Traffic Secrets 2.0 Update

John Reese sent out an update earlier this week regarding shipment of Traffic Secrets 2.0 orders, saying that all packages will be shipped out this week. If you ordered your copy of TS2 on July 15th, you should be receiving an email soon that includes the tracking number for your shipment.

If you didnt order Traffic Secrets 2.0, you'll be happy to know that the course is not being offered for a limited time and it will not "sell out". You can take your time about making the decision to invest in TS2. After much consideration, and more reviewing, I'll share some new thoughts with you on that point...

First, if you are not familiar with the product, or what all this course includes, you can read my original review here: Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review. You can also see the official site here.

I am still getting a lot of questions regarding this course, and whether it is right for you. I thought I would address that here as well. And after reading this, if you're still unsure feel free leave a comment below and ask. Or if you prefer, email me and let me know your specifics and I will give you my honest opinion.

For the record, I review A LOT of internet marketing courses, reports, software and other how-to material related to starting or running an online business. This being my 12th year in business, I've seen a lot of info products cross my desktop... and TS2 is getting a HUGE thumbs-up from me.

I will say that Traffic Secrets 2.0 is not your typical info-product with a basic list of strategies on how to get website traffic. Instead, it is a comprehensive guide to dominating your niche, and building a successful online business.

I can honestly say that there hasnt been anything of this depth available online since the monster course by the late Corey Rudl. And even that doesnt hold a candle to the up-to-date strategies and concepts that John Reese shares in TS2.

I have Corey Rudl's original IMC course, the original Traffic Secrets course, and the complete transcripts for TS2. And even with all that, and my experience and success in Internet Marketing already, I will be ordering a hard copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0 myself.

Why, you ask? Simple: for lifetime access to the TS2 community and mastermind group. I am also so incredibly impressed with the step-by-step lessons presented in the videos that I would like to test out the Action Tracker and the hard copy blueprints for myself.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 is the best thing I've seen hit the market in a LONG time. After a thorough review, I would easily call this your all-inclusive "internet marketing handbook". This is a product that you'll be referring back to time and again, for years to come.

Yes new marketing strategies will come out that you'll need to learn, but fortunately you also get lifetime updates when you order Traffic Secrets 2.0. That means you will get a FREE update every time John Reese updates the course. Add that to the ongoing support forum & mastermind group, and this is an incredible deal.

You cant learn up-to-date Internet Marketing strategies in any college. You cant possibly absorb everything you need to know at one industry conference. And there is no other course on the market that covers Internet Marketing like this one - not even close.

I have spent more than $397 on every single event I have ever attended. I have spent more than $397 per year, every year that I have been in business online.

The investment in Traffic Secrets 2.0 is a no-brainer.

Check it out for yourself:


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  1. Alan (new baby help guide almost ready) says:


    Thanks for keeping us up to date on this one.

    I think the fact that John Reese hasn't done one of those "buy it now before it goes" pitches that most IM people try is going to help his sales a lot. Had it been time-limited, I would have ignored it as I'm not ready for it now.

    Given that it will always be available, I'm more interested in keeping informed about it, especially from someone whose opinion I trust (yes, that means YOU).

    Thanks again,

  2. Rat Race Slave says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for posting a review on TS2. This looks really good but I have some questions for you:

    - Would you recommend this to a newbie? Someone who should get this product should have some sort of skill or knowledge to be successful with it. What do we need to get this?

    - How will TS2 contribute to the success of your business?

    - What can you find in the TS2 community and mastermind group? What can we expect there?

    Thanks in advance and more power to you!

  3. Rat Race Slave says:

    Sorry... wrong question on my previous post. 🙂 What I meant was, what skills should we have before getting the product.


  4. Hey Rat Race Slave. For your first question, I'm pretty sure you will find your answer within Lynn's TS2 review.

  5. John Miller says:

    @Rat Race

    I read somewhere (maybe it was here at Lynn's blog?) that if you didn't already have a website, it might not just be the right time to get it for now - until you were at that point. I have ordered the course but am still anxiously waiting for it - so I can't tell you for sure myself.

    A good place to start, though, would be the 30 day challenge that is starting August 1st: ( where you will learn a wealth of information that's made for the beginning marketer.

  6. Would you recommend this to a newbie? What skills should we have before getting the product?

    Traffic Secrets 2.0 is best for someone who has at least a basic business idea, and a basic plan in place.

    It is perfect for those people who have been "dabbling" online but have not yet consistently reached the $1,000/month mark.

    I would not necessarily recommend it to someone who walked up to me on the street and said "hey, what is internet marketing and how can I make money online?".

    I agree that the 30 Day Challenge would be a better starting point. And this is my referral link for that (its completely free - so thats a referral link, not an affiliate link:

    But once someone has gone through that 30 day challenge, TS2 is a great "Internet Marketing Manual" to move on to the next steps, and really turn their "project" into a very successful online business.

    Basic skills and basic knowledge are required, but can always be learned.

    How will TS2 contribute to the success of your business?

    For starters, it cuts out all the crap, the months and months (or even years) of research and studying, and gives you an ACTION plan (and an interactive one, at that). In addition to that you have ongoing support, community and mastermind groups to tap into - which is priceless.

    The one major thing TS2 will do for you is give you a birdseye view of your business model, and a direct path to success with it. There's just nothing else like it on the market.

