(PROOF) Worried About Facebook Page Reach & Engagement Declining? Don’t Be!


Here are my Facebook Page stats for the last 28 days as @LowCarbTraveler.

This screenshot (below) was taken this morning.

Aren't people running around saying Facebook Page reach & post engagement is DOWN and there's no point to it anymore? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Facebook Page Reach 2018

As for my Video views being down 53% - that's 2,285 video views in the last 28 days. I haven't done a Facebook Live at all in that time - not since April 9th actually. Just two super short promo videos this month, and one was just a share.

I hope this inspires you to keep posting, keep sharing, and keep doing your OWN page promotion! Don't let "rumors" scare you or deter you... because:

Facebook has HUGE reach, and great conversions!

(those discussions are meant to scare the skittish and weed out the weak - not affect YOU, or any serious marketer!)

We're discussing this in the Social Marketing Results Group here.



New: Facebook Branded Content Creator Profiles

Have you seen the new Branded Content Creators feature for Facebook Pages? It help Brands and Advertisers find publishers (like you!) to collaborate with on paid Facebook posts.

This is a great revenue source for ANY niche marketer to tap into, and one I use regularly in my own business. Working with brands and advertisers is like affiliate marketing, except instead of getting paid commissions on results - you get paid upfront for the promotion! πŸ™‚

See this Facebook Media Solutions Page to apply.

We were discussing this in Brainstorming Hour this week and I shared a live view of my own Branded Content Profile on Facebook. That plus the dreaded GDPR discussion πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ - which actually turned out to be FUN and productive, with tons of creative ideas!

See that checklist here: GDPR for Smart Marketers

Anyway, in case you're concerned that posting paid, branded or sponsored content on your Facebook Page is going to affect your page reach... see this example from my own Facebook Page:

Paid Facebook Branded Content Example

Those results were within the first 36 hours alone. πŸ™‚

To clarify: that is all ORGANIC - the post was not boosted, no paid advertising was used and no weird tricks to inflate the engagement. Just pure organic marketing...

We're discussing this in the Social Marketing Results Group here.


I hope that inspires and motivates you to revive your Facebook Page and your Facebook marketing efforts. πŸ˜‰

If you would like help with your social marketing strategy, join us in my Private Brainstorming Group where I host sessions twice a week and share everything I'm doing - plus the how & why behind it!


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p.s. Join us in the Social Marketing Results Group on Facebook if you haven't already. We have some great discussions, and I share live examples from my own niche social marketing.


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  1. Lynn the note about shaking out the scared folks - your G Plus intro - reminds me of GDPR and US based bloggers now. So much fear mongering over EU laws and in this moment, the EU has not 1 iota of jurisdiction in the US. Funny to see this governing body trying to actually enforce fines on US bank and blogger bank accounts LOL

    • Hi Ryan,

      Yes, we had a GREAT discussion about that last week. I put the notes here: http://www.clicknewz.com/15264/gdpr-for-smart-marketers/ including what the US Government is saying about GDPR ("vague & insufficient") - how it affects them, why we should expect changes/updates still, etc.

      Hot topic lately! I really DISLIKE how it's filling up my inbox with canned messages. From smart marketers and savvy companies even - that could be doing it so much better! πŸ˜›

  2. John Nicholas Reiter says

    Wow ... down 53 % ?? Lynn, what do you think is happening ??

  3. Hi there Lynn,

    Not sure I understood your point about Paid Ads and Reach. My colleagues told me several times that after paying for Ads on Facebook, he saw the reach of the traditional posts tank... Do you have any more lights to shed on this matter ?

    Thank you !

  4. Page followers down by 9%. I understand that video views got down because no new videos were there. But does the following also impact the same

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