Stomping the Search Engines 2 (FAQ)

The big secret is out! Until now, the pricing of Stompernet's new SEO Course Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 was not disclosed. In fact, those of us where were 'in the know' had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and agree not to share any details until 24 hours before its public release.

That hour is now πŸ™‚ Stomping the Search Engines 2.0, and The Net Effect, will both be available on Wednesday September 3rd at 2pm eastern. And you are going to be able to get them both for free. Yes free.

That "crazy price" raises a lot of questions, so here's a quick rundown of the most common Q&A (so far) in case this cool news raised your eyebrows (too!) and set off your 'skeptic-meter'...

Let me backtrack a bit in case you're just now joining us. You'll want to start with my Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 Review. That will tell you what this product is, and why you should be interested in it. Also see my video on The Net Effect, which is the 2nd product in this package.

The retail price for Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 is $497. You will have opportunity to purchase it at that price (um.. ???) if you would rather not get it for free (???). The order page will be here, and as I said above it will be live on Wednesday September 3rd at 2pm EDT.

The Price: $0

To clear up any potential skepticism, I'll share the full details on this with you. I have been an affiliate for Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins (Stompernet owners) for over 4 years, since their original product was released in 2004. I have also attended the last two StomperNet Live events as a guest, and spoke in detail with their affiliate manager and several key team members.

All that just to let you know that what I am sharing with you is fact, and that I am getting the details straight from the source.

It has been 4 years since Brad & Andy have released a physical product. Their original product was an audio SEO Course. Since that course was taken off the market, their primary "product" has been membership into StomperNet, which is a high-end eBiz training & coaching offer. The price for admission to StomperNet is $800/month. Well worth it no doubt, but way out of price range for the majority.

Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 carries that same quality of training as a high-end 8-module video course, but at an affordable one-off price for those who just cant swing the recurring $800 monthly payment.

At the same time, they are also releasing their brand new print publication titled The Net Effect. It will be available for a subscription rate of $39.97. Before you balk at that price, you really must see my video. StomperNet is known for their quality, and they've spared no expense with The Net Effect πŸ˜‰

The bottom line: They want to get major exposure for The Net Effect, and so they are giving away a copy of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 and the premier edition of The Net Effect as a means of letting you decide for yourself if its something you'd like to subscribe to (trust me - you will!).

Is It Really Free?

"What's the catch?" Dont feel bad, I asked the same question :p

StomperNet is being completely transparent about this offer, so you dont have to worry about being trapped into some hidden forced continuity deal or anything like that.

You will get both products for free as promised. The only cost to you is shipping & handling. You can continue to get The Net Effect if you absolutely love it (you're going to love it!), otherwise you can cancel at any time and pay nothing at all.

S/H Costs

The shipping & handling cost is going to be somewhere in the range of $10-$15 for people in the US, $20-$25 for people outside the US.

By the way, it isnt going to take 2 weeks or more to get these products in the mail. Unlike some product developers (*ahem*) this is not a "print on demand" situation. The products are already printed and ready to ship out the door!

Cancellation Policy

When you get your copy of The Net Effect, flip open the front cover - right there on the first page you'll find cancellation instructions. Andy also said that he is setting up an automated self-cancel option so that you can bypass "customer support" and manage your subscription easily at any time.

My Take

I am really impressed with how the StomperNet team is handling this release. They know very well how you feel about high-ticket products, forced continuity, and all the other tricks in that bag.

They are being very open and upfront about the details of this "launch" and have obviously heard you loud and clear. That is evident in every detail of this offer.

One Last Note

I am a JV Partner for StomperNet, and this is my referral link to get your free copies of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 and The Net Effect on Wednesday at 2pm eastern.

If you would like to pay full retail price for Stomping the Search Engines 2 instead of taking them up on the free offer to check out The Net Effect, by all means - feel free to do so (*grin*).

Obviously there is no percentage of $0, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would use my referral link as the person that referred you to their site for the free offer.

With some programs, the first person to refer you to a merchant gets credit. With others it is the last referral that gets credit. That is the case with this offer - the last link you click on before accepting the offer is credited for referring you.

So if you've been following along through my videos and reviews and updates, but also clicking on other links too, you may want to come back here to use this link on Wednesday when you get ready to request your free products.

That's it for now. Make a note to check in on Wednesday, September 3rd at 2pm eastern to get yourself on the list for your 2 free products!


p.s. Andy & Brad just added a video to their site too, that explains more about StomperNet and the StSE 2.0 offer.

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  1. I also went back and put my order through again - it definitely had not gone through the first time. Now I see what you all mean about the hard sell upgrades. I also went with the slimline version - after I had passed up the full package. I would have been upset if I had ordered the full package and then found out about the slimline version!

    So...thanks again Lynn for all your hard work! hope you make some serious cash from this πŸ™‚

  2. Just read Jenn's posts above and I ended at the same page. I didn't check my email after ordering but, just did (in fear) and I received seperate confirmation emails for each item I purchased. Fear gone!!! I did save every order page before I submitted, just in case.

    Not sure if taking the no frills originals was good or not. Temptaion got the better of me. Can't hurt.

