40 Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or Less

To follow up on my last post about Twitter.com, I thought it would be fun to share a Q&A that I started on Twitter about a month ago. What you'll find here are 40 really great tips... all in 140 characters or less of course. πŸ˜‰

This time you're getting tips straight from the trenches. Real answers from real people about what they like and dislike about twitter, and the people who tweet there...

Q: What makes you follow someone on Twitter?

  • @casthompson: two words - subject matter.
  • @Mgkchild: Their experiences and what I can learn from them.
  • @KayBallard: Excellent question. I am fairly new to twitter. I think it takes a while to learn who to follow. For me, it will change over time
  • @charleslau: I follow because I want to see what in the world this person is doing, and also to update me on his web stuff...
  • @cassiegermsheid: Cuz they're interesting, controversial, funny, smart or I like the links they offer (as long as they're provided with good content)
  • @charlestonpchlp: if they offer information for having an online business, or other interesting info. big plus if they live in the area
  • @RoyMontero: When they point me to resources, resources, resources that resonate with me!
  • @christinalemmey: I follow biz contacts, well known names or people who add to conversations
  • @jonathanbentz: i follow ppl if i have an interest in what they say. if a persons blog can keep my interest and they have twitter, i follow.
  • @aomoon: when that person is authenticate, true to himself/herself
  • @Mgkchild: I agree with getting to know them. There's some with experience I'm looking for, but would not want to assoc. with.
  • @SharonMcP: If I see active participation on someone's Twitter page I'll follow, even if their biz is not related to mine. That's networking.
  • @StacieBennett: Usually it is because it is someone I like and like to hear what they have to say (you!) and to network and learn new things
  • @lindastacy: I follow people I know and trust, who offer great tips, to build relationships, and to hear about recommended or new resources.
  • @lynntay: I follow either if they have fun/interesting tweets or they have informative/business related posts, or I like the person in gen.
  • @KurtScholle: I follow the twitterati for getting to know stuff (re: your excellent work), news flashes and ideas that are expressed.
  • @lynntay: I also follow most people who follow me... unless it's obvious they don't tweet.
  • @lisastoops: - I follow those I think I can learn something from.
  • @danreinhold: Hmmm...Familiar names & those on more than one trusted account. Still getting the hang of it all.

@LynnTerry: Great responses! I'll answer too: I follow for new contacts, to build relationships, to hear news & find resources, or because I LIKE them.

Q: What makes you UN-follow someone on Twitter?

  • @jenngivler: updates every 5 seconds about every tiny thing they do... I like to get to know someone, but it CAN go too far LOL!
  • @SharonMcP: No active participation or if all the person tweets are links to buy= unfollow.
  • @lindastacy: I don't follow strangers who have no info on their profile and I stop following over-tweaters (too much about nothing)
  • @davenavarro: unfollow reason = never responds to messages.
  • @jonathanbentz: i unfollow if some1 is at an extreme - either very inactive or VERY spammy with their tweets
  • @Tsoniki: Unfollow if I follow for a specific reason and find they don't project that on twitter (may still read blog, visit website, etc.)
  • @StacieBennett: A lot of foul language! or vulgar stuff. Have 13 year old that likes to look over my shoulder some, she doesn't need to see that!
  • @lynntay: unfollow = annoying self inflated attitude - constant selling, self promoting, bragging.
  • @latarahamying: I follow when they are a fit for my business or personal Twitter and i unfollow when they are spammers or they twitter seldom
  • @steveinidaho: I unfollow when any one person seems to dominate my Twirl window and doesn't seem to be saying anything useful or interesing...
  • @mfartr: Promoting affiliate products, excessive drivel, excessive self promotion
  • @cassiegermsheid: I don't mind ppl posting ONE aff link but posting it multiple times makes me unfollow. Also, ppl who only post links every tweet.
  • @steveinidaho: idk, truthfully. I unfollowed one who seemed interesting at first, but just kept sending "fluff" tweets - "thx, John", etc.
  • @FaireNews: excessive use of chattalk and smilies will make me unfollow. There are a gazillion words out there, use them.

Q: How do you define Twitter Spam? What separates an update from a spam-tweet?

