StomperNet Bonus Summary

Yesterday I gave you a heads-up about the Stompernet Bonuses that were announced last night around 4pm eastern. These 12 customer bonuses are going out to everyone that took them up on their free offer!

The only way to get details on the new StomperNet Bonus announcement was via half-hour video. If you missed it, that video is here. Definitely check it out, but you can also read along here - as I have a text summary of each of those 12 bonuses for you...

Jeff Johnson: Over 7 hours of SEO video training from the "Underground Training Lab". Some people people paid as much as $5,000 to get this training live. People have paid $997 for the DVDs - you get the BEST 7 hours, 54 minutes, and 54 seconds FREE.

Eben Pagan: Get "Advanced Persuasion and Copywriting Training" from one of the most successful sales copywriters and info marketers teaching today. To get this same information, people have had to pay from $1,500 to $5,000 or MORE with Eben's company. You get it FREE.

Ed Dale: Get 1 FREE month of membership to the "Immediate Edge" membership program. Learn advanced NEW marketing strategies AS THEY ARE DISCOVERED - before ANYONE else. A $97 value, yours FREE

Brad Callen: offers you his "Article Submitter Gold" Software. Publish your unique articles instantly to hundreds of websites and get tons of one-way backlinks to your site. (Google LOVES it) - Sold elsewhere from $67 to $97 - yours FREE.

Trey Smith: Get your copy of this Never-sold-before launch automation software! Auto-Launcher 2: Create automated launches using your existing email list. Create automatic countdown and sales pages that run completely on autopilot. Unavailable ANYWHERE - yours FREE.

Shawn Casey: Learn the Secret Affiliate Story - super-affiliate strategies Shawn Casey and Tellman Knudson used to win a Ferrari AND make the most sales for a recent mega-launch (and how you can leave other affiliate marketers in the dust, too). Even learn how to attract super-affiliates to promote your OWN products. Valued from $697 to $2000 - yours FREE.

Yanik Silver: Get TWO Special Private Reports from Yanik's "Underground Secret Society" Newsletter, PLUS an additional unannounced SECRET bonus. These back-issues are not available ANYWHERE. Over $250 in Value - yours FREE.

Mike Filsaime: Another bonus not for sale ANYWHERE - Get the presentation of the "7 Figure Code" Launch Case Study - The Step by step blueprint used to generate $1 Million in sales in just a week! Get the "making of" a Million Dollar Launch - Unavailable ANYWHERE else - Yours FREE.

Paul Colligan: You get the "New Media UberPack" Webinar Series - 6 pre-recorded webinars from a StomperNet faculty member on how to use the power of Web 2.0 to gain an exponentially growing source of leads + one LIVE webinar "The New Media Mindset" with Paul IN PERSON. These webinars have never been offered before in a single package - ALL Yours - FREE.

Jeff Mulligan: Gives you FOUR "Best of" Quickie Profit Lessons - implement these conversion boosting tricks (they take less than an hour) and start making more money from your website TODAY. Jeff has shared these previously with our $800 a month members at a LIVE Event - Yours FREE!

Jeff Walker: The guy behind the "Product Launch" concept - has never sold ANYTHING of his for less than $999. You get a teleseminar series on how to execute launches successfully in your niche markets PLUS, learn how to become the "guru" of your own niche - it's EASY with Jeff's secret methods. Unavailable ANYWHERE else - Yours FREE.

Rich Schefren: "Guru to the Gurus" - Exclusive Trial Membership to his "Business Growth System" for only $1 - AND StomperNet will REBATE your $1! So you get to try the same business growth coaching program that Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm and MORE have taken and revolutionized their businesses - yours FREE.

- - - - -

Four More Bonuses Were Just Added!

New Bonus #1 - Howie Schwartz: Another StomperNet faculty member sweetens our deal with a collection of the "Best of" clips from every live presentation he's done so far this year. Plus, he got his friends at Miami Graphics to throw in $4000 worth of templates you can STEAL for your own business. All yours - all FREE.

New Bonus #2 - Mike Koenigs: Get the top secret "10x10x4 Video Marketing Money Magnet" from this StomperNet Faculty and web video genius. Along with this never-before-released content creation formula (A $397 Value), you'll ALSO get one month of the Traffic Geyser video distribution service with it (a $97 Value)! That's nearly $500 worth of video marketing ducation and tools - yours FREE.

New Bonus #3 - Jason Potash: One thing you're going to need when you're doing SEO is a source for links. We show you how to find your own, but why not jump-start your efforts with 30 days of membership to Traffic Kahuna. Exchange links with the ENTIRE 2000+ site, $147-a-month traffic network - yours FREE!

New Bonus #4 - Clayton Makepeace - This old-school direct marketer is world famous in print advertising circles. He's taking that expertise to the web in a HUGE way, and he wants you to QUADRUPLE your business by giving you "The Quadruple Effect" report detailing this direct marketing secret weapon, and EXACTLY how to use it in your own business. This guy's knowledge has generated $1.5 Billion in sales. You get it FREE.

- - - - -

If you have already put in your request for StomperNet's free offer, then you are set up to receive ALL 12 of these "surprise" customer bonuses. You wont need to do anything additional on your part to receive them. You'll receive an email late Monday night with all the details to claim your access to them.

If you havent yet requested your free copies of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 and The Net Effect, along with all 12 of the bonuses above, you'll want to do that before Monday September 15th. That's when the offer ENDS.

Here's the cost: $0

Actually you'll pay shipping & handling charges, which is less than $10 within the US and less than $15 if you are outside the US.

StomperNet's video will give you the full details on the bonuses, the full details on the offer, or you can skip that video and simply sign up on that same page - to get it ALL for less than ten bucks s/h.

Click Here to Get It!

This is a straight-up no brainer. A steal, really. I highly recommend that you get in on this before the offer ends on Monday.

One last note: Several people have expressed concern that they might be overwhelmed with the wealth of information that StomperNet is giving away. My advice: dont feel obligated to consume all of the great material being offered. Choose the things that are in line with your goals, and take advantage of those.

That said, I'd love to hear which of the 12 StomperNet Bonus products interest you most.

Enjoy! 😀

p.s. I know some of you are "tired of hearing about StomperNet" at this point. That's okay, no hard feelings! Feel free to skip over these posts and scan through for the topics that do interest you. I'm in the business of reporting the "newz" here - and this is definitely big news at the moment 😉

If anything in the list above interests you, click here to secure your free copy!

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