While Everyone Else is at Work…

This is what its all about. Its about lifestyle, and about enjoying every little thing that every single day offers. This is the #1 reason to work from home, and to achieve financial independence.

Its not about the money - its about living your life.

Sure, its about money in the beginning. It was for me too. When you have needs, and especially when you have a family, that has to be taken care of first. But once you achieve those goals, that's when the true fun begins. 😉

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  1. Terrance Charles says:

    Lynn, that's definitely what it's all about. When you imagine working a job, compared to after when you find success, that's the best feeling being able to enjoy the freedom.

    Terrance Charles

  2. "This is the #1 reason to work from home", does this mean you will be installing a swing in your home when you return??.

    "I want to help you get where I am…" if that means Australia I can't wait MATE;)).....

  3. I totally agree! Lifestyle design baby!

    I wish they teach lifestyle design and financial independence skills to kids at schools. They are the ones who can lead us out of this mess.

    (Creator of 1shoppingcart.com and i360connect.com)

  4. Hi Lynn,
    you worked hard and now you deserve your financial independence. There are thousand persons out there working hard with the very same goal, that are still looking how to get it. I am one of those...

  5. Dan Reinhold says:

    I'm ready to be even close to where you are.

    Pick a pet kangaroo yet??

  6. Sam Nichols says:

    Lol so tahts what you called work, i trust your teh lucky ones with worry about the global melt down!!

  7. I would SO toss cookies on that swing - but you looked like you were having fun! 😉

  8. Jermaine Fitzgerald says:

    I can not wait to live a little life, but first I have to do the work.

    Its good to see others enjoy what they work so hard for.

  9. Haha this is pretty funny. Funny how you like the whole work at home thing but hated 4 hour workweek

  10. Maurice Rigaud says:


    Your definitely living La Vida Loca in a fun sense and can't wait to join the group.


  11. Parth - I thought the book was okay. Certainly not one I personally enjoyed because there was a huge disconnect there. I do travel quite a bit, but my goal is to have a home base - to grow roots - to settle down and have a place my children can call home, and always come back to. Being a vagabond just isnt my thing. Not as a lifestyle anyway. I do love to travel 😉

    And yes, I did put in my time. If you havent read my story about that yet, see this post: http://www.clicknewz.com/1694/no-regrets/ Its quite revealing...

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