business foundation and increase your profit potential long term.

Notice I said "long term." You really want to LEVERAGE this hot trend to build up your email list, build out your social reach, increase your sales (and your buyer lists) - and bank all the additional revenue you can in the process. πŸ˜‰

As I pointed out in this video, it's less about live streaming itself and more about how to USE live streaming to get your business to the next level - super fast:

As proof of my point in the video above, check out these results...

What you see below is a screenshot of my Facebook Insights on my niche Facebook Page. One update is a static image of my dinner. The other update is a Facebook Live video about my dinner:

Facebook Live to Boost Fan Page Engagement

And the numbers just KEEP going up:

Facebook Live to Boost Fan Page Engagement

See the difference in both reach & engagement? πŸ˜‰

Point made...

Like I said in the video above, you need to be leveraging this hot trend NOW and using it to build your email list and make sales... while you can, while it's SO EASY and totally free.

Why would you NOT leverage this trend?!

In my last post I gave you a list of easy livestreaming ideas, including some that don't even include putting your face on camera. πŸ™‚

If you saw my Facebook Live Case Study then you already know just how profitable my first few test runs were. And since then? I've been asked to do a 20 minute TV segment on a local morning show, and I'm inking high dollar deals left and right.

Opportunities are coming in FAST!:)

Social Live Streaming Strategy

So far I've just been winging it and testing it (both Facebook Live and Instagram Live) with GREAT results. What I don't have in place is a solid strategy or a good backend or follow-up plan set up.

That's why I signed up for the Facebook Live Authority Workshop that starts on Monday. It's $497 and I paid full price for it myself, without a single hesitation. Why? Because of the money I've already made "winging it" - it's a PROVEN way to EASILY make sales, and I want to learn how to MASTER it for even better results! πŸ˜‰

In addition to the sales I'm making, the opportunities for press coverage and brand sponsorships and advertising deals that are flying my way are overwhelmingly exciting. There is SERIOUS money out there for the taking, for those that put themselves in the right position with this trend-on-the-rise.

Monique has a "signature method for easy customer acquisition" and a "set it up once" system that works for you on auto-pilot to turn your live streaming into a business building machine.

I would have easily paid $500 just to be on the tv morning show. πŸ˜› So investing $497 into this detailed workshop is a total no-brainer. I'm anxious to learn the insider strategies, and how to set up a system for best leveraging live streaming technology - while it's so hot.

For me, it's less about the actual live streaming... and more about building my assets. Anytime there's a hot trend like this, you're smart to jump on it... and use it to beef up your email list, boost your traffic, make connections & cut deals, make all the sales you can and pad your bank account, increase your membership numbers - and basically give yourself a big fat business boost that will increase your profit potential long after this trend dies out. πŸ˜‰

Unless you have a "fear of success" in which case I recommend you skip this hot trend and just ignore it altogether.;)

Monique has extended Live Authority registration until Monday at Noon Eastern, but after that you won't be able to get live access to her training anymore. She said this is the first and only time she is going to teach it LIVE and hands-on.

I don't blame her. She's like me: she makes more money DOING what she's teaching than she does teaching it. And on that note, I'm off to do a Facebook Live and Instagram Live in my own niche - because it's just TOO profitable NOT to go do it! πŸ™‚

You can read my thoughts on the Live Authority workshop here and of course feel free to ask me any questions you have about it - or if it's right for you, your business, or where you are on things right now...



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