  • @zemote: spam tweets are when people follow thousands and have very few followers and only post links. It is very pointless if they have very few followers, but for some reason they do still do it.
  • @zemote: non-spam tweets a user is involved in the conversation, but only occasionally does self-promotion
  • @latarahamying: tweet spam is when someone says "take a look at my pics" or when they tell you "hey you can make so and so $$ today"
  • @StacieBennett: Not sure on definition, but to me when EVERY tweet is 'new blog post' or 'check out my blog' etc. Talk about something else, lol
  • @mfartr: I think it's a volume issue not a content issue. If all sum1 does is send updates bout self it's spam, mix it up, contribute. and promoting affiliate products is definitely spam
  • @singlewahm: You were asking what constitutes Twitter spam. Here's a good example. http://twitter.com/askmichaelcurry

- - - -

So there you have it! If you want to build a solid following at Twitter, you should "tweet" a good mix of: conversation, news, reviews, feedback, tips, relevant information, resources and ideas.

And of course I should mention the cautions: dont be too self-promotional, boring, arrogant, ignore people or have one-sided conversations.

Of course, its not about building the largest following you can. Its about attracting the type of people you want to communicate with. Twitter provides a great platform for building relationships with influencers in your industry, and your target market, all in one convenient place.

Know your objective. Know who you want to meet, and who you want to meet you. Know how you want to be known, and what you want to be known for. And keep at least 90% of your tweets working in that direction πŸ˜‰

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p.s. If you missed the original post, see Twitter: Are you IN or OUT? I shared some of my own personal tips for using Twitter for networking & exposure. I also shared some specific ways to use Twitter for your business model. Check it out! Also see: 5 Ways to Build Your Following at Twitter

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  1. Very nice well done makes some good points and as a noob I can appreciate the insight from a more veteran person πŸ™‚

  2. Amy Miyamoto says

    Hi Lynn,
    What a great list! @RoyMontero and @aomoon pretty much sum up what draws me to follow someone:
    Authentic and Resources that Resonate!
    Solid recommendations by all on what to do and what not to do on Twitter - clever format too!

    Thanks Lynn, this culmination is a perfect example of how the power of a single tweet can add enormous value to so many.

  3. Thx for aggregarting twitter tips that are honestly felt by every tweeter.

    I missed this conversation on twitter. But my answers wud've been...

    Follow: People who tweet something valuable or desirable (at least to me).

    Unfollow: Tweeters who tweet with no personal touch (i hate talking to robots) or too much of personal information (i dont want a peek into daily beer logs)

    Spam Tweeter: Tweets nothing but affiliate or promotional links.

    πŸ™‚ shri

  4. I started following someone because she was in my area, then found out through her tweets that she was hitting on other women and a dominatrix on the west coast was her idol. TMI - UNFOLLOW - FAST!!

  5. LOL Lisa πŸ˜† Sometimes you can read their most recent tweets to get a good feel for the person before you decide to follow them, but sometimes you just learn along the way πŸ˜‰

    Shri - I agree on the "no personal touch". I love the conversational aspect of Twitter!

  6. Dan Reinhold says

    I made the list!

    I feel famous...

    Ahhh, no personal touch. As in "here's my latest blog post again"?? and nothing else.

  7. Those definitely annoy me. I usually overlook it if its someone I follow that actually tweets something besides "new blog post!". But then its a case-by-case basis too. For example I follow Brian Clark (copyblogger) specifically to get the link when he publishes a new blog post.

    I think new blog post links can be shared in a better way - like through conversation, or by opening a discussion on the topic. A personal touch with that goes a long way in my opinion.

  8. Allen Mireles says

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for this post. It has valuable info and I will re-tweet and share it with clients and colleagues.

    I follow you because your tweets and posts interest me. I follow others for the same reason and find I am learning new stuff every day. Love it.



  9. Great idea for a post, Lynn. As I gradually work out what I'm doing with Twitter, your example constantly inspires.

    I seem to follow people for a variety of reasons. Fame, knowledge, humor, links. In addition to web marketers, I follow a Bay Area shopkeeper, a London trivia buff and a Hollywood actress. Now and then I deliberately search for interesting people, but not too often.

    In a Business Week article on Twitter this week, they said it may not be mentally possible for a person to keep with the lives of more than 150 people. So far, I find a group under 50 enough for my time and interest. I have a bookmarks folder with a couple of dozen second stingers I check in on now and then.


  10. This is so cool how your article is built by Twitter posts. Some things I enjoy about Twitter are:

    1. Meeting new friends. It is great for that.

    2. Re-connecting with old friends. Gotta love it.

    3. Humor and fun. Okay I was the one who started the goofy false rumor of John Reese having a "Big Fat Greek Shotgun Wedding." rofl

    4. Links to interesting news stories. Lots of cool stuff I would have missed.

    5. How-to tips. You gave a great one today about best use of a thank you page in Aweber.

    6. Quotable quotes. I collect inspiring quotes and I find lots of good ones on Twitter.

    7. Staying in the loop of what people are up to. Better than the National Enquirer, ha ha.

    If there is a negative side to Twitter it would be that it can take up lots of time if you let it, but you are in control of your time so...

