Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review

I spent the weekend reviewing the video transcripts for the upcoming Traffic Secrets 2.0 course that will be released this week - on July 15th.

The course includes 12 CDs along with a training guide, workbook, and blueprints that work alongside each CD. The transcript for the CDs alone is almost 400 pages in length.

I sent the transcript file to my printer and had them put it in a 3-ring binder for me - this binder and I have been practically inseparable all weekend. 😉

My main question going into this review was who is this course ideal for? Is Traffic Secrets 2.0 for beginners (ie the complete newbie), or the intermediate internet marketer, or for more advanced marketers? John Reese says that it is for "any skill level, within reason", but I wanted to find out for myself...

Interesting to note is that the Traffic Secrets 2.0 course also includes lifetime access to the Members Only discussion & mastermind forum. You can get a preview of the course in the second half of this video:

It's worth mentioning that TS2 is completely new. For those of you that have the original Traffic Secrets course on your bookshelf (here's mine) - you'll be getting a completely different course when you order TS2. It's not just an updated or edited version, but contains brand new up-to-date marketing strategies and ideas.

Its also very intearctive, giving you blueprints and help along the way. On each CD you'll see 3 buttons in the bottom corner:

  • Action Tracker - Where you can document your progress or actions throughout the step-by-step course
  • Resources - Up to date, extensive list of resources you can refer to
  • Community - Members only discussion & mastermind forum

As I mentioned, I am only reviewing the written transcripts of each video at this point so my thoughts are based on the content alone. My initial impression was that TS2 would teach a variety of traffic generation methods, each in great detail.

After studying it, I can say that Traffic Secrets 2.0 is not your typical "how to get website traffic" info-product... but rather a complete, in-depth interactive Internet Marketing course.

Who is Traffic Secrets 2.0 not for?
This course is not for you if you arent serious about making money online. It is also not for you if you dont plan to invest the time to watch the videos, and take action on the strategies taught. It is not for you if you are looking fora get-rich-quick plan.

If you do not yet have a niche, or a website - at least in the works - then this course may not be for you right now.

Who is Traffic Secrets 2.0 for?
TS2 is perfect for those who would like to shorten the learning curve, stop wasting countless hours (and days, and weeks, and months) trying things that dont end up bringing the desired results, and for those who would like to fast-track your way to success.

It is for anyone who is serious about succeeding online... in any niche. At any level, TS2 can get you "over the hump" and be your key to finally putting all the pieces together.

This is not just a course in specific traffic techniques like you might have seen before. Its not "how to drive traffic with Adwords" or "how to get free search engine traffic". It is the ultimate all-inclusive PLAN to increase your reach and dominate your niche.

I wouldnt have a problem calling TS2 "a complete blueprint for online success".

TS2 is what you need to take your online business to the next level. It will have you asking the exact questions you need to ask to map out your unique strategy, and it will show you exactly how to find the ALL of the answers.

Keep an eye on the main site (and opt-in now if you havent already):

John Reese mentioned that even seasoned marketers would get a lot out of the course, and I agree. I have taken pages of notes already and am only a few CDs into my review. I can say that CD #2 is chock full of incredibly thought-provoking material - I'll be going over that one again (and again)...

P.S. If you missed the free video series, you'll find my review - and a link to those free videos (while they are still available) - here: Traffic Secrets 2.0 Video Review

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  1. Sandy Naidu says

    Thanks for the review Lynn...I think I might actually buy this one...Mainly because it seems to be quite in depth. I am usually extremely cautious with what I buy but having read about John Reese for a while now, I have a feeling that this course is worth the price.

  2. As I mentioned, my review is not yet complete - but I am definitely impressed. It contains much more than just "traffic secrets" and I can tell you already that applying what is taught within this course *will* make a huge difference.

    As for being worth the price, I agree. Fortunately this second edition is less than half the price of the original course.

    Keep in mind that earlier post too - the marketer sets the price, but the buyer determines the value. If a person doesnt intend to use this course to "fast-forward" - its worthless. To the person that does, its priceless...

  3. Hi lynn,

    Which one is your affiliate link so I can use it?

    Thanks for the quick review,


  4. Make that "Lynn"

  5. Hi Jim,
    The course wont be available until tomorrow, Tuesday July 15th, but you can use this link to opt in and get the details:

  6. Alan (new baby help guide almost ready) says

    Hi Lynn,

    Well, as we are being offered yet another "ultimate" IM product, is there really anything in this one that sets it apart from the rest. It seems like every few weeks there's another high-ticket IM product that is pushed as being the ultimate necessity for anyone serious about IM.

    The other thing is that the techniques that appear in products like this will work their way out into the IM community fairly quickly, so it's not like any info here can't be found anywhere else.

    I'm not being cynical, I'm being short of money! These sorts of products look wonderful, but I can't justify spending that amount when I see loads and loads of other IM products for a fraction of the price, plus a lot of excellent info being given for free, such as on your blog and in the Warrior Forum.

    What do think? Are things like this really worth the money, or can we get all of this info for a lot less?

    Thanks for the reviews,

  7. Hi Alan,

    I cant remember their being an "ultimate necessity for anyone serious about IM" in awhile. There are some great products out there, sure - but nothing that is really on this level. Outside of perhaps Stompernet (at a much higher cost)... which even *I* didnt promote as such.

    If you want to name a few, we could do a comparison - that might be a valuable side discussion.

    If you arent sure about making the investment in Traffic Secrets right now... then wait on it. And if you arent sure about investing the time into the course - again, wait on it.

