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This is a guest post by Jen of ~ because she's been through this free video challenge before and I asked her opinion & her experience with it. 🙂


Fear of Video - Free Video ChallengeConfession: When I first started blogging I didn’t have a profile photo.

I had this instead.


You might be wondering why someone who always follows the rules and struggles to think outside the box would go against every single “how to blog” advice and use sneakers?


There was a time that even the thought of being in front of a camera would I kid you not, I would turn tail and run as fast as possible. I was always the one in my home that took the pictures and recorded the videos of the kids, cool stuff...anything to keep me out of the frame.

I knew I wanted to use video to connect with (and grow) my audience. However going from an "idea" to “how”, I was completely lost.

Then I took this free challenge, called Light It Up! Video Marketing Video Challenge. It changed my life as far as video goes.

Fast forward to the present and I have a profile photo.

I regularly do Facebook Live videos, record videos on my YouTube channel and have done recorded videos for Online Conferences in my niche.

What changed?

  • I had a strong reason to be on video.
  • I got help to overcome feeling ridiculously awkward on camera.
  • I learned to make great looking videos without buying a whole bunch of crazy equipment.

Did I mention it was free?

This didn’t happen overnight. I had to work hard. Face my fears and keep going!

Finding my reason.

As much as I am a rule follower I am NOT a follow the crowd kinda person. "If all your friends jumped off a bridge then would you too?" Yeah, I had THAT Mom! LOL

My reason for doing video was to connect with my audience.

In a REAL way.

You might not think that is such a big deal but the point of having a photo of me is so that you can see I am a real person.

Wrinkles, big nose and all. (ha!)

The truth of the matter is, do you really want to talk to sneakers? Do you feel sneakers understand when problems hit? Or when dealing with “all the things” that make life a never-ending battle, do you want to vent to sneakers? Probably not.

So I had two choices:

1. Duck the fear, pretend it wasn’t holding me back because it was! and go on doing my thing. Head safely stuck in the sand.


2. Work hard to overcome them.

I love connecting with my audience in a real meaningful way.

Have you noticed that most online courses now are video based? Why is that?

Because it works!

As a consumer, I need to see how to do something. The text doesn’t always make sense to me.

Why do you think DIY and How To videos are so popular? Lol!

People like proof. Video is a great way to connect with your audience and show them the proof.

Video is also great for selling. I want to see, touch, and feel the product before I invest my hard earned money. Shopping online often takes away all those things BUT video gives you that and more!

Like anything you decide to do, you need to know your WHY.

Spend a few minutes on any social media channel and you are going to see a video. Why?

It’s fun.

It’s fast.

But more importantly, it is the best way to build your audience, reach your people and really connect with them.


Did you know? Facebook is pushing Live videos right now doing the hard work for you. Don’t take my word for it, read Leverage HOT Social Trends for FAST Business Growth (Build Your List FREE While You Can!)

When Niamh had a free video challenge to show me step by step how to overcome my fear in a safe supportive environment, I decided to take it.

Now I make videos. Now I have a face...not just sneakers.


This Is How It Works:

After you sign up for the Light It Up Video Challenge, you will get a welcome email with all the details inside.

The free challenges run from 10 days to 30 days with the weekends off. This is great because life can get a bit busy, but you don’t have to stress out if you get behind. You can use these free weekends to catch up.

Each weekday you get a tip delivered 😉 You'll find the link in your email.
Watch the video for your tip of the day such as lighting, framing and even simple things such as finding the lens, just to name a few.

You also get a prompt of the day so you know what to talk about. This was really helpful! Your job is to watch, learn and then, take action!

I loved that nothing was too complicated or technical AND you had immediate access to help. I always have questions and I got my answers. I didn’t know anything when I began. I didn’t even have a YouTube channel OR know how to set it up, lol!

Light it Up Video Challenge takes care of all of those things.