    I would expect that most of the orders would ship within a couple days. Depending on the service they chose, I would expect to see the package within 7-14 days. After the server meltdown at launch, > 24 hr delay, and then add to that slow fullfilment ... not very good for customer relations.

    One thing for everyone to remember, and it is true, "good news travels slow, bad news travels fast". By that I mean that the majority of the people will tell a small group the good while the same people will tell everyone the bad.

    Also, bad experiences are always remembered in our minds.

    Well back to camping out. Not sure what I'll do if I'm at the mailbox waiting and they ship it UPS and not USPS and they need a signature. πŸ™‚


  3. I'm convinced. Signing up now (through your link, of course!). The guys seem like nice guys too. Excited to receive the stuff and put it all to work. Thanks, Lynn.

  4. Most welcome, Bessca - and thank you (Alan & Lisa too!) for using my link. Even if you know in advance you are going to cancel your subscription before it bills, I still appreciate it - I am most interested in tracking the interest, the retention rate, and all the nitty gritty details.

    Your support to your readers has been second-to-none.

    Thank you Alan! Comments like that make day πŸ˜€

    I am behind this for a reason, and to be quite honest there are other products that could have earned more money on the front end (obviously)... but I just cant recommend this one highly enough. I've been referring you guys to Dan Thies' free site & free ebook since I found it in April... and this is simply the next step. SEO has made a HUGE difference in my business - and more importantly in my income πŸ˜‰

  5. I apologize for the paypal comment - I was tired when I wrote that yesterday - its not an option on the order page even. Sorry for the confusion!

  6. John Jaworski says:

    I love all the comments and couldn't be happier that the site finally went live. I'm certain that if you take the time to absorb the information you get and then TAKE ACTION you'll be pleasantly surprised!

    RE One Time Offers:
    Take notes here folks - this should have been a major lesson in marketing! Stompernet gave you an incredible offer and then gave you the option to get more great stuff at a great price. If there was something you are now thinking you might want - sign up again at Lynn's link and jump on it before this is over (Cancel the second membership - unless you read in Stereo!)
    OTO's work! Does everyone take advantage of them - no of course not, but enough do to make it very worth while doing them.

    What's the downside to Stompernets OTO's. What if you decided you don't like being 'Hared Sold" like this - Well - then you won't get the free STSE course or the Free Magazine? Well... that would be foolish on your part - but in the end you are likely not a good prospect for Stompernet - so the match doesn't get made.

    I don't want to be Toto pulling the curtain away from the wizard - butt this whole launch process is about making long term Customers - the same as you should be doing.

    One would have to be a cynic to think that perhaps Stompernet is giving you a DVD set valued at 5400 bucks and a magazine valued at $39.99 for free in the hopess that perhaps you'll become a trusted prospect, learn and earn from the material and then become a raving fan and long term Customer of Stompernets.

    Why wouldn't you? Please look at what you spend your hard earned money on. There are a ton of scammers and scumbags in the Internet Marketing world... you do have to be careful. But you need to look at your Internet enterprise as a business NOT a hobby. If you spend 1 dollar does it make you 2 or more dollars. 1000 dollars? Does it make you $3000.00? A membership in Stompernet that costs you 10 grand a year? Does it make you 30-40 500 grand a year? Many members are now having 6 figure Months were they were floundering. Would you spend 10 grand to make 100 grand. I would - all day long and twice on Sunday!

    I found out the hard way that I was much better spending 10 grand a year on incredible quality cutting edge information like Stompernet offers than doing it the hard way - buying crappy e-books and going to a lot of sloppy pitch fest seminars! By the time my year was up I probably spent twice what a Stompernet membership costs with really lousy returns.

    Sorry for the rant here Lynn, but I know it's a trap many folks get in. When we start our businesses we trip over the pennies on the way to the dollars!

    There are shortcuts - Stompernet is one of them!

    John Jaworski
    Stompernet Coach

    John Jaworski

  7. Al - my review copies came from the same fulfillment company and were shipped via UPS (no signature required). I cant promise that will be the same case, but I would assume so.

    I would expect that most of the orders would ship within a couple days. Depending on the service they chose, I would expect to see the package within 7-14 days. After the server meltdown at launch, > 24 hr delay, and then add to that slow fullfilment Ò€¦

    They were anticipating HIGH demand, and are well aware of recent issues with a certain product delivery, so I know they are on top of this. That said, we'll have to keep each other posted on the details. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that order fulfillment flows without a hitch πŸ˜‰

  8. Sorry for the rant here Lynn, but I know it’s a trap many folks get in. When we start our businesses we trip over the pennies on the way to the dollars!

    No apology necessary, John. I appreciate the fact that a StomperNet coach (you!) would take the time to join in the discussion and share your insight - thank you! I look forward to connecting with you at Live7.

    You make some great points. I'll add to that by repeating what I've said before: The StomperNet team has not released a single stand-alone product since they opened their doors for membership at $800/month.

    This is a prime opportunity to get your hands on their high quality training material at an affordable (non-membership) price.

    Their members are not paying that rate for low quality material... that alone should seal the deal for you!

    Question: If you could access what people are paying $800/month for, even a fraction of it (which might be easier to absorb & implement without overwhelming you), would it be worth $39/month? Because that's exactly what you're getting with The Net Effect...

