The Big Secret StomperNet Isn’t Telling

By now you have probably heard that StomperNet is about to release two new products. Stomping the Search Engines 2.0, which is an in-depth SEO training course (and they have the best SEO experts on staff!).

And The Net Effect, a new print publication that takes ___ to a whole new level. Gosh, I cant even think of a word to fill in that blank - there's simply nothing comparable on the market! You cant compare it to an ebook, a magazine, a report... just click that link and check out my video if you havent already. That will help explain it.

Anyway, word is getting out. People are hearing some buzz about both of these products. Especially from those that just attended StomperNet Live6 in Atlanta last weekend, or happen to have preview copies of the journal and the DVD's.

But there's a big secret under wraps about it all, and you've probably caught on...

I'm one of those people that happens to have a copy of both products, and also just attended that live event, so I have a bit of an inside scoop. The "big secret" is about the pricing.

I talked to the StomperNet team in detail about this upcoming release while I was in Atlanta last weekend. And I'm terrible at keeping a secret. I've never even been able to get away with even the smallest white lie either (just check out my video - its hard to miss! lol). So this "secret" has really had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Here's the deal. I signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I cant tell you everything. All I can say is EVERYONE will be able to afford this new product. And I mean everyone.

Take 3 minutes and read this letter from Andy Jenkins. He gives a lot of detail on Stomping the Search Engines 2.0, and what you can expect in the package.

The price for this product is $497, but they have an INSANE campaign that will start next week that is going to allow you to get a copy of StSE2 at... well, not at that price. It's all about getting major exposure for their new print journal titled The Net Effect (which you already know I am super excited about!).

Everybody is sick of launches. Everybody is sick of high-ticket products. Me too. Dont worry - this is one you're going to want to hear all about, and you're going to super happy with the "news"! (when they finally let me spill it!!)

For now, check out my video, read Andy's letter, and then just stay tuned. There's nothing for sale here - just a quick update to ease your curiosity a bit, because I know the buzz is getting people 'skeptical' about what's coming up.

Trust me - the buzz is genuine. People are talking about this for a reason 😉

That's it for now... Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: I have published a full review of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 so be sure to see that post for even more details...

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  1. Annie Binns says:

    The suspense is killing me.

    Really. It's painful.

    Like slamming the car door on your finger.

    Are you sure you signed your full legal name on that NDA?

    Would you lose your affiliate status if you told us just a little more? Little teeney weeney bit more? I swear I won't tell anyone.


    - Annie

  2. I'm quite sure, Annie 😆

    I must say, they have extended great courtesy to me as a non-member, allowing me to attend their events as a guest and "spy" on their operation a bit - including talking to faculty, staff and even members throughout the weekend. They have been nothing but upfront - transparency is evident with this group.

    You'll see more of that as these products get released in the coming week, and see exactly what I mean. Very impressive... I feel confident you'll agree.

    Given my renewed interest and deep respect for the company, there's no way I'd falter on my end of the deal 😉 But boy, I'd love to!! *grin*

  3. Fire Safety says:

    Hi Lynn

    Good to see you at SN last week and, when you wouldn't tell me your secret coz of the NDA, yes, I was in the know and yes, your friends are going to be chuffed to bits when you can spill.

    I've been a member of SN for a looonnnng time now and it's worth flying the pond for so I'm sure that the new Net Effect is going to sell out

    ps - glad that ATL was safer this time around

  4. Sandy Naidu says:

    $497...Hope that is a yearly price...So its around $40 a piece...I can't wait for their offer next week.

  5. Sandy,

    Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 is a physical product, so the retail price tag of $497 is a one-time payment to get the product. No subscription, or membership involved there.

    The Net Effect, their new monthly print publication, is a separate offer.

    Of course, like I said... I have the "inside skinny" and can tell you now that you wont have to pay $497 to get StSE2. I cant say anything else just yet - just that the pricing is going to be key, and at a point where *everyone* is going to be able to get in on this offer 😉

  6. ps - glad that ATL was safer this time around

    LOL - me too! 😀 No driving around the city for me this trip haha. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm sure you share my enthusiasm for what's rolling out!

  7. Robert Nelson says:

    I revise mine to be free, as that is the "only way" everyone can afford it

  8. Wild guess. FREE dvd (affordable to anyone - just pay S&H) and forced continuity on the "The Net Effect" (monthly magazine)?


  9. I figure if it can generate long term solutions to traffic and seo then the price may very wellbe worth it!

  10. It'll definitely be worth its price 😉

  11. Millionaire Mentor says:

    WOW! I'll wait for its release! Just can't wait to see it out.

  12. Hooray they got the technical details working and the shopping cart is a go, just finished my checkout process and was quite intrigued by all the very cool offers they had. I can't wait for my box to come in the mail!

  13. Very cool, Loretta - glad you got "in"!

    For anyone waiting, the offer is live at:

    Enjoy 😀

  14. Jacques | E-mail Campaign says:

    OK, it is now a year later, and time for honest post-mortems. While I know that a year is a very long time in the world of the internet (that is only all of 40 years old) I am still intrigued as to how successful these offerings have been. Maybe a follow up post with stats could be interesting?

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