Live Affiliate Marketing Workshop in Atlanta

Mark your calendar, because in just a few weeks there is a big weekend workshop happening in Atlanta, GA that you're going to want to attend!

David Perdew is putting on this live event so that you can learn Niche Affiliate Marketing from some of the top affiliate marketers in the industry. Unlike a conference where you listen and take notes, this event will include live hands-on workshops so that you can implement the strategies you learn on the spot.

And here's a huge plus... I'll be there to help you personally 😉

Date: Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2009
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia
Airport: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

This workshop is completely different from anything else out there. The four main leaders - Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, Jeff Herring, and Alex Sysoef - will do 60-90 minutes teaching a technique.

Afterwards everyone breaks into small groups (based on niche interest) and will spend 2 to 2.5 hours implementing those techniques.

We'll all get to work together - creating, promoting, and making sales that weekend!

I'll be leading one of those groups. I'll also be staying at the conference hotel for the duration of the event, so it will be a great opportunity to talk one-on-one during breaks or over dinner.

What better way to start the New Year and kick off 2009 with a bang?!

The early-bird special is still available, at only $197 for the entire workshop. You simply cant get that kind of hands-on training and personal assistance for that price anywhere else...

I hope to see you there!


p.s. Once you register, leave a comment below and let us know you'll be there. Be sure to include your Twitter ID in your comment if you have one, so we can all stay in touch 😉

Complete details are at:

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  1. Duane Harris says:

    David one more ? Any chance of getting any transcripts or documentation to review? I notice you only have video...

  2. Hi Duane, I just followed you on Twitter 🙂

    The event starts at 9am Friday morning, Jan 30th. It runs through the weekend with a wrap-up breakfast on Monday Feb 2nd.

    We are meeting for dinner on Thursday night at 7pm at the hotel, and I'm having an Atlanta Meet-up on Monday at lunch (12:30). Let me know if you'll be joining us for either or both - I'm keeping a list of Twitter ID's to share with the group so we can keep in touch.

  3. Hi Lynn, I will be there for dinner...

  4. Bonnie - on Thursday night only, or Monday as well? Can you give me your Twitter ID for the list when you confirm? Thanks!

  5. not sure i can make monday as my plane leaves at 12:10 🙁 but for sure thursday night dinner. my twitter name is bonnie_warner, though i must admit that i am not always on twitter 🙁

  6. No problem - got you added to the list for Thursday night 😉 See you then!

  7. Hey, Lynn - somehow I didn't get on the twitter list and I just realized it.
    I am AshevillesHot on twitter.
    I'm trying to figure out how to get there for the Thursday night dinner and stay thru Monday lunch.

  8. Hey Lynn,
    I'm not sure I'm on the Twitter list either. Here's my info:

  9. Okay. I'm new to Twitter, so I'll just ask. How DO you know if you're on the Twitter list or not?!

  10. Bill Costello says:

    The excitement is building! Hopefully, everyone got David's latest email for signing up on his Niche system. If not, let it be known here of send David an email at David Perdew [] because if you need to set up a domain, it can take up to 72 hours to 'take'. So you'll want to set it up asap.

    BTW, if I sound like I know a lot about what I am saying, don't be fooled. I am gingerly stepping my way through this, but I THINK I have myself set up for the workshop. So even a newbie can do it.

    Kayla, I think the 'Twitter list' is simply the list of names that Lynn is gathering and following so that she can pass along any info she needs to during the workshop. If you don't have a mobile means of getting Twitter messages (phone, Blackberry, iPod, etc), it means you will have to fire up your 'puter in Atlanta (shouldn't be a problem in the hotel) to look at your Tweets and get any on-the-fly announcements. So just post your Twitter ID here for Lynn. For example, mine is @LiamCostello.

    Sure looking forward to meeting y'all.

    Bill (Liam) Costello

  11. So Bill,
    Are you saying we can't just show up at the workshop 'cold'... that we need to decide on a domain name now?

  12. David Perdew says:

    Quinn -

    And all - I'm setting up two Blog Talk Radio programs for Monday and Tuesday nights to answer questions and help you get a jump start on this workshop...