    When you get your free copy of the premier edition of The Net Effect, drop everything and read it cover to cover. I dont think you've ever seen me get excited about "a magazine" before - so the enthusiasm in my video review should clue you in πŸ™‚

  9. Alan (new baby help guide now available) says:


    I order the stuff nearly five hours ago, and got the

    "Thank You
    You sucessfully ordered: etc"

    page, but still no e-mail confirmation. How do I know my order was taken? It's too early to check my bank statement.

    I'm a bit worried here.

    Have a good weekend everyone. Try not to think about this too much before it arrives!


  10. Actually, those of us who contributed to the magazine and were part of the photo shoot for the cover are probably more interested in how that same cover came out than anything else! So, when you do get your copy of The Net Effect, let us know how the cover works for you!

    (me? I'm the guy in the very front. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, and there's some good content between the covers too. πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Dave! I cant wait to see the new cover myself. I have the "question mark" copy - will definitely be a keeper when it arrives!

    I'm not sure if you had a chance to see my video review... but it mentions your contribution to The Net Effect (lol).

    Alan: email support directly at stse2support(AT)stompernet(DOT)com with any questions or concerns - they'll take good care of you.

  12. Dan Reinhold says:

    Lynn, you mentioned:

    "Andy also said that he is setting up an automated self-cancel option so that you can bypass Ò€œcustomer supportÒ€ and manage your subscription easily at any time."

    Wellll... opens after shipping ONLY. You can't self-cancel until you've received the first issue.

    I inadvertently clicked one of the back-end buttons - hey, it was 4 a.m.! - and I'm hoping their STSE2 support can cancel that charge ASAP. I'm thinking ASAP might be a while though...

    I'm definitely looking forward to those goodies! Now to find all that time to absorb 'em.

  13. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, John. I think that people are skeptical simply because there *is* so much junk out there, and it can be difficult to know the difference.

    I have no intention of cancelling - I believe that this is a solid product and look forward to receiving it.

  14. Me either, Lisa - there is just nowhere else to get this level of totally current step-by-step help in a full color hands-on publication every month. I wouldnt miss an issue for anything!

    I'm hoping they see HUGE success with The Net Effect, so that it never stops printing πŸ™‚

  15. Dan - I'm sure they'll get back to you and get you taken care of. I'm also sure they're quite swamped at the moment, but no worries.

    Makes sense that you cant cancel just yet - they want everyone to have an opportunity to actually review The Net Effect and make an informed decision. Cant say I blame them. Still, cancellation will be easy enough for those that want to do so!

  16. Peter Trapanese says:

    Thanks Lynn!

    I ordered through your link as far as I know. I must admit with all the confusion on Stompers end I hope you get the credit you truly have earned!

    Nothing but the best!

  17. Thank you Peter. I'm not overly concerned about it. Unless you clicked someone else's referral link last - between using mine and requesting the offer - it tracked.

    They sent out an email yesterday to assure JV partners that even the notification list would hold our referral, so no worries.

    This is my referral link again for anyone who wants to make double sure before ordering:

    I'm making an effort to show them some nice numbers from our end πŸ˜‰

  18. Peter Trapanese says:

    No, I never used another link. I'm sure it's fine then. Are you fimalier with any of the videos in the Mega Pack/ - Just wondering?

  19. I am not, because I didnt get review copies of those. I wasnt privy to the behind-the-scenes offers like I was to the free offer on the front-end. That said, I heard talk about it - so I'll give you my perception and then let you make your own decision:

    The material they are offering you is the same training material they offer their $800/month members. They are getting that and much more of course (including coaching and training calls and more than I can add here) but it is the same quality they feel is worth their investment of that amount - which is nothing to sneeze at.

    The thing is, you are getting it for a one-off price (except for DVD of the month). And from what I understand they are offering a variety of options - from specific core topics to the entire bundle.

    If there's something there you think you might want, now is probably the time to grab it. I'm not sure they'll offer those options again outside of their $800/month membership... especially considering they never have before. I dont know that for fact, of course - but basing it on my long wait to see them offer anything outside of membership.

    I havent placed my order yet, because I've been busy (and I knew it would still be there tonight when I had more time). And yes I already have review copies of both free products - but I want to "shop" on the backend myself πŸ˜‰ . Plus I want the official first edition with the new cover.

  20. Hi guys,

    I jus finished placing the order. The weird thing is, it took me to an empty page with "stomper net" written on it n some graphics. No confirmation that my order has been successfully processed.

    Anybody else noticed this? Pl lemme know. I donno if i ordered or not. Dying for an answer.

  21. If you scan through the comments above, you'll see a few others had that issue too. You can email support directly at stse2support(AT)stompernet(DOT)com with any questions or concerns.

  22. I just got a note from StomperNet regarding those ordering issues:

    There's a number to call on every page if they have ordering
    problems. There's the "stse2support-AT-stompernet-DOT-com" email
    address that has 8 people handling issues full-time.

    The link again is:

  23. I am slowly jumping back on the net marketing bandwagon, so I took advantage of this offer.
    I ordered the mag last and when I received the reciept via email there was an added charge. I called and left a message last night and I was contacted early this afternoon. They are taking care of it, I am not worried.

