Publications & Magazines for Writers

If you are a writer, whether an aspiring or published author, or you target that niche with your online business then you'll want to browse the following list of magazines and publications. You can find them on Amazon using the hyperlinks below, or find them (and others) in your local book store.

These magazines are gleaming with rich information and resources, providing both ideas and leads that you can use in your business - whether you're in the business of writing, or in the business of reaching writers...

The Writer - an excellent resource for writers, from fledgling to established, full-time to freelance. Each issue includes valuable writing tips from the best writers in the business. Included with your subscription is unlimited access to a searchable database of more than 3,000 publishers, publications, contests and agents. The Writer magazine also reviews all types of books about all types of writing, making it a must for every writer.

Writer's Digest - the #1 magazine for writers looking to improve their skills and get published. Our features and columns offer specific advice on writing and selling fiction and nonfiction books, stories, plays, magazine and newspaper articles, scripts and more. We provide information that helps writers succeed as they pursue their passion, through hands-on techniques from top authors, insider tips on working with agents and editors, listings of hot markets for their work, and news about the writing world. Advice from industry experts and inspiring stories from successful writers living the dream round out the package, month after month.

Writer's Journal is for writers of all levels as a guide to selling and publishing their work.

Contents cover improvement techniques in writing, style, editing, publishing, and copy writing, as well as research and marketing information. It features contests for various creative forms of writing.

Poets & Writers

Includes interviews with poets and fiction writers as well as essays written by established authors.

Also features news about the publishing community and coverage of political issues of interest to writers.

Writer's Chronicle

Publication presenting essays, news, articles, and other information designed to inform and entertain writers, editors, students, and teachers of writing.

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  1. Janis Miller says:

    Hey, Lynn, thanks for all these great resources. I have seen the first two, but not the last three! Help with writing is always good so the more resources the better IMHO :oD. Looking forward to Tuesday's webinar!

  2. Thank you Janis - I found them interesting as well. In addition to the writing that I do online, I have several titles in the works behind the scenes (unrelated to my ebiz). These got my interest - and you can also find more by looking at the related mags on each of the Amazon pages. I prefer scouting good mags (& books & products) on Amazon simply because I can read reviews and get an idea if they are right for me.

    Anyway, yes - looking forward to the webinar tomorrow myself. It will be great to connect with everyone & catch up a bit after missing it last week!

  3. Melissa Ingold says:

    Thank you for these great magazines. As a writer new resources are always a good find.

  4. I am the editor and publisher for Mamas News Magazine, this will be a very useful resource. Thanks!

  5. The funny thing is most bloggers don't consider themselves to be writers - when that is what we do primarily!

    Expanding our skills as writers is essential to the development and success of our blogs.

    Great resources!

  6. Katherine Reschke says:

    Amazon must have sent us the same email as before you posted this I signed up for the Writer. I am looking forward to getting some inspiration.

  7. Great minds must be on the same notification lists, Katherine 😉

  8. I was just checking out and thought to add it here for you guys to check out as well. The author is @dwax on Twitter. Very cool site for those of you that are writers, or work within that niche. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for the list of Magazines. I've heard of readers digest, but not writers digest. Interesting.

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