Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 Review

Update: Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 is now available!
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You already know how excited I am about The Net Effect, which is the new print publication that StomperNet is releasing next week. But at the same time they are also releasing a new stand-alone product: Stomping the Search Engines 2.0, an in-depth SEO training course in DVD format.

There is a lot of buzz about both products (and for good reason), but as I mentioned in a previous post there's also a big secret involved. No worries - everything will be exposed by Wednesday so just stay tuned. In the meantime I promised you a full review of StSE, so here goes (the good, the bad & the ugly)...

Stomping the Search Engines 2.0: The Launch

This product will be available on Wednesday, September 3rd at 2pm. You can watch the countdown and also see an outline of the entire SEO course here.

The launch campaign is titled Liberty and Justice For All, and in my opinion Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon are really on target with this one. Like I said in my last post: Everybody is sick of launches. Everybody is sick of high-ticket products. You'll understand why they're calling it "Liberty and Justice for all" soon enough... and you'll love it!

The retail price for StSE 2.0 is $497, but you will not have to fork over that chunk of cash to get your hands on this product. Hint: they are going to do an insane special offer on StSE 2.0 to get exposure for The Net Effect - their new print publication.

I know that StomperNet has annoyed more than a few people in the past with their high-profile launches. To be fair, it was less StomperNet that was annoying and more the Internet Marketing group and their hardcore promotion tactics (bonus wars, pushy mailings, etc).

The StSE product release is NOT going to be a high dollar product push like you may have seen from them before, and its not a limited time offer. This is a physical product that will stay on the market. If you're feeling skeptical, or just dying of curiosity, read my previous post. It clears up a few things.

Stomping the Search Engines 2.0: The Product

Let me start out by telling you why this product should interest you. There are some people (experts, gurus or whatever) that will tell you to stay away from SEO. That SEO is bad, or that you can never count on it. They say you should pay for traffic instead, or use other methods to get traffic to your website.

To each his own. I make a killing off my listings in the search results, so I'm not dumb enough to ignore the power of SEO. And you shouldnt ignore it either.

A common misconception is that SEO is hard to do. Its too competitive. It changes too much. You invest blood, sweat & tears only to get "slapped" by Google and start back at square one.

That's only true if you're doing it wrong.

And that's the #1 reason you should take an interest in Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 - so you can learn how to do it right, and start enjoying some seriously nice consistent income from your website!

Maybe those are just words on your screen. Understandable. Let me give you some tangible proof so you can see for yourself - and so you dont feel like I'm just blowing smoke about this whole thing.

I'm only going to show you a few examples. I actually own dozens of niche sites (yes, outside of IM) but I'm not going to share those so you'll have to use your imagination and consider the power of duplication. I should also point out that search results vary based on timing, your location, etc - so you may not see the exact same results on your end.

  • I currently rank #3 on Google for Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review, which launched about 6 weeks ago.
  • I currently rank #3 & #4 for BANS Review.
  • I rank #1 for download think and grow rich, #10 for think and grow rich, and #1 for think and grow rich mp3 (that one fluctuates between 1 & 4)
  • I published a new blog post a few days ago that already ranks #4 for starting a free online business.
  • I rank #3 for internet marketing blog
  • And just check out this beautiful #1 spot for learn internet marketing!

Those are just a few examples of what a top 10 listing can mean, and why SEO is so important to your online business. I've gone so far as to show screenshots with income proof, but I wont bore you with those here. Suffice it to say that these listings contribute very nicely to my online income.

And yes, some of those rankings are fairly new - but I have pages that have held rank for several years straight now, providing a consistent stream of passive income.

So now you know why SEO is important your success online. Now the question is whether Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 can help you learn SEO and achieve some of those same results yourself...

I snagged the photo above from Brad & Andy's website. This is not an info-product with a cute cover graphic. It is a physical product, and that's what it really looks like. You'll receive it in the mail, open up the case, and pop the DVD into your player.

The entire StSE 2.0 video course is on one DVD. The second DVD you see in the picture above is a bonus DVD (the original StSE audio course).