    Its not just about getting a little traffic. Its about *dominating* your niche - in all the right ways - for a long term sustainable and profitable business.

    What can you find in the TS2 community and mastermind group? What can we expect there?

    For that, you should read what John Reese has to say: . He covers it pretty well in the sales letter.

  7. Charles Anderson says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I was recently introduced to you from following Willie Crawford. For about two weeks I have been receiving emails from you as well as following your blog.

    It is very refreshing to know that you are genuinely concerned about helping others succeed online. I am excited to know that, in you, I have found someone who can cut through the maze of internet offerings and recommend approaches as well as products that will help individuals succeed with internet marketing. I have been studying internet marketing from a distance, not willing to spend a fortune on products for newbies, without having a clear, bona-fide plan for success.

    Per your advice, I'm going to try the 30 day challenge you recommend, followed by John Reese's TS2 course. I was also planning to join your Elite Forum as well but, Iam a little hesitant to do so now, as I only have 3-4 hours a day to spend online. I would also like to try your Easy 7-Step Fast Cash Strategy with the hopes of generating some cash quickly. However, I don't want to become overwhelmed, in light of my time constraints. What do you think?


  8. Hi Charles,

    Glad you joined us! 😀

    You are wise to consider your time carefully. Too many people dive in head first and then realize they have no time left to implement what they are learning.

    Given your specific situation, I would advise you to hold off on both TS2 and on Elite Membership - and use the month of August to focus on the 30 Day Challenge. I have not reviewed the challenge personally, but I am joining in next month myself just for that purpose - I've heard great things about it from some of my members.

    You'll be primed to really take advantage of Traffic Secrets 2.0 after that, so you can wait and order it towards the end of August so it doesnt completely distract you from the challenge.

    In the meantime, you can visit my public forum anytime you have a question or want to brainstorm an idea - and then upgrade to Elite Member when you are a bit more grounded and ready to really dig in.

    Keep in mind too that the Fast Cash Strategy (and all my other products) are free to Elite Members - so you'll get a copy of that when you join us 😉

  9. Rat Race Slave says:

    Hello everyone,

    I just want to say thanks for being helpful! I am glad I found your site, Lynn 🙂

  10. Al Smith says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Just a quick note to say how much your efforts are appreciated.

    Thank you for setting the standards on frank, honest and open discussions regarding the internet marketing industry.

    Also wanted you to know that I have purchased Ts2 through what I hope is your JV link. I wouldn't want anyone but you to get credit for all the time you have put into this investigation and recommendation.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Al Smith

  11. Thank you Al 🙂 You are going to LOVE Traffic Secrets 2.0 - and yes, that is my link in the post above ( Keep me posted - I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as well!

  12. I look forward to reading an honest opinion about what you think after you've had it a while. I'd like to get it but $397 is above my disposable income right now.

  13. I'll be sure to keep updates fresh here at ClickNewz. I am looking forward to buying the physical copy and checking out the discussion & mastermind group "on the inside".

  14. Hi Lynn,I found this site while searching for a review for MicroNicheFinder.I have noticed something remarkable here...the candor of Lynn.It's difficult to see this online these days.

    I was going to buy TS2 before month end.I left Internet Marketing some three years ago.But I am planning to come back.

    I live in Nigeria,and it's not easy to cough out US$397 including $79 for shipping.But I am prepared to do this to ensure I get it right this time.

    I want to concentrate on list building,though I am still brainstorming which health niche to focus on.I honestly believe that TS2 will help me build a massive list that will keep me in this business for years to come.

    Thanks Lynn.

  15. Welcome to ClickNewz, Adetola - and thank you 😀

    Considering where you are with your venture, TS2 is a great product for you right now. It will really help you evaluate those micro niches and create a solid business model to grow some good roots online.

    You're smart to focus on building a readership within your niche, as that's a huge asset these days. Building a list has always been a great idea, but now more than ever you really want to connect with your readers and build a strong loyal relationship with them.

    Thanks for the comment - I look forward to hearing more from you!

  16. Lynn,
    It's me again.
    Well,you wouldn't believe this..I have just signed up for your Elite Member club.

    And this is the first time,the very first time,I am joining a membership site without even blinking an eye.I didn't need to think twice about this.I just knew there was something in for me here.Beside,you just come across to me as someone too sincere to want to fleece anyone.

    I am sure my membership will get me up to speed with my online business.

    I am waiting for 2checkout to validate my order.

    Thanks a million.

  17. Excellent - you should be "in" by the end of the day, Adetola 😉 The elite group meets on Thursday at Noon eastern for a live brainstorming hour, so plan to join us for that this week if you can!

  18. We had problem with our internet in the office today,and I couldn't check my mail.But I decided to drop by at the Cafe near my house hoping that 2checkout would have approved my order.Alas!No such thing has happened.Does it take this long to fraud-check orders?
    Hey,I am eager to get in to the Elite Membership site..o;

  19. Hi Adetola,

    I just sent you an email a few minutes ago - all I need is your username at the forum so that I can upgrade your account to Elite Member. If you haven't yet registered, you can do that at the main forum:

  20. did anyone ever actually use traffic secrets?

  21. John Reese has a new product out now at and I have a full review up at


  22. Lynn,
    I am just wondering whether Traffic Secret 2.0 is still relevant in 2011. There is a used version I am planning to buy if it is worth it.

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