    If you show up "cold" you'll feel a little bit behind. You should be watching the videos now. 9 and 10 will be up by tomorrow evening...

    8 showed you how to install a blog. 7 was about setting up a hosting account.


    Try to do that much at least. If we spend a lot of time on Sat and Sun doing VERY basic stuff, you'll feel robbed I'm afraid.

    So, I have two choices here and I'd like your input...

    My plan was to spend two hours on Friday going over the customization of the Niche VRE stuff...

    But it seems like the crowd is going to be about 50% newbie - no websites yet. The other choice is to spend two hours going over the basic stuff in the videos so far - such as FTP, basic install, creating a squeeze page, etc.

    Which would you like to have?

    That's all covered in the videos at

    I'll post the BTR times here as well as send another e-mail tonight.


  13. Hi David,
    I haven't received an email with part 8 yet. How can I access that?


  14. OK, now I am getting confused 🙁 What I think I hear you saying, David, is that we should have our Domain name, sign up for your program and have a niche picked by the time we get there on Friday? I think that we were given a code to sign up for a 30 day trial? I have only gotten through video 4 so maybe 5, 6 and 7 explain this. If you could just give a bulleted list of what is expected that would be great.

    I do want to take a minute here and be perfectly frank though about something I have noticed. All of the items that we are being sent seem to be some way associated with your maximum communications and affiliate programs you are with. I understand that nothing is free, and that some money does need to be made, but I am starting to feel a bit like I am really being sold a lot of stuff here? I apologize if in any way this sounds rude, but my understanding was, and I apologize if it was not correct, that this was a learning experience, we would try your Niche System for 30 days free and if we wnated to stay further it would be at a cost? But as I said, it seems all the other items are part of your business as well. I just want to make sure that I have not gotten myself involved with yet another marketer that is going to keep on pushing me. Lord knows my head is already spinning!! I have in fact at this point blocked many of them! As a newbie, I invested in so much stuff, and have not finished any of it as each one claims to be better then the next.

    Again, not trying to be rude or negative, just want to keep the air clear 🙂


    P.S. I do have a couple of domain names, one is currently being hosted by a company and the others are just sitting with Go Daddy. Could I just grab one of those and redirect to your host for now?

  15. Great question, Bonnie - I'll let David answer that because I am not sure what the requirements are either.

    Nan, Quinn & Kayla - I need to know if you'll be at the meet-up Thursday evening at 7pm or the Atlanta Meet-up on Monday at 12:30 - or both. Along with your Twitter ID. I have two lists going, one for the event meet-up and one for the open meet-up on Monday. If you want to stay in the loop for either or both, send a blank email to (just an info list, not a marketing list)

  16. One other question...I do not have a long battery life on my laptop. Will there be a way for us to plug in? I assume there will also be a wireless network? How will we be accessing the internet? I do not have a broadband card from my provider.

  17. Hi Lynn,
    At present I'm planning to be at the Thursday night meet up. On Twitter I'm QuinnMoore.

    Speaking as a newbie, the basics are what I'm going for.


  18. I would like some clarification also please. I think there is a bit of a disconnect in communication now that we're coming down to the wire. David obviously has a lot on his plate, but I would think all the details would be clear by now.

  19. David Perdew says:

    Hey all -

    Below is a link that addesses concerns about affiliate links, the coupon codes for, the Blog Talk Radio pre-workshop Q&A / Coaching calls and other stuff...


  20. David Perdew says:

    Lisa -

    Plate is heaping full...and all the details are set. In fact the schedule is set, the presentations are in, all is good. The only thing up for discussion is the level of attack.

    Just trying to figure out how to be more valuable to the students.

    Watch the videos to get a jump start. Come to the call on Monday and Tuesday night to get questions answered.


  21. David Perdew says:

    Bonnie -

    One other question…I do not have a long battery life on my laptop. Will there be a way for us to plug in? I assume there will also be a wireless network? How will we be accessing the internet? I do not have a broadband card from my provider.

    I will bring several long, commercial grade extension cords and plug-in strips, but it's always smart to bring your own strip to any workshop if you need to plug-in.

    Hotel has guaranteed public wireless. We'll be in there testing it out Thursday evening.


