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The Net Effect is a brand new print publication put out by the StomperNet team. Referred to as "the stompernet magazine" around the web, this new monthly publication is much more than just a magazine. It is 45 pages of full-color screen shots, step-by-step tutorials and in-depth marketing strategies.

There is quite honestly nothing to compare it to on the market to date. Be sure to watch my video above to get a sneak peak of The Net Effect, and hear about some of the key features that have me excited about sharing this great new publication with you!

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  1. Now I understand your laughter and excitement! I can only keep my eyes peeled for it to arrive... 🙂

    Phil Wong

  2. Lynn, Just had to share an update on the Net Effect. Confession first: I subscribed and eagerly listened to the free cds and skimmed the first 3 issues with the back cover being the focal point. So many action steps pushed the magazines to my ROUNDTUIT file, until...

    Just this month, I decided to put the magazine in a place I KNOW I will go to read it every day. I found I was actually CONSUMING the information from cover to cover! This is one of the best things I've done so far in 2009. The NET EFFECT overdelivers with the TOP NOTCH pros that write for it as well as the clearcut presentation of the information.

    I am so grateful to you, Lynn, in persevering with this launch and doing all you did for us who knew the value of what Stompernet offers. I'm finally consuming and implementing on a small scale and on the right foot, which is a good start.

    best for now, Mary

  3. Hi Lynn,
    It seems that the link above is not working... Do you know if The Net Effect still exists?

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