June 2008 ClickNewz Blog Stats

Its been awhile since I've published my stats. Five months actually. I'm happy to report that ClickNewz continues to grow steadily, both in traffic and in subscriber numbers.

In fact, during the month of June another milestone reached - the stats topped the 15k mark in regards to unique visitors:

  • Unique Visitors: 15,048
  • Total Number of Visits: 30,229
  • Inbound Links (main page): 36,922
  • Inbound Links (total): 39,641

Interesting to note this month is that Twitter has become one of the top referrers for traffic to my blog. Pulling a very close second only to my own high-traffic website and discussion forum.

Top 5 Referring Websites:

note: this list doesnt include my own website and discussion forum, which are generally always the top referring websites…

The 5 most popular topics during the month of June were:

Top 10 Keyword Phrases:

These are the top 10 keyword phrases used to find ClickNewz in the major search engines that resulted in actual click-through’s (ie visitors) during the month of June.

-bans site
-lynn terry
-internet marketing blog
-compress mp3 files
-bans review
-income ranking
-free sales letter templates
-birthday wishes


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  1. Congratulation for the 3,000 increase in unique visitors.

    May I know how much bandwidth you use for this site? Just an estimate to help me planning. Based on my experience, it is different from one niche and site to another, but it's always great to know the numbers.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sandy Naidu says

    Congrats Lynn...

  3. Dan Reinhold says

    Nice assist by Lisa Hartwell at the 30 Day Challenge forum.

    Just goes to show you never know where they'll come from!!

    It was a real kick seeing your "old" blog too.

  4. logosamurai says

    Congratulations, Lynn! 🙂

  5. Thank you!

    Hendry - that would be about 4 gigs of bandwidth.

  6. Thanks Lynn.. I appreciate that.

  7. Dennis Edell says

    Congrats on the milestone! Impressive stats indeed 😉

  8. Great stats! I am trying to increase my visitors to my blogs too!

  9. Lim Tianyi says

    thats very good traffic, keep it up!

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