An Update on the Isonic Snapbox HD665 Review (user error – this camera rocks!)

I think I discouraged a lot of people from the Isonic Snapbox HD665 in my initial review. I have to confess: much of my frustration and the low quality of the videos... was pure user error.

At this point, the only negative thing I can say about this camera is that it doesnt have a flat bottom like the original (non-HD) RCA Small Wonder. No worries, I have a mini-tripod that I can use, but that does add a level of inconvenience. Just a bit, really.

The only real thing wrong with this camera is that you need to know a little something about video cameras in order to understand the manual. I do not (obviously). Little things like what the flower, the man and the mountain mean.

Many thanks to your comments, and the personal help from @PaulYoung, I finally have all the settings fixed and shot some video in the right mode (HD) which you see above and below. The video above was taken at night with two lights on, the video below just after with a 3rd light on.

Umm - I should have edited that out at the end (it wasnt for you!), but editing I still have to figure out. I cant get the software that came with the Isonic Snapbox HD665 to work - which again, may just be user error too... πŸ™‚

Thanks too, to Mike for his video tips. I used the code he gave to embed the HD version of each video here in this blog post. So thanks Mike!

Next I should actually use the camera for something other than testing. Perhaps I'll shoot a video review for the Isonic Snapbox HD665 to put up on Good start!

This is the camera I'm using, shown to the right also. If you click through you can read up on the specs at

Isonic Snapbox HD665 Multifunctional High Definition Camcorder

Now that I have it figured out, expect more video here at ClickNewz πŸ˜‰


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  1. Fantastic! The video looks great in high resolution, wide screen, great sound, lighting - everything. And the hostess is very easy on the eyes too πŸ˜€

  2. Video was very good Lynn. Good contrast, good color, couldn't quite read the print on the back of the book, but could read everything else. Nice lip gloss!

  3. Jim DeArmond says

    Lynn, looks like you're ready for "prime time". Let's bring it on!!! And, have a positively fabulous new year.

  4. Lynn, I'm loving these videos from you. They are so real! Thanks for inspiring me to get more into video. The way you are doing these reviews are very helpful for me.


  5. Natalie A. says

    OMG, Lynn you are the cutest! I am so laughing over here at you. The video quality and sound are superb now. I am loving this little camera now.

    Much much better I should say!


  6. Ian Dunford says

    MARRY ME!!!

    OK Just fooling! Just great to see a sense of humour instead of boring old farts talking.
    I reckon your completely mad though lol.

    Great Video clarity enjoy your Camcorder Lynn
    Looking forward to learning from you and your forum site I'm going to have a fantastic year this year.

  7. Chuck Morgan says

    Very nice job, big improvement, looks great.

  8. Hey Lynn,

    U r the cutest Internet marketer I know.

    BTW any specific reason why u brought this particular camcorder? It does not have many reviews on Amazon and the ones which are seen are not that positive either

  9. Bill Costello says

    I can't remember if I sent this to you before, Lynn, but do you have Windows Vista 64 bit? (Again, not sure if you are a Mac or a PC user.) But I hear a lot of software like video editing software will not work on Vista 64 bit. I just ordered a laptop from Dell and had to settle on a high-end honker (10 lb) to get one with Windows XP. I really wanted a Dell, since I am kind of wedded to them and think very highly of their products. But I digress . . .
    Bill Costello

  10. Has anyone else found that the HD videos are slower to load, and are stopping and starting? I guess this is because the HD file sizes are much larger. If you have plenty of bandwidth, it's not a problem but for some users it could be a problem.

  11. They are much larger files, Tom. If you are on a slower connection, click play - and then click pause. Let the video load (the little red bar will go all the way to the end) then un-pause and play. That way you can let them load first, and then view them in high quality.

    Bill - maybe that's the problem. I'll try the software on my XP machine. Thanks!