  24. D. L. Wood says:

    Hi Lynn

    Got your Email about the Stompers offer.

    Just a couple of things. I'm very new to AM. I have been looking at it off and on for a few years. Was put out of a job three years ago and have been trying to start my out business selling machinery in an industry I've been in for over 20 years, with little success. So now I'm giving AM a serious look. One hold back is I'm not good with computers.

    I have been looking around the web for direction and education. I found several places of good info and yes some I think that are not, as in all things. One good one I think is the abestweb forums, I am looking there almost every day now, and I found your site. I like your sites and feel you are knowledgeable and I like your enthusiasm.

    I do have a couple of comments about this offer.

    First let me say that I did use your link to order.

    Some where in one of your posts about this I think you mention something about how transparent this offer is. Nothing hidden. I'm not saying anything was hidden, maybe just not explained.

    You said ".....The Net Effect. It will be available for a subscription rate of $39.97. " I was a little shocked when I got to their site - it was 39.95 plus shipping "a month" and why don't they say what the shipping will be, so you know the real cost of your subscription. Will it change each month? I doubt it. Will it be the same 9.83 they charge for the free offer? Your post looks, to me, like the total cost is going to be 39.95. Maybe the "per month" got left out by an over sight. Also 47 pages?..big? Most of the magazines I buy or subscribe to, including another AM industry one, run about a eighty to a hundred pages. Is it worth it? I don't know. Don't know if I will even after I get it as new as I am. But I am looking for good information and I'm willing to pay, willing to take a risk, and if I get a good ROI will be happy.

    You state "...Obviously there is no percentage of $0, but I would greatly appreciate...". True for the the first month. But as an affiliate won't you get money for the other months I pay for? If your followers take advantage of the once in a lifetime offers, don't your get something? You should get a slice of the true cost of "Free - only for s&h" and don't get me wrong I'm glad if you do. Because like one of your other commenters said, if it wasn't for me seeing your posts and excitement, I wouldn't have known about it or purchased it. You should be rewarded - that's affiliate marketing.

    As for being "free". I love it when an item is free - you only pay s&h - but that S & H covers the cost of and shipping the item and provides for a profit. Is it a great value at the price? I'm sure if it's half what you tell me it is, the answer is yes. But it's not free. Free does not have a debit line on my credit card statement.

    Also in the "free" mode is the DVD. This is in the same vein as almost giving ink jet printers away. The money is in the ink not the printer.
    They don't want to sell me 1 DVD for 497.00 (printer), they want me to buy an on going monthly subscription, month after month, year after year, for 39.95 + shipping for 479.40 + the unknown shipping a year (ink). Again is it worth it? Probably, if again it's as good as you are staking your reputation on, by pushing it as positively as you have.

    I, as another also said, almost didn't purchase because of the upfront push of the added monthly DVD. One because at first I thought I was directed to the wrong page, then had negative vibes about it as I read to whole thing. But then because of your excitement and push I took another look. In fact I did check the flashing arrow. I also noticed my shipping went from 9.86 to 12.86. That DVD must be real heavy or they covered some more of the 'free'. As I said I'm not terrific when it comes to computers and thought it was worth a look see. I hope it increases your commission if I keep getting it.

    I also did not like all the other clicks I had to make to refuse their one time, I'll never get a chance to have a deal like this again, offers. I would have liked one great page of copy (isn't that part of what they are going to teach me) that offered me a way to go and see these once in a life time savings. Not forced multiple clicks and big red warnings that my transaction was not complete, that I should look again and hard to find no thanks. To tell you the truth I didn't even read any after I got the second one, just looked for the no thanks at the end of each page. I would tell them the same as I told the last car dealer that used the old "this offer is good only right now" if it's good today it will be good tomorrow. Your in the business of selling, not making once in a life time offers. I also realize that they are really not in the business of educating me....they are in the business of making make me buy... to make me feel that their offer has value and their tactics did work (with your help) and I guess must continue to work or they wouldn't be still on the net as a viable company.

    Please don't take this as an attack on you or them. It's just some thoughts from a new guy to AM. I look forward to your future email updates & posts and am glad to have found someone like you that shares their knowledge and excitement of their industry.

    D.L. Wood

  25. I dont take it as an attack at all, and appreciate the candor in your comment. I actually just had a similar discussion on Twitter with @lynntay. If you're interested you can use this link and just click the first "show conversation" link towards the top to see it in order:

    I received review copies of both of the free products prior to their release. I also attended their last 2 live events and talked with some of the key people on the team.

    I obviously didnt see the sales page or the OTO's (the backend offers) until the very same time that you did - and have not had opportunity to review any of those products. I didnt even know for sure what S/H charges would be on the free offer until just before release - about the same time everyone did.

    Just so you know where I stand - and that I didnt intentionally leave out any information. I simply didnt know it in advance.

    That said, its still an incredible offer - and like I said, I'm off to shop the OTO's myself. And while you are all kindly using my referral link (thank you again!), I'll be using Adriana's - as she is the person that generously invited me to join her at Live5 and Live6 as her guest, and introduced me to the "inside" world of StomperNet.

