The #1 Reason To Create Affiliate Redirects

Question from Jared Lee of The Bloggers Desktop: I notice that you use redirects for your affiliate links, and I am curious why you do that. Should I be setting up redirects each time I recommend something as an affiliate?

There are several reasons to use redirect links - cloaking, tracking, etc. But the #1 reason that I always create a redirect for an affiliate link is so that I can manage my affiliate campaign long-term.

Over the years I have seen merchants pull a product, or even close their affiliate program. But more often than not they will change affiliate networks, or change their linking structure, which means that you have to update your affiliate links in order to continue earning commission.

For example, lets say that you recommend your hosting company quite often. Over the years you may have posted links in PDF files, on discussion forums, on various pages of your website, in blog posts, etc. If the hosting company decides to change their linking structure, all of your links go dead and you'll have to update each one of those links individually (and good luck finding them all!).

But if you set up a redirect link, all you have to do is update your redirect... and your commissions will keep rolling in. Its the best insurance you have in the ever-changing affiliate landscape πŸ˜‰

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  1. Dave Navarro says

    Nice video Lynn -

    Is this with your RCA cam?

  2. It is, yes. The RCA Small Wonder is very similar to the Flip Video Ultra, except that it has a flip out screen which makes it easier to do self-video.

  3. Sandy Naidu says

    Nice video Lynn...I also use redirect pages for most of my affiliates...But I read some where that cloaking is something Google frowns up...Is this true? I could be wrong...But just wanted to seek your expert opinion...Thanks

  4. Thanks Lynn, Very helpful information!

    I may just embed this video in a blog post - with a link to this site of course. I have always wondered why bother to create another page when I can just link to an affiliate.

    But you are right, I have had to update several links all at once, and I never thought of this as a solution! Thank YOU!

  5. Hi Sandy - Its true that these redirects wont "rank" but thats about it. If its a concern, simply set it up not to be indexed in your Robots.txt file. Also see Teli's instructions for doing a php redirect in the comments of the post I linked to above:

  6. Sandy Naidu says

    Thanks Lynn

  7. @CoachDeb says

    Aloha Lynn,

    Great seeing u in this quick, informative video! Brava!

    Another good reason to create redirect links is to track how many of your referrals actually clicked on the link so you know how successful their sales page is compared to sign ups.

    BTW: Another very easy way for creating redirect links is actually built in to the Blogi360 system for just that reason. Now I'll have to share your video w/ members so they understand why this feature was built for them. May I redirect to your post or video?

  8. Absolutely Deb πŸ˜‰ And I agree on the tracking - stats are a must for any affiliate marketer.

  9. You are such a smartie pants Lynn. Very good info. Didn't even think of implications of redirects and dead links.

    And I just love seeing you do video! You're a natural πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Jason πŸ˜‰ Wait till you see my next video, which is all about why I dont like video... lol

  11. @CoachDeb says

    ooooh can i make predictions and GUESS why you don't like video?


    could it be... perhaps... the same reasons I don't like video? πŸ™‚

  12. I'll be looking forward to your comments on that post, Deb πŸ˜‰

  13. Natalie A. says

    I love the videos Lynn. I am not quite into affiliate marketing just yet but find this information useful.

    I do have a question though. How would one track their results using a redirect?


  14. Since the redirect is actually a 'page' on your domain, it shows up in your site stats.

  15. Natalie A. says

    Ahh, gotcha! I was think more along the lines are a traditional redirect with a domain.

    Thanks Lynn

  16. Quinn Moore says

    The video genie is out of the bottle!

    Click Newz will never be the same...

    Lynn, if you're not getting a promotional fee for wearing these T-shirts, you ought to at least be getting them for free!

    Rock on girlfriend!

  17. Hi Lynn,
    I like Jason, didn't think about the ease of changing links when one goes bad. Great tip. Thanks
    P.S. Does the reason you don't like video have anything to do with getting out of your robe, make-up etc? πŸ™‚

  18. Good guess, Duane - but nope πŸ˜‰ In the video above I had just woke up from a long Sunday afternoon nap, had on shorts & fuzzy slippers, put on a clean shirt and threw my hair up in a twist - and started shooting.

    I'll probably publish that post tonight or in the morning. I look forward to hearing some feedback on it!

  19. Alan Petersen says

    Awesome video Lynn! I cloak all my affiliate links. There is so much misinformation out there about this subject. If folks stick to redirection vs. using framed cloaking they will be fine when it comes to Google.

  20. Lynn. Great tip on redirect links. This is something I have been doing that I find useful. I only wish I would have done it on my earlier sites πŸ™‚

    It's a huge time saver and it also hides the ugliness of the big nasty links. Not that this matters in all fields but in some it does, IM for example.

  21. MargHamp says

    Great post, Lynn. Boy was I aware of the problem...

    I learned the hard way about raw affiliate links when perhaps our most important provider changed all his links - and we had massive links out there in articles, Squidoo lenses, blog posts, web pages... on and on... and I had to manually search for and change every one I could find!

    It took a couple of days, and still incomplete (due to articles that have been distributed virally).

    How much better we would look to visitors, and how many more sales we would make, and how much time and frustration I would have saved if each of his product links was changed ONCE on a redirect page!

    Now I'm off to the other post to see which way is best to accomplish this...

  22. Successful Hypnosis says

    hi, this is really true.

    "if you set up a redirect link, all you have to do is update your redirectÒ€¦ and your commissions will keep rolling in. "

    With redirect page, you can easily manage your affiliate link. I'm now using wordpress for seo clickbank products and considering changing my affiliate link now.

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