  22. Hi David - thank you for your response, and for putting together the "concerns" page. It did help clarify things.

    I have watched videos 1-7 and will watch the rest as they become available, and I will be listening in on Monday night.

  23. david, thank you for EVERYTHING that you have put together, concerns page, etc. etc.

  24. david is there a way for me to redirect a domain name that i have, to your host solution?

  25. David Perdew says:

    david is there a way for me to redirect a domain name that i have, to your host solution?

    Absolutely, I do that with a lot of my own domains as well...

    Here's a tutorial set on the very question depending on your registrar. You'll probably them listed in this tutorial set. If not, just look at one or two of these and you'll get the basic idea that can be transferred to your registrar.

    Also, take a look at the rest of the tutorials on this page. They're really for my hosting clients, but it's open to the world...not hidden. There's 339 video tutorials on a ton of different webmastering topics.


  26. awesome!!! thanks!

  27. Great page, David - thank you!

    I especially liked this point in the story you shared:

    I asked him to describe what I'd get from it and why I should come. He ask me why I wanted to come and what did I think I would get from it. I told him.

    He said you're, right. You'll get exactly what you want from this seminar. (Now, I realize that's always true. We always get exactly what we want...


  28. I completely do not understand how to sign up for the trial Niche simple package. When I went through the links tonight to do that - without a domain name - I ended up on a page that to me just looks like a parked page - and there is nothing there that gives me a clue.
    Am I the only one?

  29. David Perdew says:

    I completely do not understand how to sign up for the trial Niche simple package. When I went through the links tonight to do that - without a domain name - I ended up on a page that to me just looks like a parked page - and there is nothing there that gives me a clue.

    No, you're not the only one. I have a ticket in at my registrar - this has been showing up occasionally for about a week. And tonight, it looks like it's a problem although other people are seeing an issue at all...

    Sorry about the trouble here. I'll let you know when it's fixed.


  30. An earlier request mentioned they had not received/seen a link to video #8. I have not either. The last vid to which I had a link was #7.



  31. David Perdew says:

    You can see 8 and the earlier ones here

    I had a computer crash today and had to go buy a new laptop so I've got issues as they say...


  32. Tom - here's a direct link

  33. ooh, David, that stinks. Did you have a backup?

  34. David Perdew says:

    Yes - I've got all my data - it's an upgrade from xp to vista (yuk) but I couldn't argue at the last minute at the store, etc.

    Just a lot of loading to do tonight and tomorrow.


  35. Thanks David and Lisa.

    David, speaking as a newbie, I appreciate your constant updates with information and answers to questions.


  36. I'm so frustrated!!!

    I want to participate in tonight's BTR session, but I can't hear audio.

    I found this out the last time, and spent the length of the show trying to fix the problem. Just now I went there and tried to listen to a live show, but no audio. I asked in their chat about it and was told "log out, then in" and "refresh", "open the player in a new window" and STILL I can't hear a darned thing except the intro voice each time.

    Can anybody help? Is it because I'm on a satellite connection? David? AARRRGGGHHH.

  37. Anyone having trouble getting the free trial promo code to work in the Niche Simple Order? I'm trying to get the code "ncg-special30" to work in the order form but get the message that it does not exist. Am I doing something wrong?

  38. David,

    Thanks for the Coaching Call. Your quest to bring newbies up to speed prior to the workshop is greatly appreciated. If it is not too late, I would like to opine on your earlier survey question on how to spend Friday. While the vids have been helpful, I don't know if I will have time to watch them enough between now and then to half-master the concepts. With that in mind, I would consider it worthwhile to spend time Friday on basic stuff since without that foundation, the advanced stuff won't help me much.

    Thanks again,


  39. Quinn, can't help you there, but you should probably be able to go back and listen to the recorded call.


  40. Bill Costello says:


    I would like to second Tom's suggestion for beginning with the basics. I feel it is always safer early on to cover things the more advanced already know than to risk losing the newbies.

    One of the simple killers here is all of the acronyms and terminology that need to be defined up front for a newbie like me. David, I sent you an email that expands on some ideas here.

    But, whatever you decide, I am there and working hard to grasp it all. Gee, three more days!