  26. Just wanted to say that I totally agree with John's "rant" πŸ™‚ a few or more above.

    I'm still sentanced to Corp America and work with people who "talk" about doing their own thing. On Thursday morning I forwarded them Lynn's link, a very positive description, and the value price of s&h. Even told them to get it for future use if not present use.

    I didn't get a single reply, which is ok. But, I don't think a single one gave it an ounce of thought. Why??? Because they are talkers not DOER's. They will stay where they are slaving away for a paycheck and nothing else. And not a great paycheck to boot.

    My plan "Get it, Absorb it, Use it, Enjoy it" and I hope all of you do the same.


  27. D.L.

    Not to be taken the wrong way as it is not meant to be.

    I feel you should reread your post. Please do but not proof read. Read it as a fellow reader would.

    It is about converting prospects to qualified prospects and in to sales. I can see your points and even agree with you. However, it is still about sales and marketing.

    New car dealers do this with the "free service" only to sell you something additional. Supermarkets price items in groups to make it harder to do the math to get to the per item price.

    I think you basically get but need to view it from a different perspective.

    First, if you don't want it - pass on it.
    Second, if you want it - get it.
    Third, Pay attention to how it's done.
    Forth, Implement the techniques for your use.

    You wrote:
    "Was put out of a job three years ago and have been trying to start my out business selling machinery in an industry I’ve been in for over 20 years, with little success."

    Now, I'm not being offensive nor trying to, but there is a reason why. My thought is that reason is marketing and/or closing the sale. Both are fine reasons. Most salespeople have a problem closing the sale. If I'm wrong it doesn't matter.

    But here is my point, if you want to do Internet Marketing and learn SEO ... then start fresh. Learn what your taught and implement it. Follow in the footsteps of the honest successful ones. OTO's & Backend sales are part of business.

    What is here today is not guarenteed to be here tomorrow. Coupons expire, sales end, and prices change.

    All in all, I would like to see you succeed.

    Stick around.....

  28. Now, why did I get the impression that SSE2 was really free -- except for S&H?

    Because Lynn, whom is awesome, wrote above:

    "StomperNet is being completely transparent about this offer, so you dont have to worry about being trapped into some hidden forced continuity deal or anything like that."

    Well, "anything like that" to me means that checkout is clean, there are no b.s. upsells, no pressure text telling me that I must be an idiot for not spending more money, that I must be a loser if I can't even afford a measely $147.

    Not having bought any SEO course, I have to tell you I am downright curious about SSE2, so I clicked through. Finally I managed to click through and it does look like I will be charged just $11.56usd to ship to Toronto.

    I really must remember to phone up and cancel my magazine subscription before they ding me for the magazine.

    I have big time "post purchase dissonance". Hey, I can understand that there's probably an upsell in the checkout because all the online marketing stuff I read is that you stratify, funnel, and tier your buyers, and doing so in checkout is the primo opportunity. Checkout and email lists, right? That's how it's done, so they say?

    But what really did it for me was the insulting manner in which the $247 DVD set was presented when I refused this "unbelievable" offer. Why, I was presented with the $147 DVD set offer if I couldn't afford the $247.

    It is indeed noted that the $147 offer, and the reasons for having the $147 offer, weren't offered side-by-side. So it feels like a rip-off already that I wasn't presented with the cheaper alternative. Is this a standard Stompernet ploy? It feels so slimy -- which is exactly what Lynn is not. But by association, for the first time, I wondered, because Lynn is going to get a commission if I succumb to these insulting tactics, right?

    Lynn, you know that I think you are the cat's meow. You know that that there is no way I would consider looking at SSE2 without knowing you gave it your blessing. You reviewed it. You recently met with the authors personally. You told me that there's none of the "anything like that".

    Lynn, you are genuine. It makes you a stand-out among the e-marketing gurus.

    As an affiliate, you should scream loud and proud to the stompernet guys because they took you down a notch in my perception of you as a genuine emarketing guru. And I think that is an absolute shame. You've worked your tail off building your credibility and these guys did not respect that. You should ream them a new one, if you ask me.

    I'll tell you something: is it a Stompernet article of faith to have contempt for your customers? Why are they even trying to sell me their stuff in the first place when the premise of their free offer is "try before you buy"? Can you please just ship me the stuff and let me try it? Is that too much to ask?

    Why are they pressuring me to buy before I try? And why oh why are they telling me that if I can't afford a measely $147 then I'm an idiot and obviously in need of their product?

    I was prepared to spend S&H to try before I buy.

    For everything there is a season. This was the season to grab their stuff for free. This was NOT the season to pay for their products. This certainly is not the season to use greed and guilt and shame to pry a measely $147 from me. Nope, shame!

    Anyway, I'm here because my #1 emarketing guru said this free stuff is awesome, it's free, and there's no funny business going on.

    Oh, there's funny business going on, and when my credit card is mysteriously billed for the magazine I don't want, guess who's going to feel the heat. Stomper-boys? Nope. Lynn? Yes, absolutely! Remember that Lynn!

    The purity of this free "try before you buy" offer is definitely tainted.

    I really expected that there would be no upsell b.s. I really must be the idiot the Stomper-boys say that I am to believe that their checkout would be clean of the usual shenanigans.