The course is broken down into 12 modules. You can skip around, fast forward, go back... and basically learn what you want, when you want. I started from the beginning and worked my way through start to finish, in order, which is obviously recommended your first go round.

I'll admit that the introductory module was a bit of a chew. Not because it wasnt a great intro - but it was either Brad Fallon's tone (sorry Brad!) or maybe just the fact that I'm already familiar with the information presented in that module (the basics).

I also dont like video - I just dont have the attention span for it. Fortunately Andy Jenkins piped in for half of that first module. He has a much more upbeat tone and really drew me back in. But it was the next section that really perked my ears...

Andy Edmonds kicked off the more technical talk which started in Module 2 "How Search Engines Work". He shared all the options we have with the 3 major search engines, and warns you against the options you want to stay away from (and why). This is where it really started getting good.

Module 3 kicks off with Dan Thies. I really like Dan - and actually he reminds me of my son. He has a dry sense of humor and somewhat of a low tone. I've heard him speak a handful of times, and have always had a hard time keeping up with him. Not the case here. I was really impressed with how well he came across in this module.

Dan went into keyword and content strategy. Your keyword strategy affects everything you do - from site structure (how you lay out your site) to link building to your long-term plan. He also talked about intent and how it relates to the success of your site with SEO. This is something he discussed at the StomperNet conference last weekend too - great topic.

I cant really give you a play by play on every single module, but here's a quick rundown on what you'll find inside the Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 course:

Course Overview:
- How Spiders Work
- Keyword Strategy
- Navigation & Crawlability
- On Page SEO, Step by Step
- Link Building & Promotion
- Measuring Results

For the record, “stomping” the search engines is not about beating or tricking the search engines. Its about getting better rankings and more profit from the SERPs (which stands for: search engine results pages). It's about understanding how the search engines work, and how you can dominate your niche through profitable listings and smart optimization strategies.

And this is not your basic SEO knowledge. They share the basics of course, but also talk about aggressive marketing strategies that are meant to build 6-figure online businesses. Its the same type of stuff that hundreds of members pay $800/month to learn through StomperNet's elite membership option.

But again, you're not going to pay $800/month - or even the $497 retail price - for this SEO course. When you see the price tag on this in a few days, you're going to be shocked (in a good way!). And you're definitely going to want to get your hands on this detailed step-by-step information so you can start using it to make some serious money on the internet.

I'm lovin' it. My review on this course is thumbs-up, all the way. I plan to go back through the course and listen in again even. I already enjoy good rankings and know SEO fairly well, but I took quite a few notes during this review myself.

I dont really care for video format, so I dont mind to say that I actually like The Net Effect (the print publication) a lot better than the StSE DVD course. But I learned quite a bit by 'toughing it' and paying attention - and yes, there was a lot of information covered that I didnt already know. I really got fired up about revisiting some of my sites and checking in on current rankings. I'm anxious to get to work on it! *grin*

The cool thing is that you are going to be able to get both products together: The Net Effect (print publication) and Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 (video course). The date is Wednesday September 3rd, the offer will be awesome (!!), and the products are both a must-have for any online marketer.

Andy & Brad, and the entire StomperNet team, have really outdone themselves with this one. I'm impressed, and have a renewed and very deep respect for what they are doing for the industry with this release.

Trust me - you're going to love it! 😉

p.s. Keep an eye on the website as Andy is updating it with new information leading up to the release. The release date again is Wednesday, September 3rd, so mark your calendar! You can also sign up for my newsletter - I'll send you a reminder email on that day, with the exciting secret price details too of course!

Update: Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 is now available!
Get it here (free!)

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  1. Alan (new baby help guide now available) says:

    Wow Lynn, you sound as excited as a schoolgirl!

    I'm really intrigued as to what this special offer is - and where we will get pressed for the real cash afterwards! Still, if it's as good as you make out, it will be worth it.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Hi, Lynn,

    You have got me hooked on this SEO stuff. I really love working with the puzzle of imagination to creation to manifestation. What I mean by that is 1-deciding on an idea, 2-researching words that mean the most to others about it, 3-monetize solutions, and 4-put it in a public arena, by blog, website, article, then 5-test.