    SriHari - I dont recall what made me purchase this particular camera to be honest. I wish I could remember now & retrace my steps. When I bought it there were only 2 reviews and both were positive. I'll have to go back and see the new reviews - and of course post my own. A video review at that πŸ˜‰

  12. you're too funny πŸ™‚

  13. I'm sitting here with my Insignia HD camera I got for Christmas and it looks EXACTLY like the picture you have up there. Hmm. I wonder if it's the same camera but just a Canadian version?

    Thanks for the link to the video tips! I need to know how to embed videos in wordpress without all the linking back to youtube

  14. I use YouTube to upload my videos because its free, a high traffic video site, and may send traffic back to my blog as well. So mine are hosted at YouTube but embedded here on my blog.

    And I have all but decided that this same model of camera carries several different brand names. It appears to me as if its made overseas and then purchased and branded by a small number of companies... I came to that conclusion by looking at the user guide, which has zero branding on it at all - and an insert from the Isonic company. Good little camera though, and great price!

  15. Franck Silvestre says

    Interesting find you got here. I love digital cameras. I am fascinated with technology and how they often upgrade things to deliver the most top of the line and most innovative gizmo out there.

    I'd say, cameras are a necessity these days, every household owns one. Time to capture each and every memorable moment. πŸ˜‰

  16. Michael Schultz says

    WOW wen I saw this I was shocked at how great the quality was!

    GREAT lighting, great quality and great you πŸ™‚

    Good Job! I can't wait to see future videos!

  17. Thank you Michael - expect some new videos here at ClickNewz soon. Having fun with it!!

  18. Great videos, Lynn. I'm still holding off on getting the camera until I hear more about your success with the software, etc. Everything about this video was good -- the resolution was perfect -- the audio was right on and I could read the face of the book but the back was blurry.

    I have the Logitech Pro 9000 web cam which is easy to use but is nowhere near the quality of yours. I'm planning to do more with video even though I'm old and not pretty like you. So, maybe poor resolution could be working in my favor, huh? πŸ™‚

    Seriously, these latest video tests of yours look excellent. Anxious to learn more.

    Peace ....

  19. I think the software issue is a conflict with Vista. I have XP on my other machine... but the CD drive is out on that one (and the cam software is on CD- ha!). I believe I can use Camtasia or other video editing software to edit these without a problem, so I'm going to start there.

    And yes, I could run out to Wal-Mart and grab a drive and install it (or order one online and install it when it gets here) - which I'll do eventually, I just cant be bothered with it at the moment. πŸ˜›

  20. Hey Lynn,

    Surprisingly good quality for such a small camera. You put on quite a good performance too πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the review.


  21. Stephenie says

    I love this little camera as well, but use a Mac computer. With almost 5 hours worth of video, I cannot get it to work on the Mac. The software that came with it isn't compatible and was wondering if anybody has found a solution. I would rather keep this handy little video camera, but not if the end product cannot be shared.

  22. Lynn,

    Good to see you using video... πŸ™‚

    I believe the flower is for landscape oriented shots, the mountain is for shots taken at a distance, and the man is for people in motion.

    Could be wrong.

    Cool review too. I've been looking for a more "portable vid cam".

  23. The software that came with it isn’t compatible and was wondering if anybody has found a solution. I would rather keep this handy little video camera, but not if the end product cannot be shared.

  24. Hi Lynn I'm now looking for some self-recording equipment. Have you any updates or is this model still rocking the stage πŸ™‚ ...


    • Hi Jane,

      It's a great little camera. I started having some audio problems - which I am quite sure were user error, but couldn't figure out just the same. I upgraded to the Canon Vixia and have details on that and a lower priced camera in this newer post:

      The RCA that I mention in that post is in the same price range as the Flip, a great camera, and the screen flips out towards you so you can frame yourself in the video (unlike the Flip).

      • Thanks Lynn will check out both ... When I looked for the RCA on Amazon UK it didn't come up ... so that might be a distribution issue ...

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