You record a 2-minute video and share it a private Facebook group, with your special circle. No one can see those videos so it is a safe place to learn, make mistakes and laugh. It is a lot of fun!

I loved this learning environment so much that I joined the paid membership Light It Up Video Marketing Program.

This is a self-paced video library course filled with videos to help you continue expanding your knowledge and skills.

Including but not limited to:

  • Using videos as sales funnels.
  • How video on Facebook is different from Youtube
  • Using videos for a membership site
  • More resources are added each month!

Also included are monthly groups, monthly challenges and daily prompts to help you keep the conversation going.

You also get access to an online community of others where you can get support, ask questions and share your journey.

My favorite part was going at my own pace. I could pick and choose depending on my way of learning.

For example, in the Training Section, you have access to roadmaps of content or creation and FAQ. Perfect for those of us who like step by step instruction.

Or you can bounce around doing workshops, challenges, prompts. Which is perfect for the "flying by the seat of your pants" people.

There are downloadable workbooks plus new content is uploaded each month.

You can check it out here: Light it Up Video Marketing.


Since overcoming my fear of being on camera I’ve had a lot of business opportunities open up to me.

I’ve been invited to do video recordings for numerous Online Conventions in my niche which has been a ton of fun. I’ve been invited to do Facebook Live videos for events. I really enjoy doing Facebook Live Interviews, those are side by side.

I’ve seen my reach expand but also my engagement and sales!

I’m going to be honest, I still get antsy when about to do a video, especially recorded videos! For me, those are way harder than Live videos.

But when you see the results! It’s worth it.

Are you using video in your business yet?

Why or why not?

What’s holding you back?


Free Video Challenge - March 2018

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  1. Angie Newton says

    I have gone through this challenge and will be doing it again. I have been part of the monthly membership for a long time. Real great stuff. I do know the opportunities get better when you use video so I am having to get over the fear of it. lol

    • Hey Angie!! I've done it a few times too. I must have missed you in there 😉 I really like her way of teaching. She makes you SO comfortable. You are right, a whole world opens up once you get over the fear of video. Hang in there, I know you'll get there!

  2. Love this! I took this challenge based on Jen's recommendations & it helped me improve my live videos so much. My problem wasn't fear but all the tech stuff that I had no clue about. If you want to up your live video presence, this challenge is the way to go!

    • Hey Amy, I am so glad you shared your experience! It is nice to read what others got out of the challenge. 🙂 You are very natural with video but yes tech can get out overwhelming.

  3. Often times people go out and buy expensive camera gear yet lack the confidence to be in front of one. Talking about myself haha 🙂 and as rightfully observed in this day and age the audience want a connection with the person in front of the camera, a confident one. I'm trying to make videos for my business the JFKINN, one of the many hotels near JFK airport, New York and now with the help of the "Ignite video challenge", i will definitely be more comfortable in front of a camera. Thanks for this great post and congrats on overcoming the fear of being in front of a camera. Cheers!

    • Peter, I completely agree. Getting from one side of the camera to the other can be difficult. I am so excited as it is starting soon. I am sure you will rock the challenge! Cheers!

  4. Janna Skroch says

    I've completed the video challenge before and I'm doing this challenge again. Niahm is so encouraging so it was easier to get over my fear of video.

  5. I don't think I have fear as much as I'm just more comfortable being in the background. I have never liked having my photograph taken so doing a video is really off the rails. Technology is all a huge issue for me. However, it's pretty obvious that videos are good selling tools. And it's pretty obvious that it would be a huge plus to know what I'm doing and utilize them correctly.

    That said, the timing is really off for me. I've been sick for two months so I'm really late getting this year started. HOWEVER, I'm going to sign up and hope for the best. It would be nice to get feedback and to get comfortable doing them in a friendly environment.

  6. Anton Masters says

    Hi Jen,
    I have never made a video in my life but would love to market affiliate products via video. Will this 30 day course,which I have signed up for, help me along this road?

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