    Oh yeah, my beloved Lynn wrote in her previous article:

    "Everybody is sick of launches. Everybody is sick of high-ticket products. You’ll understand why they’re calling it Ò€œLiberty and Justice for allÒ€ soon enoughÒ€¦ and you’ll love it!

    The retail price for StSE 2.0 is $497, but you will not have to fork over that chunk of cash to get your hands on this product. Hint: they are going to do an insane special offer on StSE 2.0 to get exposure for The Net Effect - their new print publication.

    I know that StomperNet has annoyed more than a few people in the past with their high-profile launches. To be fair, it was less StomperNet that was annoying and more the Internet Marketing group and their hardcore promotion tactics (bonus wars, pushy mailings, etc). "

    Yeah, I thought this would be different. Dumb dumb dumb!

    Lynn, I'd love to see you revolt against the Stomper-guys. Ream them a new one on this. They cost you crediblity. Which means they will cost you money.

    The checkout should have been a universe of positive reinforcement, thanking me for giving them the opportunity to show them what they are about, applauding my fine choice of SEO course vendor, assuaging my skepticism (ok, cynicism!) at every turn, and complementing me on my fine intelligence for knowing an amazing offer when I see one, and gee isn't Lynn Terry an awesome affiliate, one of our best ever!

    Nope, Bob Bloom is an effing idiot and loser for not buying our $147 DVD course, even though self-same Bob Bloom was sure that he was supposed to try-before-he-buys.

    Lynn, the SEO gurus say that you should end your articles with a call-to-action. Ok, I can do that. GO REAM THEM A NEW ONE!

    -Bob Bloom
    Official Stomper-boys Idiot and Loser

  29. ... and when my credit card is mysteriously billed for the magazine I don’t want...

    All around, fair enough. Your comment is appreciated just as much as all the others here.

    About the quote above, I would like to ask you this: If you dont want The Net Effect, then why sign up to "try before you buy"?

    As for the heat, it boils down to personal responsibility and accountability. For each of us individually (myself included). As I mentioned above - and several other places today - I only had opportunity to review the 2 products I told you about in these posts. Not the sales page or the offers or anything else.

    I was on board to share this very enthusiastically before I even knew the commission rate or that there would be backend offers. The minute I found out we could all get the StSE 2.0 training course for free, I was IN.

    I was already reviewing it for the purpose of sharing it with you here when someone stopped me and said "um, how do you make money on a free offer?" - I had to laugh, and then I set off to find out if there *was* an opp.

    The commission is less than 30% on subscriptions. Knowing full well what retention rates can be (and not be), I put all my energy into this regardless - regardless of the fact that there are higher earning programs I can share with you.

    SEO is a big part of my online success, and I really want you to grab this course and have an opportunity to learn it for yourself.

    I was actually excited when I learned about the backend offers. StomperNet hasnt released stand-alone products at ANY price for *years* - other than $800/month membership.

    Having attended 2 of their live events, learning from their staff, seeing results (yes already!) and then absorbing the review material - I want more!

    I was well into my "get this!" campaign before I realized the profit potential. Its not what it could be, but its not bad either. (I'm not going to turn down the check πŸ˜› )

    But if I make $800 - I'll give you one guess where I'll spend it. And consider how that will ultimately benefit you... πŸ™‚

  30. I've not attended any Stomper events. I don't know the guys. I don't know the course. I'm not a Stomper affiliate.

    I'm the guy they want to kick their tires, right?

    Great, you know their products, you know their history. You like that they have these offers.

    I don't know them. That's they point of this try before you buy offer, right? This is an introduction offer.

    The issue isn't how wonderful these DVD courses are. The issue is the high pressure sales embedded in the checkout process that I thought was not going to exist. Well, specifically, I was under the impression that this high pressure sales stuff would be absent because you sprinkle phrases in your articles that make me think this is just a purely free introductory offer and that's it.

    Of course, I see that I interpreted everything wrong. I was too liberal in my interpretation of what you were talking about.

    Just for having such "post purchase dissonance" I'll likely cancel my subscription.

    You've already tried their stuff. Great! I haven't. I thought the point of this was to get Stomper into my hands first, and then buy later when they proved their value to me.

    Guess not.


  31. Hi Lynn

    I can see "part of" Bob's point with the being upset with the Stomper Net people but, not with you.

    There are way too many scenario questions (Did they...? Why did they...? etc) In my opinion it is a waste of energy to look for those answers.

    I did not see anywhere on any sales pages where they changed the original offer of just s/h for around $10 USA.

    My question to Bob and others with similar feelings is:

    Had the first sales page had an option to "See OTO's":
    _ No, Proceed to checkout
    _ Yes, See OTO's
    and you selected No and checked out.

    Then, came here and read about the OTO's and the pricing. Would you be upset that you were not able to first see what you were declining when you selected "No"?

    Th comment " card is mysteriously billed..." is 100% unfounded. This is another waste of energy. It hasn't happened and the ability to cancel upon receipt has been stated in writing. Your credit card issuer will take care of it for you. Why worry about it?

    Get upset when a wrong has been done upon you. Not the dislike for an unexpected sales pages.