    It really makes sense to learn it the right way. I've played around with mediocre ways. I've dragged my feet on doing things that I just didn't understand. I've made mistakes online that are still floating around, lol-what's posted stays public on the WWW.

    And, my biggest faux paux: doing nothing rather than make a mistake, ignoring one of my true values, to stand up within. This is changing!

    The action plan for marketing our offline business online is in process, I'm doing what I'm learning about SEO and it's fun.

    Thank you, Lynn!. Looking forward to Wednesday.

    Have a great Labor Day, everyone - a day to celebrate our freedom to work the way we want, on what we want, for what we want. I've heard it said and I'm thinking it's true: I don't HAVE to work, I GET to!

    Working smart rather than hard is what I am learning to do with what you are teaching us, Lynn, and guiding me to do. Glad I'm in this place at this time. On to the family barbecue.

    Best for now,

  3. Amy Miyamoto says:

    You have me thoroughly intrigued to learn more. Looking forward to more details come Wednesday.
    Happy Labor Day! 😉

  4. Lynn,

    Just wondered, since you're son is just getting in to his IM business, what he thinks of the product? It would be interesting to see a review from a beginner's point of view, though with you as his Mom, I'm not sure he'd be considered a beginner. He's probably learned a lot from you via osmosis and Vulcan mind melds *chuckling*

    De bi

  5. Scott Tousignant says:

    Lynn, I appreciate your honesty, sincerity, and the approach that you take with affiliate marketing.

    I seriously would have passed up the offer on The Net Effect and the dvd series of videos if it wasn't for your reviews.

    I will be clicking through your affiliate link on Wednesday at 2pm and just wanted to thank you for helping me make an informed decision.

    I appreciate everything that you do Lynn. Keep up the awesome work. You truly are making a difference

    Scott Tousignant

  6. Lynn, you are a machine! I've been reading and monitoring your posts this last two weeks and all I can say is: WOW! What a great example you are for anyone wondering how to build their business with blogging. 🙂

    And just one question about this Stompernet thing: you have certainly hooked me with curiosity and I'm very eager to see what they have for us. Do you think it will be a good complement to Traffic Secrets 2? How much is duplicate information? (BTW, I'm thrilled with TS2--I can thoroughly recommend it and plan to for all my clients.) Sounds like this may be more in-depth info on a sub-section of TS2.

    Happy Labor Day; hey watch that excessive laboring thing—you DO take breaks, don't you!? 😉

  7. BTW, if you have ever wanted to provide commenters with the option to edit posts for a limited time (to fix typos and whatnot ala Digg) I've found this plug-in is marvelous for that and saves me a lot of time correcting someone's typo for them:

    ok, time for me to go relax and get ready for Wednesday's mad StomperNet rush…


  8. Thank you Zack - I'll certainly check that out. I usually edit obvious typos on my end if I catch them (or if readers message me and request it) but that looks like a nice option to add.

    Do you think it will be a good complement to Traffic Secrets 2? How much is duplicate information? (BTW, I’m thrilled with TS2–I can thoroughly recommend it and plan to for all my clients.) Sounds like this may be more in-depth info on a sub-section of TS2.

    Traffic Secrets 2.0 is a whole different monkey. I've had so many questions about that though, that I'm planning to revisit TS2 and do a comparison post here on ClickNewz to help people understand the differences - plus a few new points I want to share. Keep an eye out for that 😉

    In the meantime, I'll just say this: Traffic Secrets 2.0 is a great step-by-step blueprint for running a successful online business. Yes it does have an entire section devoted to search marketing - but its not an "seo course" like Stomping the Search Engines 2.0.

    If the question is whether you can afford both courses, or you're going back and forth between which one to get, that wont be an issue. You'll see on Wednesday *grin*...

    And yes, I do take breaks 😀 The cool thing about my lifestyle is that I can work in spurts - put in a lot of time or pull a few all-nighters, and then enjoy a much more relaxed week. I love it!