    Yes its worth the time & money, but only to those who are really ready for a super-charged fast forward with their online business.

    Like you said, you can research and learn on your own - and you can download cheaper how-to products as well. Traffic Secrets is on a completely different level than that - and its for people that are ready to jump some hurdles.

    Its worth noting too, that you'll get lifetime updates to the course, private coaching & mastermind community access, the web-based action tracker system and more. So you are investing in "direct access" to John Reese and in your business long-term.

  8. Martin M. says

    I don't know if it gets any better than John Reese in the IM community...

    Of course you can spend all of your time (how much is your time worth?) researching possible traffic sources and new methods of IM and testing them all to see what works and what doesn't but wouldn't your time be better spent reading and testing what has been proven to work by one of the best Internet Marketers of all time?

    I understand that money can be tight is for me too but you can also get a lot of ideas from John's free videos and his blog.

    Read his free Rebirth of the Internet report at

    He also has a great interview of Super Affiliate Jeremy Shoemaker...aka Shoemoney at

    Tons of great free IM that would be hard to get doing your own research.

  9. Traffic Secrets 2.0 says

    Iam going to make it to myself that this is the most valuable investment iam going to make this year. I have enjoyed TS 2004 and the Seminar "Triple Your Profits" Now john skills have grown to the extent with social media reseach with blogrush and stuffs that i cant afford to miss this course. It's a greatest investment iam going to make this year 🙂


  10. Shannon Cole says

    Hey Lynn,

    Great talk on twitter the other day. Very interesting.

    I agree that this is a must have course. Especially with the extras (lifetime updates to the course, private coaching & mastermind community access, the web-based action tracker system and more. So you are investing in “direct access” to John Reese and in your business long-term).

    Plus, John has always put in the extra time and effort to make sure his products are top notch.


  11. Rick Butts says

    Great review and good thoughtful perspective Lynn.

    With all the people promoting John's course - I'd be curious to know how many sales you get through your affiliate link?

    Nobody ever shares this kind of information - it's part of the big hush - but you are very open and transparent with your readers - maybe you'd be the one to break the silence?

    Best to you - stay cool in your new house!

    Rick Butts

  12. I'm a firm believer of "you get out what you put in" and this is the case with any IM product. John Reese is not some new fly-by-night guru guy, so I would trust anything he puts out in a heartbeat...

    There are thousands of ebooks, programs, and systems out there... Your success with any of these above mediums solely depends on what you put into it, and as Lynn said "if you don't plan to invest the time" then this probably isn't for you.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing feedback as the weeks go on.

  13. John Miller says

    Nice review Lynn! I'm trying to eat up any info that I can about it.

    I bought the course and am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. What sold me on the course was that you don't have to pay for any future updates he puts out in the future. I thought that was worth its weight in gold right there. Plus, the first version is available for free digitally.

    Sure, someone could pound the pavement and do the work and put something like this together, but that would be a lot of work - and I am sure John has put a lot of work into this.

    One thing that IS free, along with sites like Lynn's blog, is also Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge which starts in August:
    You can learn a lot of valuable marketing tips from him as well. But that's not stopping me from buying John's course.

  14. I agree John - that was a huge selling point in my opinion. No doubt A LOT went into the production of TS2...

    I have heard really great things about both the 30 Day Challenge and also Jeremy Palmer's Black Ink Project - both I hope to get opportunity to check out myself in coming months.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback as the weeks go on.

    Me too, Elijah 😉

  15. Its late in the day already, but its worth noting that Frank Kern is giving away 2 DVD's to anyone that orders before midnight tonight (through ANY link). One of those DVD's is the foundation for Mass Control. You can get details on the site:

  16. Great review and good thoughtful perspective Lynn.

    Thank you, Rick 🙂

    With all the people promoting John’s course - I’d be curious to know how many sales you get through your affiliate link?

    Very few actually, but that's because I did not send out a link on the day the course was released. Its a shame really because this course is actually ideal for my readers - it would be an incredible help to them specifically.

    Nobody ever shares this kind of information - it’s part of the big hush - but you are very open and transparent with your readers - maybe you’d be the one to break the silence?

    I honestly dont think that kind of information is necessary - or even helpful.

    And... I like you Rick, but my guard is definitely up. I've been following your latest posts on the topic, so I dont want to give you stats that may end up as an ugly twist in your next 'stir' 😉

  17. JK Swopes says

    Thank Lynn...I really appreciated your review. The fact that you are going through it and are able to break down who would want it and why is priceless.

    At the time of the launch, I didn't go for it, though I know it's worth it. Maybe in the future I can get my hands on it.

  18. This sounds like a good product and something I will look into soon because I plan to start an online business. The fact that this product comes with DVD's is a plus. 400 pages aren't too bad either.

  19. Great information thank heaps. Newbie Marketer from Oz

  20. Welcome Nigel 😀 I love that word - "heaps" lol. I just got back from Australia. What a beautiful country you live in!! I'll be back in March. If you're anywhere near the Melbourne area, keep an eye out for meet-up details. You can subscribe here at ClickNewz via email, or follow me on Twitter: @lynnterry .

  21. Blogger Tips says

    Very nice and complate review of this nicely product, l found ur website while l search reviews of this product cos l am really interested in buying one copy of this. I even started thinking l am late to find this , thanks.

  22. Traffic Matters says

    Great Article Lynne

    I wish I had seen this when I first started up!

  23. John Reese has a new product out now at and I have a full review up at


  24. Someone on the business forums recommended this post and also the traffic secrets as an excellent product. Thought i'd mention it.

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