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In my blog surfing this week, I came across several great posts that I thought were worth sharing with you. There is a lot of blogging going on out there... but I considered these worth bookmarking, sharing, and reading again:

Link Building via DMOZ : You Down with ODP?
written by Loren Baker

"Rob Sullivan at Text Link Brokers says that there’s an untapped market of link building at DMOZ just waiting to be taken advantage of..."

Interview with Josh Siegal of Yahoo Publisher Network
by Rae Hoffman

Rae gets an exclusive interview with Josh Siegal of YPN and grills him on issues with the program, what types of sites do best with YPN, plans to expand internationally and much more. A great read!

The noisy tragedy of the blog commons
by Seth Godin

Just like the marketers of Oreo (now in 19 flavors of cookies) we're dealing with clutter by making more clutter... RSS fatigue is already setting in. While multiple posts get you more traffic, they also make it easy to lose loyal readers.

Seth makes some thought-provoking points in this post. Equally as interesting are the trackbacks to this post, which make for great reading on the topic by a variety of bloggers.Â

Co Citation
by Jim Boykin

This was a GREAT article on building a solid Link Strategy! Jim includes illustration to explain Co-Citation, what it is, and how it affects search engine results. He also shows you how to find out what YOUR website's Co-Citation is.

Everything Web 2.0
by Christian Mayaud

From blogging to audio and social bookmarking... communities, photo sharing, knowledge sharing and mapping. This is one incredible list!

What the Blogosphere Wants More Of...
by Christian Mayaud

In this post Christian gives us a great list originally found on David Pollard’s blog. He talks about what blog readers want to see more of... and what blog writers want to see more of... "this is the best checklist I’ve seen anywhere about what makes a blog post compelling".

If you came across a particularly good post in the Blogosphere lately, post it in the comments section below so we can all check it out 😉

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