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Want to copy what I'm doing to make money online?

It's EASY, and this is truly brilliant - yet so simple.

You can do this in any niche too. My primary niche is my "Traveling Low Carb" blog, so that's where I'm working on this, just to give you an example.

Last year I decided to take a chance and host a series of classes in my niche, with NO idea how well that would go over.

I honestly didn't think my audience would buy "information" or pay to hear me share how-to stuff.

I was WRONG.

I made over $9,000 doing it badly (or at least: leaving A LOT of money on the table). Seriously!

When I say that I did it badly and left a lot of money on the table, that's because 1) I didn't even charge a specific price (I just let them pay whatever they wanted), 2) I didn't have an affiliate program or work with any JV partners to get more sales, and worst of all: 3) I didn't have ANY backend offer, zero follow-up, and didn't monetize that list of information-buyers in any way.

NOT smart I know, but it was honestly just a simple test... and the results totally shocked me!

Knowing what I know now, I have been working on fleshing that out into a "real product" to relaunch and turn into a more regular stream of EASY revenue.

I'm currently looking at the Teachable platform as a simple way to offer my product long-term with everything built in for classes or courses, including an affiliate program.

In the most perfect timing, they are hosting Free Teachable Live this month - to teach you everything you need to know about creating & hosting a profitable course in your niche.

So I'm working on that, got signed up for the free training event, and then BAM!

This hit my inbox. πŸ™‚

Talk about synchronicity!

It's the Point Click Workbook Creation and it's ALL the templates you need PLUS the "how to put a niche workbook together in a single afternoon" training too.

It's a super simple drag & drop format with step-by-step training. Sweet!

This is EXACTLY the type of "product" I need to go along with my classes, and to offer as a stand-alone product too.

The cool thing is, I can actually use the templates to make my classes really snazzy - because you can use the templates in presentations too. πŸ™‚

Having interactive products makes it easy to implement or apply what you're teaching. And if there's one thing I've learned working online, it's this: If you can help them see RESULTS, they'll continue consuming products & services, ie: clicking & buying!

The Point Click Workbook Creation Templates are only $27 - which is a steal considering what you can earn as a result:

Check out the Point Click Workbook Download

You'll be able to put a niche workbook together in a single afternoon!

There are tons of templates included in the download, so it's literally just a drag & drop format to create your niche workbook.

You don't actually have to create a workbook either, although you should! But you can ALSO use these templates to create all kinds of content upgrades and value-adds - and even opt in incentives, like:

* checklists
* worksheets
* cheat sheets
* homework
* webinars
* how-to presentation videos
... you name it!

I personally love that these templates are keynote and powerpoint compatible - because I can use these to create my webinars and teach my classes too. AND repurpose them into workbooks and handouts to go with the classes. Great value-add idea!

You can also print them of course, and easily create print-on-demand spiral bound workbooks. These are great for meetups, workshops, or to let people order online and work through on their own - or in your guided group or workshop.


If you host workshops or do any public speaking, having a workbook handout to make your event or talk interactive would go a LONG way toward getting people engaged and taking action on your information - which only increases both your connection and conversion.

But you can easily do this digitally and online too, through webinars or Facebook Live, or just as a challenge or membership in an interactive style work-with-you product.

You get all templates, but Debbie also teaches you HOW to create your niche workbook with all 11 essential components, and you also get Video Training that teaches you exactly how to customize the templates and put together your guide or workbook in a single afternoon.

She makes it easy by giving you every template for you to put together your workbook in an afternoon by just plugging in your own information:

Point Click Workbook Creation

  • 50+ Plug Play and Profit Workbook Templates
  • 100+ Inspiration & Motivation Quotes PLUS 50+ Plug & Play Templates With Images You Can Freely Use AS IS
  • 80+ Professional & Beautiful Cover Templates
  • Short, Over the Shoulder Video Training On How To Customize The Templates and Put Together Your Book In As Little as an Afternoonon

There is an upgrade option too that's a great deal:

Point Click Workbook Creation Upgrade

  • How To Use Your Physical Book As The Ultimate Lead Magnet To Sell Higher Ticket Products
  • How To Earn More and Speed Up Your Learning Curve and Get Up To 100K, 200K or Even More.... As Fast As Possible.
  • The 5 Minute Ecover Maker - With Over 70 Templates To Use Right Away



Download Point Click Workbook Creation


The 50+ done-for-you workbook templates are all fully customized, with graphics included, PLUS 80 workbook/ebook cover templates so you can have a professional cover design for your workbook or guide.

There's really nothing left out, and she even walks you through it step-by-step so you can get it done FAST and start making money with it!

I'm running with this one. You can't beat it for $27, considering all the different ways you could use it to make money or build your list - in any niche. πŸ˜‰

I figured you'd want to hear about it too, because that ridiculous price is only good through this weekend. You could easily make that (and way more!) back with your niche workbook... before her sale on this even ends!

If you don't have a niche, or a business, or any ideas... THIS is your opportunity to get it all up with an amazing offer, and everything you need to create it.

Click here to get started with your niche money-maker today!

Lynn Terry

p.s. Be sure to see the video where Debbie shows you the workbook that you actually get the template for - so you can easily create and sell (or give away) your own workbook without any creativity or effort!



Click Here To Get Started!


Click here to get started with your niche money-maker today!


This is an awesome offer from Debbie Drum, and that's my affiliate link, so thank you in advance if you choose to take advantage of this ridiculous deal and use my link to put the wheels in motion!

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  1. I'm checking out the workbook creation, thank you πŸ™‚

    You might also find it interesting to take a look at Thinkify.com over Teachable. It has some extra features and so far, I've found it a lot easier and it gives me a lot more control over my own pricing and courses.

  2. Sorry - Thinkific.com not Thinkify! lol

  3. Not a make it or break it thing but the price via the link provided is $27, not $17.

    • Good catch, Carrie - thank you! Apologies. Got that fixed. πŸ˜‰ I agree it's not a make it or break it thing at just $10 and it's definitely a steal considering what you'll earn in return, whether you use it for list building OR as a product to sell, or even as a bonus to increase sales on a higher end product. The ideas are endless actually... I'm off to get to work on mine! *cheers*

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