    Thanks again Lynn for such a great article.

    Mark Nolan


  11. Some cool list you got out there. Nice post

  12. Simon Leung says

    Thx for a great post!
    I re-tweeted this for you πŸ™‚


  13. Karen Moorhead says

    The only other thing I would add is humor. I added someone who is a comic and I love when he tweets and do retweet with his name so others can follow as well. Networking again. πŸ˜‰

    Well written.

    (and my twitter is a2karen)

  14. This is such a fun and informative post, Lynn.

    I would have to ditto @StacieBennett on all of her responses.

    Thanks Lynn for this post and thanks to everyone for some interesting and informative Tweets!


  15. This is very valuable information as I am new to Twitter and still getting a feel for how it will be useful for my VA business.

  16. Dulcita Love says

    Hi Lynn, What a great list. I have found Twitter an extremely powerful tool in making connections and keeping the pulse on trends, training, and getting to know people better. Dulcita Love @dulcitalove

  17. Coin Tricks says

    What's twitter? (just kidding).

    Btw.. nice list there πŸ˜‰

  18. Your post guilted me into updating my Twitter page, heh.

    I agree with a lot of these--the folks I end up following are the people who 1) I want to learn something from and 2) teach (through links, inspiration, etc.) in their Tweets.

  19. In a Business Week article on Twitter this week, they said it may not be mentally possible for a person to keep with the lives of more than 150 people.

    Interesting point, Wade. I dont pretend to keep up with all 250+ people that I follow on Twitter, but it makes for something interesting in the timeline just about any time of the day or night.

    Fortunately we can use Twitter Search (formerly Summize.com) to browse topics or find conversations by keyword/name anytime, which helps.

  20. This is very valuable information as I am new to Twitter and still getting a feel for how it will be useful for my VA business.

    Hi Cindi,
    Almost every day I see a tweet looking for a VA or outsourcing specific tasks. Twitter should prove be a great asset to you in your line of work!

  21. So any tactic to know how to find out the gold fast, effective and easily?

  22. The gold? I'm not sure what you're asking...

  23. What do you think I COULD mean by 'gold'.

  24. I give up. Feel free to clarify...

  25. No, no, no, no, no.
    I want to trigger your creativity. So when you come up telling me some of your solutions to that question I tell you some of mine. I like private email exchange for that. So you have my email.

  26. I didn't realize how important it is to add to your Twitter profile. It makes a lot of sense. After all, who would follow someone without a good profile, specially if they are strangers...After reading the list (most of which are in themselves great suggestions) I plan on updating my profile. Also, I will keep away from things such as smilies as suggested by @FaireNews.

  27. Good point 'Speed'. I often look at the profile/bio in the top right corner before I decide whether to follow someone or not. It helps to include your name, location & website at least.

    No, no, no, no, no. I want to trigger your creativity.

    Thank you, but I stink at guessing games. My schedule is a little too tight this week, or I would consider entertaining the offer. Feel free to contribute to the topic at hand here via comment if you like.

  28. Colleen Lilly says

    What a great idea! This is something I wish I would have thought to do - kicking my self for not going out of the box. Nice work!

  29. Charles Lau says

    Oh I didn't know that was being asked and was placed inside this blog. πŸ™‚

  30. Great list!. My biggest reason for unfollowing someone is different people who are promoting the same "get more followers" CB products. Twitter traffic machine in particular. Funny thing is that this product is listed at CB and if you really wanted to buy it you can do it with your own afflink. There are many free resources to get more followers and these people seem to be promoting this product just to get their money back. Pretty excessive.

    I have a question for other Twitters - Why *DO* you want to gain more followers?

    Personally I want more followers to go to my blog and eventually be able to create an email list. @Ryan700

  31. NYC Speed Dating says

    Great post. I agree with lindastacy, and also don't follow strangers with nothing in their profile. It's very much like a first impression on a first date, either you "have them at hello" or not. Tools like tweetdeck definitely help stay organized and prevent Twitter burnout.

  32. The short and "tweet" of it, Lynn ...

    I'll simply 'second' Amy Miyamoto's remarks!

  33. farbige kontaktlinsen says

    Thanks for sharing this, it will really improve my use of twitter.

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