  9. Scott - THANK YOU 🙂 Words like that make my day! I know you are going to love The Net Effect - it'll be right up your alley!

  10. I’m really intrigued as to what this special offer is - and where we will get pressed for the real cash afterwards!

    Hey Alan,
    I have the full scoop on the whole sha'bang, so I'll just say this: you'll be pleased with the offer, thrilled with the product, and any other offer that comes your way in the process will be only an option. Andy Jenkins made it a point to say 'we will not disrespect your readers or disappoint you by hard-selling them like dogs' (paraphrase lol).

    Andy really impressed me with his total transparency (which was the reason for the NDA- non disclosure agreement) and his assurance that we (publishers) wouldnt be put through the ringer like we have with other product releases in the past.

    That, combined with the quality of the product(s), is why I am so eager to share this with you. If you want to know the truth about it, I dont stand to earn as much during this "launch" as I have with other products you've seen come out this year. So I'm standing behind this for a whole 'nother set of reasons 😉

  11. Thank you Amy! And Mary - you are right on track! I have really enjoyed working with you on the specifics of both your business models. You're on a great roll!

    Debi - lol at vulcan mind melds & osmosis 😆

    Just wondered, since you’re son is just getting in to his IM business, what he thinks of the product? It would be interesting to see a review from a beginner’s point of view...

    Actually, we were just discussing it last night. I stayed up late to finish my review and Zack came down to ask me a few questions about WordPress and Adsense optimization.

    Its really cool to have another IM'er in the house *grin* - but even cooler to have a total beginner standing right in front of me. It gives me opportunity to tap into that perspective and understand what the real questions are. I have a feeling his interest in online business is going to benefit us ALL *smile*.

    Anyway, he really took an interest in the DVD while I was reviewing it - and is going to go through it next. From MY perspective, its a great A to Z course. The fact that I was antsy in the beginning (with the getting started info) alone was proof of that. But by Module 2 & 3 I was really perking up - much of it I knew, but with some cool spins here and there. And it just went on to get better and better!

    The thing is, these guys are PROs. Everybody knows Andy & Brad are good at search marketing... but Andy Edmonds, Dan Thies, Jerry West, etc. - it would normally cost you an arm and a leg to learn from SEOs of this caliber!

    Back to the point, I cant wait to have Zack go through the entire course, and also read Traffic Secrets 2.0, and really "get" the depth of opportunity. I've invited him to dig into anything in my IM library (which is huge! lol) and look forward to seeing him excel...

  12. Free Social Networking Ebook-Eren says:

    All I can say Lynn- is WOW- i am a total SEO fan.
    I think it's the best opportunity that someone can have for passive income - especially the small biz owners starting out that don't have huge marketing budgets.
    You've definitely gotten me excited about this product.
    To tell you the truth- I have emailed Stompernet saying- hey what about those of us who can't afford those 800 bucks a month?
    I guess they read my email-LOL
    looking forward to this,
    Eren Mckay

  13. Tina Williams says:


    Your review is as honest and sincere as you said it would be! Thanks for putting some faith back into the IM Review Game. Clearly, you opinion is one to trust.

    Question...if I was only able to get one product right now which one would you think would be the better choice , this one or Traffic Secrets 2.0?

    Appreciate your thoughts.

  14. I guess If I wasn't as hard headed or financially strapped as I currently am I would definitely get more excited about launches like this, but the reality is that I would much rather learn the hard way - free.

    It seems to have worked thus far, and I have yet to spend a penny on a launch or product in my 9 months online - but I do spend quite a bit of time through trial and error.

    I must say this though, I know this product is going to be a killer and anyone who can't seem to get their SEO and SEM shoes to fit right needs to invest their time and money to learn from two of the best.

  15. Eren, you're not alone - I've had similar talks with key people in the StomperNet team. Obviously they ARE listening 😉

    Tina - I discussed Traffic Secrets 2.0 in a comment above (labeled 2:00pm) or here is he direct link: Take a peak at that, and let me know if it answers your questions. I've been asked this a lot so I'll do a new post with a comparitive review as well.