    Judge the offer based on the quality of the content. Everyone was given the opportunity to purchase more at discount. I did and will put it to good use.

    There is a reason people are happily paying $800/month. Focus on that.

    Venting is fine but, it is unproductive. Channel your energy to the productive side. Use the content you requested. Deal with real issues when they arise.

  32. Hey Bob, isn't communications great πŸ™‚

    The way I read the additional "up-sell" was based on a comment Andy Jenkins made about how he was going to make it up to all his customers for the delay. When I saw the up-sell at knock-down prices I understood that this is what he meant.

    There is no way that I felt that Andy was trying to milk money out of anyone.


  33. Good points.

    Mic - I wonder, since we all missed the original backend (since the cart was down) that much of that wasnt added as a generous offer to make up for the downtime. I hadnt considered that, but it makes sense based on things Andy said between the original open date and the actual open date...

  34. D. L. Wood says:

    To Lynn and Al

    Lynn - thanks for the link to Twitter conversation. I read it and also clicked on the other Lynn's link and found her sites. Always like to find other AM sites to see how they do business. Also found that reference to the BIP and am going to check that out. Like I said, I'm looking for quality info.

    AL -

    "I think you basically get but need to view it from a different perspective.

    First, if you don’t want it - pass on it.
    Second, if you want it - get it.
    Third, Pay attention to how it’s done.
    Forth, Implement the techniques for your use."

    I thought my perspective was pretty good. πŸ™‚

    First & Second
    In the beginning I told Lynn I made the purchase and in the last said that I had even went for the monthly DVD.
    If it's good info I will pay attention.
    When I get some knowledge and I find something I feel I can or want to promote I will use the info.

    The main reason my business is not going well is mainly this wonderful economy we have right now. Because the machines I sell start at $7000.00 and go to $46,000.00 and from the small companies to the large corporations, no one is buying right now unless they really have to. Everyone is putting it off, next quarter, next year is what I keep hearing. Plus the line I represent is the top of the line. So we are more expensive up front but, because we use higher quality parts, we have a lower maintenance cost, last longer, plus we run faster and have better tech support than the competition, in reality you get a better ROI for the cost. I have competition that is cheaper and right now for the people that are buying it's on price not ROI.

    And yes, I plan to stick around.

    D.L. Wood

  35. D.L. - I'm glad you took advantage of the offer. Its going to come in real handy to you in getting set up to make good money online. Next, if you havent seen this already, see my post where I detail out steps for getting started with Affiliate Marketing:

    Starting a Free Online Business

    Jeremy's "BIP" resources are listed there as well as several others. Enjoy!

  36. I'm sorry D.L. if you took my comment in any way negative. It was not meant to be taken that way.

    When I wrote:
    "Third, Pay attention to how it’s done.
    Forth, Implement the techniques for your use."

    I was referring to their sales copy and the OTO's.
    I saved the pages so that I can study them and apply the techinques they used along with the material I'll receive.

    Online sales is different than brick-mortar sales. With online sales you are only going to get a very short period of time to excite your prospect. Much different than the brick-mortar way.

    I'm supposed to be rebuilding my neglected (reason: marital issues) website but, instead I'm learning how to: Mini Sites. From Lynn's link.

    So back to learning.

    D.L. - I wish you only the best!!!


  37. Peter Trapanese says:

    Hi Lynn:

    I must say I am not surprised by all the differences in opinion regarding the additional offerings. I to interpreted these additions due to the mis-hap of the opening the day before. I personally took advantage of the kind gesture by StomperNet and ordered the MegaPack which provides over 60 videos on a wide variety of very important topics specific to my interests in this area I have become so interested in learning about, all this for a hundred including s/h. Their is so much information that I decided to skip the final offer. To my mind it's about accepting my Daily Bread than grabbing all I can.

    I really do appreciate the difficulty some have with making discussions on the fly-so to speak. But, I am not responsible for an others feelings or attitude, just my own!

    So THANK YOU VERY MUCH Lynn first, for having an open mind, and deciding not to have "contempt prior to investigation" You took the time Lynn and then passed your experience on to your following. And by the way, if you don't accept the dividends you may realize then I would consider you a fool, and a fool with their money soon part.
    And last but not least, Thank You StomperNet for their generosity!

    My name is Peter Trapanese, and I approved this message, lol...

  38. Very good points, Peter - and I am not surprised by the varying reactions either. I think our own response tells us whether StomperNet's training is a good match for us or not. And us them. Like you, I am taking advantage of some of the offers. I am going to trial the material of my choice from their offers, and use that to solidify my decision to become a full blown StomperNet member (in case you were wondering where I'll be spending any commission earned πŸ˜‰ ).

    ALL the comment here are valuable. I think its nothing but helpful to all of us, and particularly useful to myself as a JV partner and to StomperNet as a company. So THANK YOU!

    I'm off to spend the rest of the day with 12 year olds. Have a great weekend!

  39. WOW!!! It's been a couple of days since I was here last and I can't believe the action!

    The comments are very interesting...a real lesson on human nature & emotions. And poor Lynn has found herself in the middle of this all. We all know that Lynn is honest and trustworthy. She is a gem in the IM Guru world.

