GooDoPpoRtunity: Practical GDPR Compliance Relief Checklist – Don’t Screw This Up ;-)


GooDoPpoRtunity = GDPR is a GOOD Opportunity for your online business! If you do it right...

Don't follow the herd or screw this up like most people have already, and will continue to do, out of confusion or ignorance. 😉

Smart marketers will see GDPR for the opportunity it is, and take positive action towards better serving their market - instead of alienating, confusing or losing them.

That's exactly what we discussed (in great detail) in Brainstorming Hour this week.

You'll find a detailed topic outline below...


GDPR for Niche Bloggers and US Marketers

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Brainstorming Hour is hosted twice a week by Lynn Terry as an Open Discussion and Q&A for members of the Private Brainstorming Group.

Below is a list of the topics discussed on the Thursday May 24 session:

  • Instagram Hashtag Shortcuts
  • Facebook Page Branded Content Creator Portfolio (new feature rolling out)
  • Live Example: How to do a Brand Handshake "Paid Post" on Facebook
  • [10:15] GDPR Compliance: Facts, Fiction & Creative Solutions - Why GDPR is a GREAT opportunity for your business!
  • GDPR Myths & Scare Tactics: Fines, Making Your Subscribers Re-Confirm, etc
  • New WordPress Update (And Why You Should Update NOW) - Note, it has a Privacy Policy Maker included:
  • You are responsible for keeping all of your software, apps, installs, addons, etc updated including: wordpress, amember, vbulletin, computer security, backup program
  • Legal Pages & Notices you should have on your website.
  • BEWARE third party "GDPR" software & plugins
  • Do you NEED a Privacy Policy?
  • What the US Government is saying about GDPR ("vague & insufficient")
  • Noteworthy GDPR Discussions around the web
  • Practical Compliance Checklist: https (secure server), check all of your opt-in boxes, everywhere. update wordpress, plugins, amember, vbulletin, or any software/apps you're running on your website or hosting server. check your shopping cart pages - update wording if you sign customers/subscribers up for an email list. make sure your backup & security programs are running & up to date on all computers & devices.
  • Turn this "problem" into a PERK and use GDPR to your advantage! (creative ideas)
  • How to retain as many of your subscribers in a switch/move/change as possible (use incentives, make it FUN, get creative)
  • SERVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS (not yourself)
  • Turning GDPR into a BIG opportunity for your business!
  • What I've been doing wrong all along, and how GDPR will help me IMPROVE my business - and my engagement/relationship with my audience
  • How to turn "warnings" and "boring legal notices" into PERKS that EXCITE your visitors
  • Lazy Email Marketing & List Management (Stop it!)
  • "Cleaning Up Your Email Act"
  • List Segmenting & Relevance - a GREAT opportunity to reconnect with buyers & close sales with non buyers!
  • Why losing 90% of your email subscribers is NOT such a bad thing (how to EASILY skyrocket your open rate, click through rate & conversion rates)
  • Two Email Examples (why they suck, and how I would word them instead)
  • Keeping Records - who subscribed, when and WHY (screenshots)
  • Using Aweber's new Tagging feature
  • Nobody cares about their Privacy, your policies, blah blah blah... Seriously!!!
  • Compliance Checklist Recap


The feedback on this session was GREAT!

From total relief to a few laughs and a lot of appreciation for the creative ideas & angles - everyone who tuned in live or to the replay was glad they did. 🙂


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