  41. David Perdew says:

    Can anybody help? Is it because I’m on a satellite connection? David? AARRRGGGHHH.

    Quinn - I feel your pain buddy. Same thing happens to me. I'm also on satellite. Anything streaming with satellite connection is not good... And nothing you can do about, or at least that I've found, except call in by phone.

  42. David Perdew says:

    Anyone having trouble getting the free trial promo code to work in the Niche Simple Order? I’m trying to get the code “ncg-special30? to work in the order form but get the message that it does not exist. Am I doing something wrong?

    Nan - do not include the quotes. I just tried it to make sure it works - it does.


  43. David Perdew says:

    I would like to second Tom’s suggestion for beginning with the basics. I feel it is always safer early on to cover things the more advanced already know than to risk losing the newbies.

    (My New Best Friend) Bill and Tom -

    I agree. I've told all of the instructors that we'll be focusing on much of the basics. And after Bill's very thoughtful e-mail - gotta love this guy's enthusiasm - I've come up with a plan for attacking this early on Friday.

    On Friday, at 1 p.m. we'll begin by going over some of the content that I've covered in the 3 hours of videos. We'll do that in short order, so don't worry if you think you've got and want to move on. We'll spend time talking about the hub, spoke and wheel process. Getting a domain. FTPs to your host. etc.

    Then, for the second hour, we'll leverage the small group breakout structure to get one-on-one coaching from the small group leaders in specific areas you don't understand. We may put the instructors to work as well doing this.

    For example, how do you set up an FTP account?

    How do you transfer your nameservers?

    How do you create a web page?

    How do you use a shopping cart?

    How do you use PayPal?

    All of those questions by the way are demonstrated in the tutorials at

    They are there for you to use.

    Those questions and any others that you have will be addressed in the smaller groups so you get personalized instruction. I think we'll try to keep these to 15-20 minute segments so you can move from one topic to the next if you have more than one question.

    In other words, be ready.

    I want you up to speed by the time Lynn begins her talk. And if you have more questions, we may turn Friday evening into a q&a session after our get-together.


  44. This sounds great, David! I think it will prove very helpful to everyone attending. Those with more experience will be able to offer help and assistance during this time as well, I'm sure.

    I'm really looking forward to the weekend!

  45. David,
    Thanks for you 'co-miseration' about the satellite connection. We've 'spoken' about this bugaboo once before and I figured that was the problem. I can't even have Skype conversations because of it.

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but is there a place we can go to get text versions of what's on the videos you've distributed? Here again, watching the videos uses up my 'allowance' of MB download threshold under the "Fair Access Policy" of 425MB per 'rolling' 24hours. Plus, I learn better from reading (and re-reading) materials.

    Are there text references to the video series?

    BTW I started listening just this morning to last night's BTR show, but I'll have to hit 'pause' so that I can join in with Lynn's webinar now. But I'll definitely get right back to it.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and I can't wait to meet you in Atlanta.


  46. David,

    Again I appreciate your adjusting the workshop a bit to cater to the new folks. Quick clarification on signing up for Niche Simple: I don't have a domain and can't figure out how to get past the first screen without it. Am I reading it correctly that I can get a domain such as (it is available) and use that one? Or do I need to pick out something somewhat related to my niche? Just to sign up? I know the video walked thru you picking out the one for your rotator cuff site but that seemed to be for the one that was a money site and not just to get started. Unless I remember wrong.

    Thanks again.


  47. Jean Mandel says:

    The Q&A is getting ready to start! And this should be comment # 200! Exciting!


  48. Hi David,

    What if after watching all the videos and finishing our five goals (BRW), we still can't decide on a niche? I do not have a domain nor is a blog setup as of yet. I did complete the survey link you sent (Jan. 8th email) to gauge my interests but not sure when I show up if that's what I will want? Will I still feel "left behind & robbed"? I need direction from that point on...a bit nerve wracking and excited about the workshop.

    Thanks & Peace,

  49. The Jan 8 survey link that Maurice referenced must have been sent before I registered and I didn't see it referenced in this discussion. Does someone have the link they could post on the board?



  50. David Perdew says:

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