  16. I guess If I wasn’t as hard headed or financially strapped as I currently am I would definitely get more excited about launches like this, but the reality is that I would much rather learn the hard way - free.

    Hey Elijah,
    Get excited. You wont be left out of this one 😉

    That's all I can say about that... *smile*

  17. Hi Lynn

    I finally finished module 7 of Stomping 2 yesterday and it is tough to go through it all in rapid succession and write a detailed review.

    Still that's what I've done and my review is even longer than yours.

    STSE2 is an excellent product for anyone serious about improving SEO but it does take effort.

    Certainly watching the videos has added a lot to my to do list (bad news) but hopefully I will reap the benefits.


  18. I'm sure it is, Paul - I had considered posting my notes from every module but it was just getting ridiculously long.

    I agree that going through the course and then optimizing your site takes some effort, but the return is WELL worth it. Without SEO, it takes a lot more effort to get the same results (and/or a sizeable investment into PPC and other forms of advertising).

    You will most certainly 'reap the benefits' if you follow the steps. And even quicker than you might think 😉

    Here is one good example: This morning I rank #1 for Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 Review:


  19. Thank you, Lynn, I am anxiously awaiting while you reveal the "secret." Thanks for keeping us up to date on this offer!

    Live joyfully,

  20. The "secret" is OUT!

    Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 AND the premier issue of The Net Effect are going to be FREE. Yes, free 😀

    I'll give you more details soon - I'll post a full Q&A here at ClickNewz shortly 😉

  21. Alan (new baby help guide now available) says:

    Free? Oh no, I can't afford that!


  22. I have a full Q&A post coming out next with all the details that will answer any questions you might have. Watch for it 😉

  23. I'm still hoping for mine to be signed 🙂

  24. I did ask, RJ - no answer yet, but I did ask 😉

    That FAQ I promised is here:

  25. Just in case I miss the grand opening...;>) shoot me an email if you can to check out this offer lynn, interested in checking it out further and possibly ordering.

  26. Will do, Edwin!

    Make sure you are subscribed to my weekly tips:

    People get confused about which list they are on - webinar notifications, blog updates, etc, but that is my main site and best way to stay in touch!

  27. Looks like the new opening time has just been changed to 3:00 PM EST.

    I SO had my clicker-finger poised just now! 🙂

    Well I guess I can study another hour of TS2 before I order StSE2 😉

  28. You're right, Zack- we were just discussing that in the newer post at

    One hour and counting now 😉

  29. Hello,
    Are we all still waiting to order stomper net?
    It's 210 pst? I do not see a button or link to order.
    Are you guys having the same challenge? Please let me know when you can. Thanks much,,,,,,,,,Del

  30. Yes, still waiting Del. I am posting all the updates at:

    Join us there - I'm giving updates as they come in.

  31. Hi: Lynn thanks for the review and offer...tempting and will get the free stuff.

    My question is: How do think this compares to Aaron Wall's SEOBook (and his other resources? I think he now has a monthly coaching membership program maybe)?

    Thanks! great site

  32. Hi Jerry,

    The offer is live now at:

    I really like Aaron Wall's SEO Book - and Aaron Wall in general. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend his stuff (any of it, to anyone). That said, the SEO Course from StomperNet is free if you get in on the trial offer for The Net Effect...

    Its hard to beat free 🙂

    As for quality, its a great course with a very step-by-step feel to it. Top notch.

  33. Scott Tousignant says:

    Well it was worth the wait just to go through that awesome sales process.

    I'm hooked on these guys already thanks to the review and feedback received from you Lynn.

    I can see myself as a Stompernet member if they open the doors again.

    Thanks for all the info Lynn. I can't wait to apply these techniques.

    Scott Tousignant

  34. Thank you Scott - and agree, definitely worth the wait. I will be at Live7 in January - maybe I'll see you there! As for membership, I'll get the details on that soon. I just may be able to find us a back door 😉

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