ClickNewz Updates 5/23/08

You may notice some downtime on ClickNewz today, depending on what time you visit. I am having some updates done between 9am and 10am EST. ClickNewz may go down temporarily during the upgrade, but it shouldnt be more than a few minutes at a time.

In addition to upgrading WordPress, the list of updates includes:

  • Adding custom meta keyword & description tags
  • Creating a graphic blockquote
  • Fixing image spacing problem
  • Updating/organizing code in the CSS file

You may not notice any downtime at all, but in case you do then that's the reason 😉

Update: The upgrades are complete and it looks like all is well. If you notice anything out of the ordinary just leave a comment below.


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  1. Stefani Partin says

    I need to do some upgrading of WordPress too! I have quite a few blogs that need to be updated.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Just want to encourage you to do more of your videos. You really are good at it and even if you do fear it a bit, Kristie just had a great post on her blog which said, "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! Great Advice! And as others have commented, you're SO Pretty and Photogenic anyway, you're a real fit for it. And it wouldn't hurt to wear your fuzzyslippers and maybe a sexy negligee or leather corset either! lol I know we'd watch and listen! But your seriously good at it !

  3. Just want to encourage you to do more of your videos. You are Very Good at doing them and photogenic too. The quality of the video is really good also, which is not true of some of the others.

  4. LOL Debbie - thank you. Though I can tell you now there will be no lingerie in MY videos haha. I do appreciate the comments though, and am working on my next video already 😉

  5. Paul Short says

    Did someone say "leather corset?"

  6. Mary Gallagher says


    The seamlessness of your update is cool, I want to emulate that type of ease in what I'm doing online... I've been in major tech mud, knee deep, the last 24 hrs. I have found great resources to sort this stuff out, though, through the forum and from resources you have linked us to.

    I'm also going back to programs on my own hard drive that I now know what to do with! It really is 'easier done than said".

    Just figuring out the most important pieces of online presence once is my goal, then to do what I like best after that.
    I want to thank you, Lynn, for showing me that the bar is low enough to reach, and high enough to stretch toward excellence!
    Best for now,

  7. Thank you Mary. Of course, I outsourced the updates. It would have taken me all day to do what was accomplished in a couple of hours! lol

    The key is to figure out what you want as the end result, and then to outline the tasks necessary to achieve that result. From there you can do those tasks one at a time (in order) - or you can outsource the work to the people who do it best.

  8. The updates I had done this week were mainly just "maintenance". My goal was to clean up the behind-the-scenes mess a bit. One of the updates was an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. I have to confess - I'm lost in the new dashboard!

    I'm sure I'll get used to it (and find everything again lol) but that kind of thing doesnt come easy for me. I'm not big on change :p But then, if the rest of the world was as slow as me, we'd all still be using Windows 3.1 haha

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