    Everyone has to remember that StomperNet is a BUSINESS. And they teach Internet Marketing. Of course they are going to use Internet Marketing & sales techniques even when they do a FREE give away. You can't get angry at them for doing what they do best. But you can learn from this EVENT.

    Take a look at these recently released videos by Mike Filsaime (good friend of Andy and Brad) of an UpSell marketing technique that he calls Traffic Fusion. He explains how Coke and McDonalds use sneaky UpSell techniques that we have all been subjected to...but we don't get mad at them do we?! (And they sell us things that are bad for us...LOL)

    Remember that no one is forcing you to ever buy anything...a purchase is always a choice you make yourself.

    If everyone would just step back for a minute and take this whole Launch as a learning experience it can actually benefit you all in many ways...Internet Marketing, Public Relations, Product Launch techniques, Sales, UpSells / DownSells, Human Nature / Emotions, etc.

    Anyway these videos are FREE and have a lot of great UpSelling techniques that you all can use in your businesses Just don't BUY anything this time!

  40. Al

    Thank You - Thank You

    I got a learning lesson.

    What a dumb Sh!t I was.

    You were right - I should have had a different perspective.

    Instead of getting aggravated, I should have been storing those pages to learn from and for future reference. The old dog learned a new trick.

    Maybe I should go back and buy again. πŸ™‚

    D.L. Wood

  41. LOL D.L. - dont worry, you're not alone πŸ˜‰

    There really is a lot to learn here, from many angles even. But once you get the two free products, what you learn there is GOLD if you pay attention and then start implementing right away.

    Personally, I like to do as I go - apply what I learn, one tip or technique at a time. That works for me since I have so many established sites already. But if you dont, and you're just starting out, start at the beginning and take the course all the way through. Then keep it handy for easy reference πŸ˜‰

  42. Sassy Sarah says:

    I finally managed to place the order! Didn't know what I was doing wrong previously... perhaps I needed some more coffee in my system πŸ™‚ thanks Lynn for all the great and timely info you have provided on this launch. It's truly a breath of fresh air to see someone so committed to her readers... again many thanks! πŸ™‚

  43. Alan (new baby help guide now available) says:

    Hee hee, they really got me.

    I must admit, I was really annoyed by the heavy upselling, and had half a mind (which is all I have most of the time) to ignore them all and just get STSE alone. I realised that this was rather like cutting my nose off to spite my face, so I ordered the monthly DVD and the slim-line version of the home study course. I decided that the video collection was just spending too much in one go.

    Just checked my e-mails for the first time since ordering, and no confirmation from StomperNet. Checked the bank, and no money taken.

    Read the comments here, especially the ones from people complaining about the heavy upsell, then went back and tried ordering again. Now you would think that any sane person would have ordered less than the first time, given the negative comments that have been posted since then.

    I ordered the video collection as well! Aaaaargh, I'm broke, and I'm spending money.

    Oh well, if Lynn is right (and she usually is), then it will be a worthwhile investment. I just hope it's one that I can use and benefit from before I go broke!

    Thanks again Lynn,

  44. Most welcome Sarah - and thank *you* πŸ™‚

    Definitely a worthwhile investment. Just rip open the package and dive straight into it when it arrives. And if you need any help with action steps or implementation (site review, etc) I'd be happy to help you out.

    I'm still implementing tips, one at a time, and amazed at the quick results I'm getting! Digging into Sherman Hu's strategy next - and be sure to see my "back to the newz" post from yesterday to get a sneak preview of that one πŸ˜‰

  45. D.L.

    I must say that it made me very happy when I read your post above. I felt upset when my previous post was, possibly, taken offensively. What makes me happy is that you understand what I was getting at.

    Ok, that's history now. I would recommend, if you have not already done so, sign up for Lynn's other site. I just did recently.

    When you do you'll receive a "welcome" email and at the bottom in Downloads and Resources you will see:

    "12 Free Videos that will teach you how to create a moneymaking mini site, even if you're a completely non-technical person"

    Click the link and watch the videos. They are each broken up in shorter segments. I watched them twice yesterday and thought that they might be good for you, also. I didn't order the upsells, sorry Lynn, StomperNet tapped me out.

    Absorb what you can but, also pay attention to "Why" things are done. On the second watch pause the video and take notes.


  46. Hey guys,

    Is there a phone number I could reach stompernet support team. I still have no confirmation of my order after 76 hrs. No email reply from their support either.

    Any help would really be appreciated

  47. Hi Shri - there is. They have complete contact information posted on the site - I believe the link is at the bottom of every page. I have to step out for a bit this morning, but you can easily find it there (I know I did the last time I was on the site)...

  48. Congratulations, Lynn! 200 comments!

    Controversy is king! πŸ˜‰

  49. Lynn Shepherd says:

    Shri, I also have not received any confirmation or communication since my order days ago. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

  50. I spoke to someone on staff earlier today, and he said that if your order did not go through - ie you didnt get to the confirmation page, and didnt receive a confirmation email, you should resubmit your request:

    I double checked on that to see if orders were pending, or if they simply didnt complete and he said that no confirmation = no order received on their end.

    Fortunately the offer is still open. I hope that helps clear up any confusion - I know there were a few of you that ran into that issue while the system was overloaded.

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